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Shani 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Chitrarath Withdraws His Proposal!


Shani 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Knowledge is the biggest weapon which can help one reach great heights in life. Shani teaches that it is everyone’s right to gain knowledge and they should be encouraged to do so. ||

Shani 14th December 2017 Episode Start With

Shani asks Kupan to tell everyone what Indra Loka told him to do. Kupan relates everything. Devraj claps. I agree that Shani presented such an amazing story in such a short span of time. What kind of logic will a characterless dancer, an ordinary Asura and Shani, was denounced by his own loved ones prove together? They will surely blame me. Surya Dev asks Shani what else he has to say. Shani asks him if anyone saw any flaws in Dhamini till date. Why do we suddenly doubt her? Indra Dev said she was trying to seduce him. Surya Dev should now decide as to why she had to attract Indra Dev towards her when she only intended to marry Yam!

Devraj tells him to stop. Dhamini was well aware of my friendship with Yam. She thought I might be able to help her. Shani tells him that a blind person has no right to question anyone else’s sight. You yourself are in trouble here yet you are questioning Dhamini’s character? Dhamini is a Gandharva. For her, her art is her and that is also her dharma. It is not her character but your viewpoint which is low! You looked at her only as a dancer. Raise a question on those who are at a high position here.

We should question Dharmaraj who kept mum even seeing a woman getting insulted in a Sabha full of people! Question Mangal Dev who mocked a father whose only wish was to see his daughter happy. Question all these Gods who couldn’t behave in the Sabha. They couldn’t stop a woman from being insulted in Surya Sabha! He turns to Chitrarath. You always wanted Dhamini to marry Yam which is why you asked her to stay back here. Is it true? Shani and Surya Dev ask him to answer. Chitrarath accepts it. It was my dream to join relation of my daughter in Surya family. A father has no further explanation to give in this matter. Shani adds that he has a lot to say on this matter. It is true that Chitrarath saw dreams for his daughter. Every father does so. Is it not our reason to marry Yami to Mangal that he is a Shivansh? Surya Dev goes quiet.

Devraj tries to say something but Shani warns him to be quiet. I was right outside the gates of Indra Loka when you left Chitrarath outside in inebriated state. I brought him back here. Seeing his happiness, it can be believed that you made him believe that Surya Dev is in agreement to this wedding proposal. You only advised him to raise this matter in Surya Sabha today. It fulfils your 2 motives. One, insulting both the father-daughter duo in Sabha. Secondly, Dhamini will be insulted so much that she will not be able to marry anyone else. She will have to choose to become an Apsara in your Loka. Am I saying something wrong Devraj? He next walks up to Devi Chhaya. As a wife, you always kept your husband’s respect intact but it isn’t just Surya Dev’s respect at stake here but also a woman’s. If you keep quiet today then you will also support this Sabha and will end up mocking a woman!

Devi Chhaya accepts before Surya Dev that there are some differences between Shani and me but I agree with Shani today. Chitrarath had no ill intention. Like always, Indra Dev used his maya to divert Chitrarath. Shani has proved it with his evidences and logics that Dhamini and her father are innocent. Decision is in your hands now.

Surya Dev seconds her. I forgot that Indra Dev can never stop plotting! He tells Devraj this was expected from him. It would be better to present you before Tridev if you try doing anything like this again. They will then decide for you. Devraj looks angry. Surya Dev asks Devi Chhaya to decide for Dhamini. She walks up to Chitrarath. She is an amazing girl. I have noticed this over time. Are you still eager to get her married to Yam? He folds his hands before her thankfully. Devi Chhaya asks Dhamini if she would like to marry Yam. Dhamini looks at Shani and then looks down. Shani says they would need some time to decide after witnessing what happened in Surya Sabha today. Surya Dev gives them some time to decide. Chitrarath is free to present his viewpoint. If he does not mind then we will make a formal announcement of Dhamini and Yam’s wedding today itself. Shani looks at Dhamini.

Shani turns. Dhamini thanks him for taking her and her father’s side. He says it wouldn’t have happened if she would have said no to her father for the wedding. Why dint you say no if you don’t wish to marry Yam? She shares the pain that a woman goes through. She gives birth to a man but remains bound to him throughout the life. She becomes a wife, a daughter and follows the order of men. When Yami cannot go against her own father then what can an ordinary Gandharva woman do! Women decide what food they will cook, what their kids will wear but they have to keep quiet when it comes to making a decision. This is fate. A man is called Parmeshwar for the same reason but a woman is never addressed as Parmeshwari. You wouldn’t understand it as you are a guy. I would do what every woman does. I would respect my father’s wish!

Chitrarath is miffed with Shani and blames him for insulting him again in the Sabha. He turns and finds Shani standing there. Flashback shows Shani questioning Chitrarath about his wish before everyone. He asks SHani if he is at peace now. You told everyone that my intention behind coming here was to marry my daughter to Surya putra Yam. You are wrong if you feel you have done any favour on us! You have instead turned my biggest dream in a scary nightmare! Shani says I only came to ask you one thing. Is your wish to become a part of Surya family above your daughter’s happiness? Ask yourself once why you want this wedding to happen! He leaves. Chitrarath gets thinking.

Everyone has gathered in Surya Sabha again. Surya Dev says I hope you had enough time to make up your mind. He asks Dhamini if she accepts the wedding proposal. Chitrarath withdraws his proposal. Dhamini looks at him in shock. This was your dream! He tells her he has understood the difference between dream and reality. My dream and intention was wrong. I always called him Kula-hina (Shani). The one, who I always spoke badly to, taught me the meaning / limit
I forgot that self-respect is bigger than respect. If I cannot respect myself then how will the world respect me? You (Shani) made me aware of this today. He apologizes to Dhamini. She says you did what every father does for his daughter. He says not until now but now I will do what is best for my daughter. He announces that Dhamini is free to choose her life partner.

Yam stops him. I was quietly watching your and Dhamini’s emotional drama till now as I respect my father. You wanted to marry me with your daughter and are now breaking it on your own? Did anyone ask me if I am keen to marry this dancer or not? He stops his mother from reacting. It is good that Chitrarath told his daughter against the wedding proposal as I too would have done the same. I am curious to know who will marry this girl after witnessing what just happened here! Who will marry the girl whose dignity was stained in this very Sabha before everyone? Shani advised him not to worry about Dhamini. I take responsibility of arranging Swayamvar for Dhamini. Dhamini looks at him stunned / teary eyed.


Shani 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mangal says we only have 7 days to take our revenge. Devraj decides to do something because of which that person (I guess Dhamini) will be in pain for forever. Devi Chhaya tells Shani to protect one daughter. You have already snatched one daughter! He promises to protect Dhamini.

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