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Shani 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 15th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Shani’s Saade-Sati: If people help each other then Shani wont let them get harmed. Shani unites enemies during Saade-Sati so they can learn from one another.

Rahu casts his influence on Gods and orders them to kill each other.

Shani meets Shukracharya. Indra Dev enters just then demanding to know why he has been called here. Shani says right now there can be no other safer place for you than Pataal. Indra Dev tells him to speak clearly. Shani shares that Rahu is on a mission to kill or harm all Gods. Indra Dev replies that he isn’t Devraj anymore. What’s my connection with whatever is happening in Dev Loka? Shukracharya reasons that there is a connection and a reason to worry. It can happen some day with us too. Indra Dev points out that it might be a concern for Karamfaldata.

Why did you waste my time? Shani says I dint waste your time. I am only trying to protect you. Rahu has cast his influence on every God. Now he will come here looking for both of you.

Gods plead for help from Surya Dev. Rahu points out that he has been sent by Surya Dev only. I enjoy it all the more when my preys shout for help. The guy begs to be freed. I am Indra Dev’s special helper. Rahu smiles hearing Indra Dev’s name. It will be fun to hunt him later. They set him on fire.

Shani points out that only he can save them from Rahu.

Yami looks at the sky. Father dint rise till now. Entire world is in dark. Only Shani can handle the matter now. I have to find him. She turns to go when her mother and brother enter. Devi Sanghya tells her that Chandra Dev wants to meet her. Yami says you too? I dint expect this from you. Are you happy with this alliance? You were upset with Chandra Dev till yesterday as he took over brother’s place. Today you want me to meet him? You know the condition of the world because father hasn’t risen. Instead of explaining to him you brought this news to me? Devi Sanghya says even I don’t like him. A mother was hurt when Surya Dev chose Chandra Dev over Yam but I am also a wife. It is a duty of a wife to support her husband in his every decision. I came here to tell you I have respected Surya Dev’s decision. You too should learn to keep your would be husband happy. Whatever is happening is because of Shani. This problem surfaced because of his Drishti only. Yami smiles. Your worry has been doubled then. Shani not just cast his Drishti on father but on me too. Devi Sanghya steps back in shock whereas Yami smiles. Yam vows not to spare Shani. Yami tells him it was her decision. He cast his Drishti on me as per my wish. I dint get hurt. I have faith that this will happen to every pure soul. I learnt how to trust this way. I trust my brother. Yam smirks. Yami points out that she was hinting at Shani. Yam gets angry. Devi Sanghya is stunned. Yami leaves from there. Devi Sanghya is in disbelief. Yami cannot say so. It is the influence of Shani’s Vakra-Drishti but not anymore. All this will come to an end very soon. Shani wont be able to do anything. He will have to bow down before Surya Dev by the end of the day! Yam nods.

Shani brings Indra Dev, Devguru, Shukracharya and Dev Vishwakarma to Surya Loka. Indra Dev says we should have been at a safer place. Shani calls it the safest place. Trust me if you want to be safe. Forget your enmity with one another and stay together. He covers them in Shani Kavach. Indra Dev tries to step out of it but fails. What is this? Shani explains that this will protect them from Rahu for some time. He begins to go when Dev Vishwakarma asks him where he is going. Shani replies that he has to face the problem now. Now Shani will have to stand in Rahu’s way to bring him on the right path once again!

Everyone runs looking for cover from Rahu but is forced to jump off the edge of a cliff. A woman is left. Rahu says it is wrong to attack a woman but what to do. He attacks her but she survives. Rahu gets shocked. Who dared to step in my way? Shani says if you try to harm women then you will find me standing in your way. Rahu is a bit tensed to see him with his weapon. He welcomes him calling him his friend again. You came a bit late though. Celebration is almost over. Shani replies that he comes at the right time. You don’t give fruits of labour before or after the right time. You have crossed your limits. Now I have come to restrict you once again. You ruined conscience of Gods and have created a ruckus. I have come to put an end to it. Rahu laughs. Everyone is right. You are a kid which is why you are so innocent. If you think it is because of missing conscience then you are highly mistaken. Problems have just started!

Chandra Dev comes to Yami’s room. She is praying. He says I am waiting for you since so long and you are praying here? Dint you get my message? She says I did get your message but I dint felt it was important to revert. He says surprise. I dint know you could speak too. She ends her prayers and looks ahead. Chandra Dev tells her she looked at the right place – at his feet. You will pray to these feet only. She shares that she is only following her father’s wish. I have no right to accept you as my husband. Don’t even think that Surya-putri, Shani’s sister will bend before you. He gets miffed. Don’t think that Chandra will let his wife or would be wife sit on his head. she is about to retort when he casts his powers on her. You forget that you have a water substance and it isn’t a big task for me to control you. Learn to sit quietly at your place. Remember that a woman is always a stick in man’s hand as his weapon or support. You let go of it or break it when it harms you. He frees her. This was enough for today. Now I will end what Rahu has started. She asks him what he is going to do. He leans closer. I feel I should tell you but I don’t see the need of it. I told you stick moves as per a man’s thinking. It has no right to think. He walks out.

Shani says when ambitions destroy things when they become too many. Same is happening right now. I warn you to come on the right path or I will have to do so. Rahu does not seem affected.


Shani 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Shani tells Rahu to be ready to bear the fruits of his labour. Yami tells him about Chandra Dev having control over water. If he stops water from reaching world then everything will be finished!

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