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Shani 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 14th April 2017 Watch Online on

Gods are happy to see Ma Lakshmi coming out of Manthan.

Yami asks Sanghya about Sagar Manthan. Did Gods get Amrit? Sanghya denies. Shree has appeared. This is the one of Devi Lakshmi’s avatar.

Shani assures Asuras Amrit will surely come. Rahu agrees. Gods wont get it though. They will neither get Amrit nor Shree. Let’s kill Gods. Shani reasons that no one can force Shree to choose sides. She chooses people depending on their karma’s. Neither you nor Gods can create hindrance in it. Shukracharya seconds him. Shani apologizes to Goddess Lakshmi. Please take your own decision. She replies that she is very much pleased with his behaviour. Tell me what do you want? I will grant your wish. Shani is not keen to ask for anything, any power or maya. Bless me to not have any attachment with anyone or anything ever. Goddess Lakshmi grants his wish. I will also grant you another wish. Time will come when n number of people will follow you. Whosoever will follow the right path taking you as an example, will always have me by his side. Now I will answer who I will go to. It isn’t possible for ordinary person to keep Shree in control. I will choose the one who has the combination of brains, mercy and love; the one who will be way above in terms of position than me yet is not attached to any maya. Who is that person out of all people present here? Shani says there isn’t any such person here. It isn’t possible for any person to stay away from Maya yet not fall for it. It can only be the one who nurtures everyone. It is only Narayan – a complete person and someone who fulfils all the criteria’s. He thinks upon Narayan requesting him to accept Ma Lakshmi. Narayan appears there. He extends a hand towards Ma Lakshmi and she joins him. He gets his weapons / ornaments back. All Gods, Devi Sanghya and Yami also get their ornaments back.

Devi Sanghya is thankful to Ma Lakshmi for whatever happened while Yami gives credit to her brother Shani. I knew he will find a way out to help Gods. My brother shows right path to everyone. Devi Sanghya looks at her unhappily.

Rahu calls it cheating. It was a sham. Gods took advantage of us to get their Shree back! Indra Dev says we got what we wanted. We let Asuras make decisions. Now we will kill all these Asuras here only. Rahu complains that Gods showed their true colours the moment they got their powers back. Now it is our turn. Attack! Shani reminds them of Tridev’s words. Whosoever cheats will have to bear the brunt of Tridev’s anger. Shree is back but we dint do what we were supposed to. We dint get all the help from Tridev’s just to fight. Gods never back down from their words. Will you do so? Shani tells Rahu to resume Manthan. Rahu keeps a condition – whatever comes out Manthan will be ours. Indra Dev refuses to accept it. Shukracharya points out that they are asking not him but Shani to decide. Rahu repeats his question at Shani who accepts it. Indra Dev does not feel Asuras can be trusted. Shani says everyone will get whatever they deserve depending on their karma’s. You should focus on your karma.

Gods and Asuras Manthan resumes.

Narayan says everything is fine until now. Mahadev nods. I am really happy. SHani has proved that we dint make any mistake in creating Shani and making him Karamfaldata. I have full faith no injustice will happen in Sagar Manthan till Shani is present.

A blast erupts from the Parvat. Rahu thinks Amrit is about to come but large balls of fire emerges from the mountain. Asuras and Gods begin to walk closer but Shani advises them against it. I feel it isn’t Amrit. This isn’t Amrit. Shukracharya points out that it is Mahavish (poison / halahal). They start running away. Shani turns to Rahu. You only kept the condition that Asuras will take whatever will come out of Manthan next. Accept it now. Rahu says I am not mad to accept poison. Tell Gods to drink it. Indra Dev calls it out of question. You asked for it. Now Asuras will have to drink it. Both Gods and Asuras keep pointing fingers at each other. Shani shouts at them to be quiet. Whatever has come out of Manthan is because of your karma’s. We have distributed whatever has come out till now. We will have to distribute this too for the betterment of the world. Asuras and Gods stay put. Rahu says it was Shani who asked us to do Manthan. He should decide who will take care of this poison as none of us will drink it. You enjoy guiding everyone. Do it now!

Shani decides to drink poison shocking everyone present there. I am not a part of it but I am the reason for it which is why I will drink it. He heads towards the poison while his Nana Shree advises him to stop. Shani is having trouble seeing or breathing because of the poisonous fumes coming out of the poison. He still keeps walking forward. He is about to sip it when Mahadev tells him to stop. Everyone folds hands in reverence. Shani asks him why poison came out before Amrit. Mahadev explains that all poison comes out of your mind while you are retrospecting before you get good thoughts. Poison is attached to Amrit just like dark is associated with night. People wanting Amrit have to have poison too. You made me really happy as you dint stop yourself from drinking poison to save the world. In future, Shani will also be considered a reflection of Shiv whenever people will talk about planets. Step back now. Shani says I will have to drink poison though. Mahadev reminds him of his vow. You wont have a right on whatever will come out of Amrit Manthan. I am Shiv. Shiv means that which isn’t. That which doesn’t belong to anyone is mine even if it is poison. I will drink poison!


Shani 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahadev drinks poison. Shani says only Mahakali can stabilise Mahakaal. He invokes Mahakali to save Mahakaal (Mahadev).

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