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Shani 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Having a pure conscience is more important than doing a karma. Shani teaches that karma becomes good when you have good intention associated to it. The end result of such karmas is good only. ||

Shani 13th November 2017 Episode Start With Mahadev saying if he succeeds in reaching till that house then he will have to defeat whosoever will be there. He will also have to face Shakti. She is the swamini (mistress) of life, death and karma. He will have to face Mahakali itself in that house!

Shani looks at Rahu who disappears just then. Where did he go? Rahu casts his spell on Shani from far. World will now see how my magic will break Shani! Shani walks inside the house and gets nostalgic.

Yami asks Dev Vishwakarma why Shani seems so disturbed. Dev Vishwakarma relates that Rahu used his maya to bring back some past memories before Shani. He is disturbed because of the same. Chhaya adds that he is missing his mother.

Flashes of past are clearly seen by Shani. Rahu remarks that if he hadn’t come to Surya Loka that day then all this wouldn’t have happened. You were there because of Devi Chhaya only. Now that reason is also no more. Go far away from Surya Loka!

Young Shani tells Shani to have patience. You cannot just give up! Shani looks at him in surprise. Young Shani smiles at him. I am no maya but truth. I am the truth inside you which will guide you to your victory. Today there is only one thing that makes us different. You find all your strengths to be your weaknesses because you have made everyone your enemy. You can win this war. We can win this far. Just for once, stop being detached from your emotions! Remember the lullabies that your mother had sung for you. Make that love your strength!

Rahu uses his maya on Shani once again but fails.

Young Shani says to understand Rahu’s powers, you must meditate and realise your strengths! Shani shouts Rahu’s name angrily. Rahu appears behind him. Stop. You cannot cast your Drishti on me. You cannot attack me! Shani says you only need to feel the negative energy when your conscience is free from all the negativity. He beats him. Young Shani tells him to rekindle and use his emotions. We will surely win this war! Shani beats Rahu badly surprising Yami and Devi Chhaya.

Devraj tells Yam they must do something before Shani kills Rahu. Hurry up!

Rahu falls flat on the ground. Yam announces Shani the winner of that house thereby putting an end to their fight. Young Shani smiles at Shani.

Shani, Rahu and Mangal return to Surya Loka. Rahu is lying unconscious on the floor. Yam blows conch. Dev Vishwakarma says the last fight will begin tomorrow.

Shani is standing before the 12th house, the house of moksha. Devi Chhaya holds out a box of vermilion for him. You must have understood my question. It has been a symbol of my good luck till now but will I live without it it after today? Can I have faith that Surya Dev will come to his real form today? Shani says if you trust my karmas then I would tell you not to bless me from swaying from my path. She knows he wont surrender in this war but she still asks him to do so. If you do it then I will think you have repented for the pain that you have given to your family till date. I am requesting you today to surrender. Don’t push the world into darkness for your own selfish motives. Rest is up to you. She leaves the vermilion box with him and goes.

Everyone is gathered in Surya Loka. Shani enters. Dev Vishwakarma announces that it is the last day of this war today. There will be a duel between Shani and Mangal in the house of moksha today. Whoever wins this fight, will be declared the winner. He will get Surya Loka. Shani and Mangal take their positions. They enter into the 12th house.

Brahma Dev asks Mahadev what will be put at stake in this house. Mahadev says one must win over Kaal itself to win in this house. They will have to face Mahakali here! She is karma as well as moksha!

Mangal and Shani come face to face with Mahakali. They look at her in awe for a moment and then greet her. Everyone in Surya Loka looks afraid and puzzled. Dev Vishwakarma relates that Mahakali dominates moksha!

Mahakali asks them how they dare even think of competing in this house. This is no game. One has to face death to win! Mangal apologizes to her. Mahakali adds that this fight will influence many things in future. I will allow you to fight here but it wont be so easy. Your freedom will be at stake here as moksha is related to Kaal. Whoever wins here will have to fight me in the end! Mangal looks scared.

Chhaya says they will have to fight with Mahakali itself. Devraj smiles thinking Shani will either lose or die by Mahakali’s hands. I will rule over Surya Loka then!

Mahakali asks Shani if he is ready to fight with her. Shani says moksha means the end of Kaalchakra. You get moksha when your life cycle ends. That is when moksha begins. If we have to go beyond Kaal then we must go beyond Kaali too as end is beginning! She says let’s begin the fight then. Shani folds his hands in reverence and then turns to Mangal.


Shani 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahakali asks Shani to leave the house. I will bless you with your life if you accept defeat. Shani refuses. She tells him to get ready to face his Kaal. She turns into Mahakali avatar and attacks him.

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