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Shani 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Every moment of our life is an experience. Shani teaches that experience is a great teacher. It helps you take the right decision in life and also makes you capable of doing the right karma. ||

Epi begins with Chhaya saying she will continue doing her duty towards Bhadra just like she did her duty towards Yam, Yami and Shani. Surya Dev says I wont stop you from doing your duty like last time but again like last time, I wont accept her as my daughter. Shani walks up to Bhadra. I lost my right and gained the path of duty. My duty is to get everyuone their rights. I will make sure you get your rights.

Devraj asks Rahu if he is sure it is possible. Rahu nods. devraj tells him not to be foolish. Whoever Bhadra will get angry on, will be destroyed. Rahu says that is what we have to do. We have to make her angry and use it against her.

Shani promises to get Bhadra her due with love.

Devraj says we will make Bhadra lonely. Rahu says we don’t mind whose life is in problem later, Shani or Bhadra. Devraj likes the idea. If you were one of my celestial nymphs then I would have surely given you a prize right now. Rahu smiles. We both know you wont do that for anyone ever.

Mahadev says it is really difficult to find a solution to this problem. Gods gain power from nectar and Halahal is its antidote. Mahadev says with passing time, Halahal inside Bhadra’s body will begin to show its effect. Gods will become weak whereas Asuras will become powerful. There will be imbalance in the world. Only Karamfaldata Shani can stop the world from getting destroyed but he himself is on Bhadra’s side.

Hanuman tells Bhadra to repeat after him. Mata is an idol of love. Bhadra is unable to say the word idol (in hindi). Hanuman is sad that he gained Ashta-Siddhi’s in a day yet he couldn’t teach her some words in entire day. Kakol teases him. It is possible that one can be a good disciple but not a good teacher. Shani asks them what they are doing. Kakol shares that Mata Chhaya has kept a small celebration for Bhadra. We were making her recite something for the function. Shani thinks of what Bhadra did earlier in the Sabha. She does not have a control over her powers. She is not at all ready to be present among too many people. I must talk to mother.

Chhaya is looking after the preps. Shani says we kept a naming ceremony yesterday itself. Plus, Bhadra is not ready to meet everyone. Chhaya nods. This is why I want her to be introduced to everyone. It isn’t ordinary to turn 10 years old in a day. No one outside Surya Loka is ready to accept it which is why it is all the more important to explain it to everyone. Do you want Bhadra to go through the same situation that you went through? I don’t understand why this happened with both my kids. The hatred that I saw in everyone’s eyes years ago, I saw it again in everyone’s eyes today. This is why I want everyone to meet Bhadra and accept her as a normal kid. Shani says what happened with me taught me different experiences. I became Karamfaldata after going through all that. These situations will mould Bhadra for future too. If you want her to gain acceptance and acknowledgement then we will have to teach her love. Chhaya says I could never win from you before and neither will I today. This celebration is one my wishes. It’s on you now if you want to fulfil this wish or not. He readily agrees. She asks him to bring Bhadra.

Brahma Dev says it is strange. All those walking on the path of karmas have swayed from their paths. Devi Chhaya has fallen in love with her daughter and so has Hanuman and Shani. I hope this wont cast an eclipse on the world for forever. Mahadev says this will only lead to everyone’s doom.
If Shani wont recognize Bhadra’s truth soon (Shani’s dream flashes before his eyes) then the world will be doomed. Chhaya passes out in Ravi’s arms.

Hanuman and Kakol adorn Bhadra with jewellery. Kakol and Hanuman appreciate her beauty. We have proved today that we can also beautify things. Kakol adds that they forgot that Bhadra is Surya Dev’s daughter so she too is a God. We dint get her a crown. Hanuman nods. He fails in putting a crown over her head because of the horns. He thinks of an idea. Shani comes just then. He questions them on what they did to Bhadra. My sister needs no cosmetics or jewellery. You are good the way you are. Our beauty is from our karmas. I am sure my sister’s karmas will prove her beautiful. Whose idea was this? Kakol and Hanuman point fingers at each other. They begin to cutely fight over the matter when Shani stares at them angrily. Hanuman tells Kakol to be ready. Fal wale data is going to scold us. He takes a step towards them but Bhadra holds the end of his cape. She calls him Bhai (brother) and also utters the words love and forgiveness. Shani says I love you and them also so I forgave them. He explains the importance of karma over beauty to Hanuman and Kakol. Hanuman nods. Bhadra has started speaking a few words already. Everyone will be amazed to hear her talk. After all I am his Guru. Shani denies. She wont speak in the celebrations. Everyone is different. You too are hesitant to share your feelings at times but for introverts (like Bhadra) it is much more difficult. Bhadra will feel out of place.

Hanuman says I always and would always trust you Shani. You too should trust my teachings though. There is no better way to express feelings than words. My disciple will surely speak. Shani asks Bhadra to come and holds her hand.


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