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Shani 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani Foils Devraj’s Plan!


Shani 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Kid is also addressed as Atmaj as he not just gets his body from parents but a part of their soul too. Shani teaches that the duty of parents is not just to give birth to a body but also to make the soul strong. ||

Shani 15th December 2017 Episode start With Yam saying who will marry the girl whose dignity was stained in this very Sabha before everyone. Shani advises him not to worry about Dhamini’s wedding. I take responsibility of arranging Swayamvar for Dhamini in Surya Loka where she was insulted. Dhamini looks at him stunned / teary eyed. I hope Surya Dev will also support me in this. Surya Dev looks at Devi Chhaya who nods at him. He gives permission for Dhamini’s Swayamvar. Chitrarath thanks him for his support. Yam glares at Shani.

Shani turns to Dhamini. You said women do not have a right to make their own decision. You are now free to make all the decisions of your life! She smiles.

Chitrarath thinks of what all happened today in the Surya Sabha. Dhamini says I know that you are feeling pained because of the way you got insulted in the Sabha. Chitrarath asks her if Shani is trying to take revenge from him. I insulted him again and again by calling him Kula-hina. Is this his plan? Shani calls it an illusion of his mind. Chitrarath says you gave me respect from one hand and then snatched my right from me by announcing Dhamini’s Swayamvar. You snatched the right from a father to marry his daughter. Shani says her Swayamvar is the answer of your hurt dignity. Surya Sabha has been a witness to it. They think that a woman can only be a servant of a man. This is their answer. I just made an announcement but you will do the duty of a father that too in next 7 days. Chitrarath is shocked. 7 days? He says we will have to make it happen in this much time as this announcement would have made some enemies for Dhamini. They would surely try to create a hurdle in this. Chitrarath says how we will find the right groom in such a short span of time. Dhamini explains that the importance of a dream does not end when it breaks. It can still come true (she says this while looking at Shani). Shani assures Chitrarath he will look after all the preps. Till then you should stay alert. Enemy should not even know of this.

Devraj laughs loudly. Your attempt failed Shani as Dhamini and your enemies know your plan already! Mangal says it means we only have 7 days’ time to take our revenge. Devraj nods. We have to do something really big. We will have to do something so bad to Dhamini that she spends her every day suffering that pain. A servant informs him that he has been invited to attend Surya Sabha. Devraj nods. He wonders why a Sabha is being organized at this hour in Surya Loka. Rahu says I told you already. Shani is not going to sit quietly. He has started his plan already. Devraj says if he is Shani then I am Sahastra-netra. I am aware of every movement in Surya Loka. Rest assured. None of his plan can be hidden from me anymore! He looks at the screen.

Dhamini and Shani are walking in the corridor. She thinks he seems too lost in his own world. How to ask him? Shani startles her by saying that she wont be able to find answers to her questions herself. You can ask me anything if you wish to. She asks him why everyone is suddenly called in the Sabha.

Devraj smirks. we will now know what is going on in his mind.

Shani tells Dhamini there is no special reason. We have only 7 days left. I will handle all the other preps but we need to discuss on the invitation letter. We need to discuss who all we have to call and who all will participate. She gets sad. Thank you for working so hard to make my marriage possible.

Rahu says I thought you would have a plan to stop Shani so I came here but we can see Shani making preps for the Swayamvar instead. Are we going to stop him or not? Devraj says Shani must be thinking that I will create a hurdle in the Swayamvar but I wont do any such thing. I would let it happen. Dhamini is eager to marry a God. Dev Loka is under Devraj Indra. They will abide to whatever Devraj Indra will say. Rahu asks him what he wants to say. Devraj claps. A lady walks in. Devraj tells her to make preps for a grand yagya. Inform all the Dev’s that this will happen after 7 days. No God is allowed to move from his place from the beginning till the end. She leaves. Devraj says I hit 3 birds with one stone. All the Gods will be present here as they will get the invitation of yagya before the wedding! Swayamvar’s pandal will be set and it will be unsuccessful. Shani will be blamed for it. Dhamini will be insulted yet again. she will have no option left but to bend down in Devraj Indra’s feet!

Everyone is gathered in Surya Sabha. Surya Dev asks Shani the reason for calling them here at this hour. Why delay then? Shani replies that the main guests are yet to come. Devraj and Mangal enter just then. Shani looks at them. Guests have come. Let’s begin now. Devraj asks Surya Dev if everything is fine. Shani says there is a special reason for organizing this Sabha at this hour. It is to announce the date of Dhamini’s Swayamvar. It will happen tomorrow morning! Devraj’s smile disappears. Everyone looks at Shani in confusion. Dhamini stops her father from saying anything. Shani adds that the invitations have been sent out. Everyone has confirmed to be present tomorrow. He walks up to Devraj Indra. I hope you and other Gods will be present here for the Swayamvar. Does anyone have a special plan for that day? Devraj thinks of his plan. Shani adds that Sahastra-netra are waste if you can see everything from your own eyes! Thank you for coming to Surya Sabha and for becoming a part of it.

Shani magically gets a kalash. I place this Kalash here in this Sabha room for the Swayamvar. This is the place where it will complete. The Kalash disappears. Surya Dev says it is decided then that Dhamini’s Swayamvar will be held here tomorrow morning. Shani walks up to Chitrarath. I know you are not happy with my decision. You feel that I have cheated you but I have learnt something from my enemies. To make sure that no one understands your plan, make such a decision at such a time when the enemy wont be capable to make any plan to change it! Devraj walks out of the Sabha angrily.

Dhamini is walking in the corridor. When I saw you (Shani) for the first time, I felt like I have some old relation with you. Your name sounded so familiar. I dint realise when I started loving you. I don’t know what is in future but it cannot be coincidence to get a chance to choose my own life partner through this Swayamvar. I have faith that I will get a right to choose my wishful partner for sure! She stops hearing the sound of approaching footsteps. She begins to go after noticing Devraj but he stops her. don’t be afraid. I only came to wish you for your Swayamvar. She retorts that she is well aware as to how good his wishes are. This time, before doing anything wrong, just remember that there is someone whose Drishti is on you every second! Try stopping it if you can! Devraj says you are still stuck with the past. I only came to wish you good luck. Take rest. Tomorrow’s sunrise will surely bring new opportunities for you. She walks away. Mangal asks Devraj how he could bear a woman insulting him. This is the time to threaten Gods. How dare they accept the invitation without your permission? You came here to wish her luck instead? Our plan has failed badly and you are still here. Devraj says we would go to Mrityu Devta only to seek help. Now Yam will ruin Shani and Dhamini’s respect along with this Swayamvar!

Shani is in the corridor when his mother calls out to him. She appreciates him for the way he protected Dhamini and Chitrarath’s dignity in the Sabha today. I have called Dhamini my daughter. I do not want any obstacle in her wedding. I also have a request to make. He tells her not to request but order. She says how to order when I have no right! She folds her hands before him. You have already snatched one daughter! Protect the other daughter till the Swayamvar ends. This is the only request. He promises to protect Dhamini’s respect in Swayamvar. Dhamini is standing a few feet away only and hears their conversation. She is touched by his promising words.


Shani 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani has organised a grand Swayamvar for Dhamini in Surya Loka. Dhamini shares her feelings with Shani before everyone. She proposes him for the wedding. I choose you in this Swayamvar. I want to marry you. Will you marry me Shani?

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