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Shani 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sometimes you have to take a step back to pave your path. It does not mean one backs off from his duty. Shani gives everyone their Karamfal at the right time!

Epi begins with Chhaya saying Shani’s karma is above any relation for him. Shani will never come here. Shani enters just then and calls out to his mother shocking Chhaya. Sanghya asks Chhaya what she just said. Please repeat. Chhaya asks Shani why he is here. Shani replies that son stays where mother stays. I have come to be with you. Sanghya asks him if he forgot everything after getting his mother. Your vow, your duty, everything? You vowed never to return in Dev Loka. Shani says kid can go to any extent for his mother. I know what you have in your mind. You want to torture my mother. I wont let it happen! Sanghya taunts their relation. It is the perfect example of a mother son relationship. My eyes are welled up, see? She smiles. I will allow you to stay here but on one condition. You have to pay a price for gaining everything. You will have to pay the price. You can stay in some corner of Surya Loka with your mother if you wish to but you will have to renounce your position of Karamfaldata in exchange. You cannot cast your evil eyes on anyone, neither in Dev Loka nor Mrityu Loka. Do you agree?

Chhaya tells Shani against it. Don’t agree. Your duty is much more important than me. The mission, for which Mahadev created you, is more important. Sanghya leaves Shani with two choices – mother’s love or Mahadev’s mission! Shani recalls his vow that he had made to Mahadev (stay away from any relation or bondage). Memories with his mother flash before his eyes. He kneels down before his mother and folds his hands. Mother is above Mahadev. I stood against Mahadev when I lost you. I am ready to renounce Mahadev’s motive to gain her back. He promises not to cast his Drishti on anyone from now on. He renounces his position of Karamfaldata. I also let go of all the duties associated with that position. He lets go of his weapon which disappears in the air.

Narayan asks Mahadev what will happen now. Devi Sanghya dint do right. Mahadev points out that in his eyes, it was Shani who dint do the right thing.

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Chhaya asks Shani about what he just said. He replies that he is ready to renounce many such positions to be with her. They share a hug. Now that we are together, I wont let you go away from me at any cost. Chhaya too says the same in reply. Sanghya tells them to end this now. I allowed you to stay in any corner of Surya Loka and not do any drama in Surya Sabha. Shani tells her to keep all this to herself. These people cannot value my mother’s presence. It is enough for me that my mother is with me. I don’t need your pity. Sanghya says I don’t know why I dint create her again earlier. Take her away from Surya Loka. I know where you both will go though. Remember that there was only darkness in Chhaya’s life and it shall remain the same way. Take her back to the same darkness from where you both came. I will be happy when you will go away. Shani warns her not to utter another word. She asks him if he will cast his Drishti on her. You have renounced your position. Look down now. Surya Dev tells her it is enough. You may have created Chhaya but don’t forget that I have accepted her as my wife. She tries to object but he tells her to be quiet. He apologizes to Chhaya for whatever happened. Your right is yours though. You can stay wherever you wish to. I will accept it. Chhaya thanks him. Till now I was only a quiet statue, a Chhaya with no identity. Thank you for accepting me and for allowing me to make a choice. I would like to stay with my son if I may choose. We still have some broken pieces left in our life. I would like to join them together and live with him, only if Devi Sanghya allows. Sanghya gives in. Chhaya thanks Surya Dev. Chhaya extends his hand towards Shani who happily holds her hand. They both walk out from there hand in hand.

Shani and Chhaya are in jungle. They reminisce the old times. Shani says I don’t need anything else now. I don’t need or fear anything or anyone now. Wait here. I will get food. He goes.

Yami tells Sanghya she is ashamed to be her kid. I wonder why I dint take birth from Chhaya Mata! She never distinguished between me, Yam and Shani. Why can’t you accept her then? Sanghya says I am ashamed to have gotten a kid like you. I agree I wasn’t here to teach you how to talk but it doesn’t mean you can raise fingers at me. You want Shani to cast a Drishti on me and hurt me? Yami replies that everyone has to bear the fruits of their Karma. A mother does not just teach kids how to talk. She also gives good upbringing. I am here talking to you because it was Chhaya Mata who has raised me well. Yam tells her to stop. You don’t talk badly to your loved ones because of strangers. Surya Dev puts an end to the discussion. He advises Yami not to point fingers at elders

Surya Devs tops Sanghya. You created Chhaya again just so you could escape Shani’s Drishti. Shani dint do it. Why did you force him to renounce his position then? She shares that she had promised him (pointing at Indra Dev).

Shani notices his mother lost in thoughts. What happened? She says I agree a kid needs nothing more than his mother but change is constant. You cannot and must not break it. The moment we have spent together was our past. We have to be prepared for future. Life is like a flowing river. It is of no use if it stops flowing, just like mine. Shani accepts it. What’s the point of the life which changes the relation between a mother and son? I have chosen you as my future. Moments spent with you are more important than anything else for me. Chhaya calls herself lucky. I am blessed to have a son like you. He says the same for himself. I am lucky to have a mother like you. They share a hug.

Narayan points out that the balance of Karma will sway if Shani sways from his path. It is very important to bring Shani back on his path. Mahadev says everyone has to bear the fruits of their Karam including Shani. I will bring him back on the right path!


Shani 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahadev says if Shani wont do his duty as Karamfaldata till tomorrow morning then he will neither lose that position but he will also be punished for indiscipline. Sanghya suggests Yam’s name for new Karamfaldata before her family.

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