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Shani 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shani and Bhadra come in Surya Sabha. He notices Surya Dev’s chair empty. Shall we begin the celebrations? Chhaya looks at Surya Dev’s throne. Shani tells her he wont come. You know he has vowed not to see Bhadra. Dev Vishwakarma is taken aback. We will do this without him? Shani reasons that this has been held for his mother’s happiness and for his sister’s introduction. If Surya Dev doesn’t wish to be a part of it then we will continue without him. He holds Bhadra’s hand and turns to his mother. Your daughter Bhadra is here. Chhaya gets emotional as she looks at Bhadra. Kakol says Bhadra will say a few words for her mother now. Hanuman tells Bhadra to speak up.

Mother is an emblem of love. Kakol also cajoles her to say it. Shani adds that you don’t need words to express every emotion as some emotions are felt. Our love, experience and hatred can be express from eyes also. He keeps Bhadra’s hand on Chhaya’s chest. They both close their eyes for a moment. Bhadra says Mata. Chhaya is overwhelmed. They share an emotional hug. Chhaya wipes her tears next. She is about to feed honey to Bhadra as per the ritual but is startled to see Bhadra’s blue tongue the moment she opens her mouth. She feeds it to her nonetheless. I hope this sweetness remains in your life and our family forever. She does Bhadra’s aarti next. A few flower petals fall down. Bhadra bends down to pick them. Chhaya gets a cut on her hand because of Bhadra’s horns. She screams in pain.

Yam turns to bhadra. I was right about you. The one, who is filled with poison, can never spread love. You attacked your mother with your poison. Shani speaks in Bhadra’s defence. It was an accident. you cannot blame her for that. Shani notices his mother’s body turning blue slowly. Dev Vishwakarma points out the same to him. It is spreading in her body. Yam tells Bhadra she has done what she wished to. You wont come near my mother now. He takes her from there. Bhadra keeps shouting Mata. Chhaya’s hand has turned blue. Shani cannot understand why his mother’s wound is aggravating. She too had nectar. Dev Vishwakarma says Halahal is the antidote of nectar. Bhadra’s touch has Halahal. Dev Vishwakarma cures Chhaya. If this would have spread a little more then it would have been impossible to save her. Thanks to Mahadev! Shani asks Chhaya if she is fine. She nods and asks about Bhadra.

Yam warns Bhadra not to call Chhaya her mother. She is not your mother! You cannot be anyone’s daughter. You are only poison. You aren’t Bhadra but Halahali. You will burn whosoever you will touch. You don’t deserve to stay here. I wont listen to my mother anymore as you hurt my mother. You must leave from here. Bhadra gets angry. She ties Yam’s legs in her tails and beats him. Shani shouts her name in shock. He utters the word forgiveness, love and brother before her which calms her down. Yam is freed. Bhadra gets teary eyed. Shani wipes her tears. You don’t have to say anything. I know that world will demand for an explanation but you will never have to give an explanation to me. I will understand you without words and protect you. Surya Dev comes there looking for Bhadra. Bhadra holds Shani’s cloth in fear. Shani pats her hand to calm her. Surya Dev leaves from there.

Shani confronts Surya Dev. You must think if Bhadra is responsible for getting the Halahal inside her. Also think of who she is. She is Surya Dev’s daughter! She doesn’t need to be punished at the moment. She requires the love and support of her family. She needs her mother’s love; her brother’s support while you need to be a little calm. Surya Dev is amazed to see Shani suddenly becoming biased (in Bhadra’s favor). We might have disagreed on many things but I have always respected you for the way you have done justice to everyone. Where did it disappear now? Crime is a crime, be it anyone who does it, Mahadev, you or me. It is your duty to punish the culprit. Shani refuses to accept that his sister has committed a crime. What happened with mother was an accident. It happened because mother wasn’t careful. Yam got his Karamfal. Yam tells him to prove it that he was supposed to be punished for some misdeed. Shani accepts his challenge. He holds Yam’s hand and pulls him out of Sabha. You don’t deserve to stay here. I will throw you out of Surya Loka. Surya Dev tells him to stop. You are crossing your limits. Shani replies that he knows his limits. Chhaya too tells Shani to stop as Yam is his brother. Yam raises his mace to attack Shani in self defence. Shani tells Surya Dev he has proved it.


Shani 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Narayan remarks that a new chapter is going to begin. Brahma Dev adds that the one who can stop this Bhadrakaal is busy in protecting it himself.

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