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Shani 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Arrogance is your biggest enemy. An arrogant person never gets anyone’s love or respect. Shani teaches that people who are not arrogant get all the love and respect from everyone ||

Chhaya comes to Shani’s room. Kakol yawns as he removes the blanket. He and Chhaya are surprised to not see Shani there. They wonder where he would be at this moment in such condition.

Shani tests his powers. Kakol comes running there followed by Chhaya. They advise him to take rest but Shani wants to be ready for his impending fight with Neelima. Kakol says a while ago you said that she need not be punished. Shani nods. Both Devi Sanghya and Neelima are not here anymore. Neelima is with her. She must be writing a new story for Neelima. I have to be ready for the same reason.

Devraj says why we are waiting now. We have solution to the problem called Shani. We can send her to attack Shani. Sanghya reasons that Neelima is not yet ready for a fight. She was held captive for 12 years. She will have to be well prepared to face Shani. I have seen her falling unconscious before Shani’s power. Something is still missing but I cannot quite understand it. Rahu says she is deprived of Tridev’s blessings. Shani was created by them but she lacks it. Devraj asks him if he wants him to take Neelima to Mahadev. Should I tell him this is the solution to Shani which he must bless because we want to get rid of him? You have gone mad! Sanghya denies. There is some point in Rahu’s words. Devguru said that this power is great like Shani but not is not entirely equally powerful. Shani was created by the consent of Tridev so we need to create a divide in them to get their negative energy. Devraj asks her how they will do that. Sanghya smiles. Women are good enough for such work. I will get that done. They are hesitant but Sanghya is positive that she can do it.

Mahadev says a war is going to surface where Karamfaldata will not just be betrayed but cheated as well. Shani is capable of facing every attack but what about the attacks behind his back? The power standing against him is as powerful as him this time. It will affect Tridev’s too if it reaches its peak. I am concerned for Shani’s safety for the first time.

Shani hopes Neelima wont take the wrong path. Dev Vishwakarma asks him what he will do now. Shani replies that he will prepare himself now. If a powerful energy like Neelima will follow the path shown by Devi Sanghya then I must stop her. I have to first find out everything about her. You can help me. Dev Vishwakarma reasons that only he knows her most as he observed her for last 12 years!

Devraj and Rahu watch Sanghya from far. She is wasting time. We must order Neelima to attack Shani right away. Rahu worries Sanghya getting upset but Devraj mocks him for being scared of a woman. Rahu declines. Devraj advises him to gain control over Neelima’s mind. We will then make her our puppet.

Shani says I know she is capable to kill me. I need to know which power she will use to do that. Dev Vishwakarma replies that she is an out of control power now. She can attack in any way anytime. We have to be really careful with her.

Rahu goes to Neelima. I can see the side effects of being caught up for 12 years on your face. It weakens not just the body but the soul also.

Dev Vishwakarma says any carelessness can be dangerous for him.

Neelima asks Rahu what he means. Rahu falls down on the floor scared. Neelima asks him if he thinks she is weak and unaware of her powers. You will help me identify with my own powers; and tell me my mission? Rahu fumbles. His body begins to turn blue.

Dev Vishwakarma says she uses her words to attack. She gets inside one’s conscious raising his biggest fear in his mind thus making him weak.

Neelima asks Rahu if he thought she wont understand that he wants to use her for his own good. You want to gain the highest position in Pataal Loka thereby showing everyone down and take your revenge from Gods through me? You will guide me? How? You yourself have no identity of your own. You are neither a God nor Asura anymore. You are the one that drunk the holy nectar yet he couldn’t become immortal. Your body was cut into two parts afterwards. You lack an existence! The one, who does not know his own identity, how will he tell me what is the meaning of my creation?

Dev Vishwakarma adds that Neelima’s effect begins to show on anyone who falls under her effect. It starts from his hand, feet and slowly takes over his entire body.

Rahu begs Neelima to stop. My life is meaningless. I wont ever try to get you under my control. Please let me go. She forgives him this time but gives a warning. You wont be able to make another mistake in future though.

Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani Neelima is his opposite. You first warn and then attack. She does the opposite. You bend down before nature but she wants everyone to bend down before her. That’s all I know about her. Shani understands that she is still not so powerful that she will make up her mind to attack me on my own. Dev Vishwakarma nods. She wont take much time in developing her powers though. The only difference between you and her is that you have Tridev’s blessings. She lacks that. Shani says Sanghya still took her with her to make her fight against me. She will surely try to extract some of Tridev’s energy for Neelima so she can make her capable enough to fight with me.

Sanghya prays to Brahma Dev. Brahma Dev appears there pleased with her tapasya and prayers. What boon do you want? Sanghya greets him. I am satisfied that I could please you with my prayers. I thought about you so I can seek your guidance. Please guide me how I can please Mahadev asap? Brahma Dev gets upset. Why do you need to go to Mahadev when I am here already? I can bless you. she says I could ask you but you only sketch things. Narayan and Mahadev manage everything. Brahma Dev gets upset. I am also Panchanan if Mahadev is Panchbhoot. He shows her his Panchanan avatar. Weather changes around them. Sanghya thinks she will now make Tridev’s against each other and finish Shani.


Shani 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanghya says Neelima will become powerful only when there will be a divide amidst Tridev’s. Brahma Dev orders Shani to tell Mahadev that he is the most powerful among all of them. Mahadev angrily decides to kill the fifth head of Brahma Dev.