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Shani 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shani 15th November 2017 Episode Start With Surya Dev greets Mahakali. You are the end the beginning. I am thankful to you for my new life. Dev Vishwakarma says we thought we wont be able to see Surya Dev in Surya Loka ever again but how did it become possible. She says because of effort, sacrifice and a good thought / intention. Devi Chhaya looks at Shani who has a peaceful smile on his face. Flashback shows Shani requesting Mahakali to revive Surya Dev as the world needs him. Think it to be my karamfal and grant the world this wish. The world really needs him as it is all dark without him. Mahakali says Surya Dev’s reincarnation was because of someone’s karamfal, a sacrifice. He wanted Surya Dev’s
Someone sacrificed his life so someone else could live. It is because of that sacrifice only, that Surya Dev is alive. She disappears. Surya Dev looks at Shani.

Brahma Dev says Shani’s sacrifice has made impossible possible. He has chosen to end the sadness of the world over his happiness. Narayan nods. His sacrifice will be once again overlooked. After his return, Surya Dev would find out about some such truths which will prove him to be a bigger villain!

Surya Dev thinks of all he could remember. He asks about Devi Sanghya from Chhaya. Devraj thinks this is the moment I was waiting for since years! Shani will have to pay back for my defeat. Yami stops Yam from saying anything. It would be better if mother tells him everything. Father does not know how many years have passed since then. He does not even know how much his kids have grown up.

Surya Dev again demands for an answer from Devi Chhaya. She looks down which angers Surya Dev. It is impossible! Devraj says it is the truth. You cannot escape when your loved ones attack you! He shows the past incident on a screen to Surya Dev. Surya Dev shouts for Shani. Where is he? Bring him before me. Chhaya says I can understand your pain but it’s been too long. A lot has changed as well. Something, which hurts you when you think of it; and something that will give you peace. She points at Yami and Yam. Won’t you bless your kids? Surya Dev is surprised to see them all grown up. He meets them both one by one. Yam tells him that this Loka was lifeless without him. Shani is standing right behind Yam. Surya Dev says I am all the more energised seeing you both like this. He hugs them. Shani smiles at them from a distance. Chhaya also joins them for a family hug. Shani feels out of place. Surya Dev asks Chhaya if he was away from Surya Loka for so many years. What all has happened in between? Chhaya shares that Yami’s Vaagdaan was fixed with Shivansh. Surya Dev is taken aback. Chhaya adds that parents have to do their duty when kids grow up. Mangal seeks Surya Dev’s blessings. You couldn’t be present in your daughter’s Vaagdaan. No one is at fault though. Surya Dev denies. A lot has been affected in my absence in Surya Loka. Only one person, i.e., Shani is responsible for it. Where is he? Shani says I am here.

Surya Dev tells him to stop. Don’t dare come near my family! You have given them ample pain in my absence but now I wont even allow your shadow to be anywhere near them! Shani says no one is responsible for anyone’s pain. We are responsible for our karmafal. Devraj tells him not to cover up his mistakes in the name of Karamfal. Shani only brings pain with him. I am sure he has returned with a feeling of vengeance after all these years! The incident where Shani challenged other planets for the Grah-Yuddha is shown. Devraj says so much happened when you weren’t here. So much was put at stake by Shani in every house! Surya Dev says I am not surprised at all. He can do anything but I am more curious to know who gave the permission for the war in my absence! Devraj says no one but Sthandevi of Surya Loka can make this decision. Surya Dev turns to Chhaya. How did you give permission for this? Did you want Shani to get this throne? Chhaya asks him how he could think of this. He replies that there is no reason to not think that ways. Since always you wanted me to love Shani equally like Yam and Yami. Maybe, by making him the ruler of Surya Loka, you wanted to give him all that he has missed or you would have never given a green signal for this war ever!

Yami says you have just been reincarnated. You must know that what all mother did in your absence was done for our sake! It was mother who snatched the position of Karamfaldata from Shani! She was the one who banished Shani from Surya Loka. She sent us with Devguru Brihaspati for further studies. She only organized Uttarayana yagya so you could return in your human form. When all the doors seemed closed, she had no other option but to give permission for this fight. Chhaya says I am willing to accept any punishment if you think I did anything wrong. Surya Dev denies. You did everything for the welfare of Surya Loka only. He turns to Shani. If there is someone who deserves punishment then it is Shani! He must leave Surya Loka right away!

Dev Vishwakarma tells Surya Dev not to banish Shani from Surya Loka. You surely hate him but it is also truth that Shani has won in this war. Mahakali has announced him as Lagnesh. If Shani wants then no one can stop him from sitting on this throne! Shani says I neither want throne nor any position! This is your throne (Surya Dev). You should keep it. Surya Dev tells him to stop. It is enough! He invokes his weapon and walks up to Shani. If I want then I can kill you right away for hurting my family. I wont do it though as it would not make us any different then. You are no longer a part of Surya family. Leave before I lose my patience! Dev Vishwakarma reminds Surya Dev that he has always supported truth and justice but I am not afraid to tell you today that it would be unjust to banish Shani from Surya Loka today. Surya Dev allows Shani to stay in Surya Loka just so the world wont think bad of him. Shani asks him how he can say that he wants to live in Surya Loka. Surya Dev asks him what he means. Shani notices Narayan’s bleak shadow there and goes speechless. Surya Dev again asks Shani to answer him. Will you stay here or not?


Shani 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devi Parvati hopes Shani wont change his decision of staying in Surya Loka because of Surya Dev. Narayan remarks that he is Shani. It isn’t so easy to change his mind. Just like you are Mahadev’s Shakti, there is someone else who is Shani’s Shakti. She has come to life. Their paths will soon become one.

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