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Shani 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 14th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

Shani shouts Vikral’s name. Vikral throws his glass away and gets up. Shani and Vikral stand facing each other. Shani looks at Maiyya who is badly bruised and exhausted. Vikral’s goon says how dare you call Vikral by his name. Shani asks him how he dare bring Maiyya here. Vikral nods. I will kill your Maiyya if you take even a step further. Shani angrily stomps his feet because of which a hole is dug. Vikral’s men fall down in the pit. Vikral apologizes to Shani. I am not to be blamed. I was only following your brother Yam’s order. Shani is taken aback. Vikral spills blood as someone stabs him from behind. It is Indra Dev. Shani looks at him in shock / anger. Rahu looks on from far. Shani says I should have understood that you only would be responsible behind this incident as well. INdra Dev says I dint do anything. Vikral told me you are here. I ordered him not to tell this to anyone but he told Yam. Yam and Vikral were planning to kill you. this is the reason why I killed Vikral! Shani asks him why Yam would want to kill him. Before Indra Dev can say anything, Yam advises Shani to ask him directly. Indra Dev and Rahu smirk.

Shani looks at his brother. Indra Dev thinks everything is going as per plan. Rahu thinks maybe former Devraj knew he is my puppet this time. The cursed Yuga for Devta’s will begin the moment Shani joins hands with me.

Yam and Shani look at each other. Shani asks him why he did this. Yam says you are capable to ask me this even after hurting my mother. You attacked the womb of the mother who sang lullaby to me and raised me! You give last chances to everyone. I give you a chance today. Apologize or I wont let you worth anything. Shani says your anger is justified. Whatever be the situation, I shouldn’t have attacked Devi Sanghya. But remember that the mother who raised you; loved you like a mother; put you to sleep with her lullaby was not the mother from whom you were born. She was my mother, Chhaya! Yam goes speechless. Shani says still whatever I did to a mother is unpardonable. Free the one you have tied. Let her live in peace and live happily. Now I have no relation with Dev Loka or Dev’s. I have no interest left whatsoever. Yam agrees to free Kakol’s mother shocking Indra Dev. Rahu thinks this dint go right. Shani was supposed to get angry. Indra Dev thinks that he has many ways to make Shani angry. He stealthily creates fire and sets the trees around Kakol’s mother on fire. Kakol and his father come running there. Kakol brings Shani’s attention towards his mother. They hear a blast just then. Shani shouts Maiyya and runs towards the fire. Kakol shouts Shani. Everyone looks on in shock.

Kakol cries for his Maiyya and Shani. Everyone is equally shocked. Rahu shakes his head in disbelief. Shani cannot die. Indra Dev tells Yam that the situation has gone out of hand. It will be best to leave. Yam says Shani is stuck in fire. Indra Dev tells him to decide why he had come here – to save Shani or to punish him! Kakol says come back Shani. Maiyya left me. You cannot leave me. He breaks down. Please come back Shani. You have to take revenge for your Maiyya. His father hugs him. Calm down son. Kakol says Shani also left. Indra Dev asks Shani to come or they will fall in trouble. Suddenly strong wind blows. They see a lot many crows circling in air. They all go inside a cave. Everyone looks puzzled. Kakol takes Shani’s name.

Tridev are watching it too.

There is another blast in fire. Dirt / broken pieces of mountain / trees fall around everyone. A crow flies out of the cave. Shani is shown walking out of the cave followed by many crows. Crows fly away. Shani is in a different avatar.

Lord Vishnu says Shani’s avatar. Mahadev says what we feared has happened. Rahu’s wish has fulfilled. He has cast his influence on Shani. The one standing before us isn’t Karamfaldata but Dand-nayak. He isn’t obedient but rebellious. He isn’t creator but destroyer. Rahu and Shani’s energies together have formed Shaapit Yoga. Now there will be only destruction.

Shani stares pointedly at everyone.

Mahadev says this is unstable Shani who will create destruction in all 3 Lokas. Entire world will lose its light. Swarg Loka gets dark puzzling all Gods. Mahadev says this Shaapit-Yuga has started the beginning of the end!

Shani demands to know who started this fire. Rahu takes Indra Dev’s name shocking Indra Dev. I saw it myself. Gods are responsible for destruction. They cannot see anyone happy, not even you or Kakol.

Mahadev says no one knows what Rahu’s support will make Shani do.

Shani says I wont let any mother’s sacrifice go in vain. Every mother will get her justice and the culprit will be punished. Indra Dev gets tensed.

Shani 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Indra Devt ell Surya Dev Shani has become rebellious. The next person who will bear the brunt of his anger will be Yam. Shani vows to separate Yam from his mother!

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