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Shani 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 14th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

Shani’s Saade-Sati: Position and power are given to fulfil duties. Those who misuse it have to bear Shani’s Saade-Sati. It reminds people of their responsibilities.

Epi begins with Surya Dev saying that for his victory it is required that he shouldn’t do anything. Shani will be finished by the end of the day as sun wont rise tomorrow!

Shani keeps looking at the sky. Kakol joins him. It is so cold here. What are you doing here so early? Shani says this is what I am trying to find out. What will Surya Dev do now?

Yami and Yam come in the balcony to pray but sun hasn’t risen. She calls it unusual and surprising. I thought we got late for the puja.

Kakol calls it funny. As per my knowledge, sun should have risen by now. It seems Surya Dev is still sleeping today. Maybe he forgot to wake up. Shani is shocked to realise the meaning behind his words. What did you say? Kakol apologizes. I only said maybe Surya Dev is still sleeping. Maybe he forgot to wake up. Shani looks at the sky. Neither Surya nor any of Surya’s rays nor sunrise! What kind of coincidence is this! Surya Dev has done the unimaginable today.

Yam and Yami also feel there will be no sunrise today.

Shani repeatedly calls out to Surya Dev in anger. Surya Dev is seated on his throne. He smiles at Shani. Shani asks him if he knows what he is doing. Surya Dev replies that he was waiting for him. I knew you would come. I really enjoy seeing this fear, this defeat on your face. Shani points out that he is committing a big mistake. It is your duty to rise. Surya Dev repeats his words. Whose conscience isn’t alive anymore does not remember his duties. Shani reminds him that the cycle of life will change if he wont rise in the sky. Why are you doing this? Surya Dev acts all innocent. It’s all because of you. I explained to you when you challenged me – whatever will happen will be because of you! Shani says innocents shouldn’t be affected because of the fight between 2 people. Surya Dev says you should have thought of it when you challenged me. Every action has a reaction. Be ready to face it! Shani again requests Surya Dev to rise in the sky or many innocents will have to die. Surya Dev accepts to rise but on one condition – you cast your Drishti on me in the Sabha before everyone. You will have to once again come in Sabha, sit on your knees, fold your hands and apologize to me! You will have to get your Drishti off me. Do you accept? Yami comes to ask her father something but he signals her to stop. Surya Dev asks Shani if he accepts the condition. Shani says I either bend down before my mother or Mahadev. It is my duty to give fruits of karmas. You want me to apologize for the reason as to why Mahadev created me. I refuse to do it! The fruit of this mistake will also wait for you. Surya Dev refuses to accept his request if he does not accept his wish. Shani challenges him that there is no power in the world which cannot be replaced. When you think no one can replace you or snatch your place then you are actually standing at the top of his arrogance. When you fall from the top you realise the reality. Surya Dev tells him he played enough with words. I am tired. Sun wont rise in sky today. Go and prove that someone else can take sun’s place! Shani accepts his challenge and goes.

Devi Sanghya smiles hearing the news. Yam says I confirm that father is upset with Shani. I saw everything on my own. She smiles. I support Surya Dev in his decision. Till now Shani survived as he never let Surya Dev grow before him. Your mother (Chhaya) only raised impurity but not anymore. Yam asks her if it will be right for the world that father wont rise in the sky. She thinks Yam will surely think on this matter as he is Dharmaraj. She confirms to Yam that it is right. World will be a happy place when Shani dies. Remember that one has to make small sacrifices for greater good.

Shani notices the change in atmosphere. Kakol says he is feeling cold. How did it get so cold? Dev Vishwakarma replies that sun hasn’t risen. Fate has destined everything. Sun rises and sets at the right time. Temperature will fall slowly if sun wont rise and world will lose too much. How Surya Dev made this mistake? Why dint he rise? Shani replies that it is because of impatient. Kakol innocently says it is just the matter of a day. Everything will be fine tomorrow. Shani says this isn’t the only problem. There is a bigger problem. Rahu wasn’t in Surya Loka when I went there. His absence means that he is part of a very big plan.

Chandra Dev praises Surya Dev’s plan. Surya Dev says how my plan will not be fabulous. Did Rahu start his work? Chandra Dev nods. Surya Dev says today Shani will learn the lesson which even Mahadev couldn’t teach him.

Dev Vishwakarma asks shani what could be the plan. Shani says Chandra brought Rahu to Surya Dev. You know what he can do. We will have to unite Gods and Asuras soon so Rahu does not succeed.

Rahu finds the task of getting everyone under his control in less time a difficult yet interesting task.

Dev Vishwakarma says Surya’s light not just gives light but also makes one conscious. In darkness, your conscious gets maligned very easily. Chandra is on his side. It will be impossible to stop Rahu in this case.

Rahu casts his influence on Gods and orders them to kill each other.

Shani hopes Rahu does not do something which will cost him more than his life.


Shani 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani brings Indra Dev, Shukracharya and Dev Vishwakarma to Surya Loka. Indra Dev says we should have been at a safer place. Shani calls it the safest place. He covers them in Shani Kavach and turns to go. Dev Vishwakarma asks him where he is going. Shani replies that he will have to stand in Rahu’s way to bring him on the right path.

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