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Shani 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Bad and good deeds tell if the person is a positive or negative soul. Shani teaches that he decides Karamfal depending on one’s karmas only ||

In the corridor, Sanghya hides seeing a girl walking in the corridor. So this is Shani’s counter energy? Dev Vishwakarma thinks Mahadev gave this responsibility to me. I must protect Shani. He uses his energies to create a wall for Mata Neelima. She uses her powers to break it. Dev Vishwakarma thinks I can do no more Shani. Forgive me. He falls down.

Shani gets up with difficulty. He uses his weapon to send out his energy but the energy collides with the wall which is also counter attacked by Mata Neelima.

Narayan says what we dint want has already begun. Shani and his counter energy are face to face now. Their war has begun. Mahadev adds that on one hand there is Karamfaldata Shani with his positive powers while on the other hand there an equally powerful and destructive energy Neelima!

Mata Neelima uses more force to break the wall and so does Shani. The wall breaks ultimately throwing both Shani and Mata Neelima on the floor. Chhaya and everyone shouts Shani’s name in concern. Sanghya observes Mata Neelima from far. Chhaya tries waking up her son but in vain. She cries. What happened to my son? Do something Dev (Surya Dev). Surya Dev promises him no harm will come on Shani. Yami points out that Nana Shree is nowhere to be seen. Yam offers to check but Surya Dev decides to reply to the attack which happened in his Loka just now. He leaves. Yami comforts Mata Chhaya. Everything will be fine. Chhaya shakes her head. I can sense that a very big problem is going to come in Shani’s life. It will be a really difficult one.

Sanghya thinks how this is Shani’s counter energy. She fell unconscious herself. Surya Dev must be having a doubt on me. I should hurry up. Surya Dev also comes to the corridor. He finds a blue spot on the floor. Dev Vishwakarma joins him just then. Surya Dev asks him what happened to him. Dev Vishwakarma shares that a very wrong thing happened!

Sanghya is positive there wont be any obstacle in her and Shani’s counter energy now. We will be out of Surya Loka soon. Mata Neelima is still unconscious. Sanghya remarks that she has solution to Shani. His death is also in my hands. Mata Neelima gains conscious.

Shani also opens his eyes. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Surya Dev again asks Dev Vishwakarma what it is. How did it happen? Dev Vishwakarma shares that there was a special power here. Surya Dev demands to know how it came in his Loka without his knowledge. Dev Vishwakarma confesses that he brought it here. I don’t know how to explain. Shani tries sitting up. I can understand it though. I have understood what happened to me just now. I also know who is responsible for that. I experienced the power of my negative energy. That energy is strong like me but is completely opposite to me. It is capable to destroy me! Chhaya says how did it come here suddenly. Shani shares that it dint happen suddenly. She was created at the same time when I was created. The only difference is that it was being controlled till now. He turns to his Nana Shree. It was under scrutiny but it is free after my announcement. It is free to choose its path. It was under Nana Shree’s protection till now but it is against me now.

Brahma Dev says this arrogant kid understood it now. People don’t understand things till the time they go through it.

Shani adds that he realised something like this is going to happen when Brahma Dev paid a visit to him. I refused to hear it as it might affect my choice. I might not have made the announcement then that once you become 12 years old, you will be free from all the bondages. I experienced something weird when I came to your palace to give you Surya Dev’s message. It was the same counter energy that was pushing me away from myself. I almost lost conscious yesterday because of that only. We feel the same way when counter energy is awakened. You (Chhaya) too must have felt it when Devi Sanghya finished her tapasya. She nods recalling the moment. What will you do now son? He replies that he wont do anything. Surya Dev insists that that power can harm him. We must find it and destroy it asap. Shani denies. We cannot give results just thinking about what will happen in future. The attack wasn’t planned today. It is important to give one chance to that power. Let it choose its path. My Karma will start afterwards. He assures his mother he is fine. She takes promise from him that he will be safe. He promises to stick to his path. I dint do anything wrong so we must not worry / fear anything. She thinks being a mother she will always be worried thinking about that now.

Sanghya confirms with Devraj is he is sure this place is safe. Devraj is positive no one can break Indrajaal except him. no one knows about it apart from me. She nods. we will have to wait for her to get up. Devraj asks for her name.

Shani asks his Nana Shree what the name of that energy is. Dev Vishwakarma explains that that energy is called Neelima.

Neelima gains conscious and immediately starts attacking them. They all hide so as to protect themselves. Rahu says she will destroy us this way. Neelima stops all of a sudden. Devraj signals Sanghya to go now. She nods and tries calming Neelima. Neelima gets ready to attack once again but Sanghya assures her she is safe here. I brought you here to protect you. Neelima asks her who she is. Sanghya says it is more important to know if she knows who she is. Neelima shares that she is Neelima. Sanghya points out that that is just her name. You have to find out the motive of your life to get the real answer. Do you know who you are? Neelima asks her. Sanghya calls her the result of her prayers; the revenge of my insults; my last hope which has come in the world to destroy a bad energy named Shani! Neelima repeats the name. Devraj smiles.


Shani 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani tests his powers. I have to be ready for my fight with Neelima. Mahadev says a war is going to surface where Shani will also be betrayed and cheated. It will affect Tridev’s too if it reaches its peak.