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Shani 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Everyone’s lives are full of challenges. We must face them and not run away from them. Shani teaches that our path is decided when we stay strong in the face of any situation. ||

Yam raises his mace to attack Shani in self defence. Shani tells Surya Dev he has proved it. I forcibly pulled Yam for no reason; tried to throw him out of his own house and tried to use force. Yam pushed me and got ready to counter attack even when he is Dharmaraj. When, being Dharmaraj, Yam can do it, then how is Bhadra wrong. She knows nothing about world or its rules. She too attacked Yam to protect herself. Think about what she would have gone through seeing her mother in pain. She wanted to go near her and apologize when Yam suddenly pulled her away forcibly. Surya Dev asks about the pain Chhaya went through.

I had almost lost my wife and you were also on the verge of losing your mother. Answer me. You finished the hurricane and even fought with Mahadev. Is her security of no concern to you? Shani and Bhadra look at each other. Shani agrees with Surya Dev. You are right. Mata was in pain because of Bhadra and for that, she does deserve punishment but you cannot punish her. It is only Mata Chhaya who can punish her as it was she who was about to lose her life. Chhaya seconds Shani. Surya Dev leaves it on her to decide Bhadra’s punishment now. Chhaya remarks that Bhadra wont get any punishment. She bent to pick the flower petals that fell from the puja thaal. She was doing it out of respect. I was the one who wasn’t looking. Shani adds that the kid who bends her head before mother deserves her love and not punishment.

Bhadra hugs her mother. Surya Dev holds the corners of his throne tightly. Shani says if I wasn’t right then you can intervene Surya Dev. Surya Dev forgives Bhadra this time considering Chhaya and Bhadra’s wish. But I still feel that Bhadra is a problem for both Surya Loka and our family. As the head of the family, it is my duty to protect my family. I wont listen to anyone if she will commit any mistake now. I wont listen to anyone then. I will simply announce my decision. Shani thanks him and takes his leave. Bhadra follows suit. Surya Dev’s grip tightens and a side of his throne breaks.

Devraj laughs. Shani is making everyone his enemy one by one just because of Bhadra. I don’t care about it. Let Shani fight with the world. I only want to protect my throne and stay alert for the last move. A new chapter of my life will begin with Shani’s end.

Narayan remarks that a new chapter is going to begin (Navinkaal). Bhadrakaal will begin that will bring change in everyone’s positions. Brahma Dev adds that the one who can stop this Bhadrakaal is busy in protecting it himself.

Hanuman says I was quiet till now but I cannot keep quiet anymore. I hope you know that the problem isn’t over yet. Shani agrees. Kakol comes running and asks Shani to come fast. Shani asks him what happened. Kakol says Mata, Yam and Bhadra. All three of them rush to Chhaya’s room.

Yam tells Chhaya she is their mother. How can you keep this problem (Bhadra) amidst us after knowing everything? Shani stops Hanuman from reacting. Shani and Yam glare at one another. Yam asks Chhaya again why she is protecting this Halahali and the Halahal inside her. Answer me! Shani stops Chhaya from reacting. Bhadra says mother is an emblem of forgiveness. Mother is the goddess of love as per what my brother Hanuman has taught me. Everyone gets emotional. Chhaya hugs her. I cannot believe that you are learning to speak so fast. Hanuman tells Shani he was right. Bhadra would slowly learn to keep tabs on herself. Shani walks up to his sister and wipes her tears. Yam claps for them (to mock them). It was an amazing lecture. Why did you try to kill your mother if she is good? Shani tells him to stop. Poison isn’t inside my sister but you. It would be better if you would leave from here or else I will have to give you the Karamfal of this bad thinking right away. You know that I have promised to protect Bhadra. Yam leaves.

Chhaya tells Bhadra Yam is her brother. Such arguments happen between siblings. He was angry. Forget whatever he said. Shani also nods at Bhadra.

Surya Dev thinks of Bhadra. You cannot be my daughter! If need be, I wouldn’t mind fighting with your saviour Karamfaldata if my family’s safety is in question. Devraj calls it impossible. You wont be able to do it. How will you fight it? The base of your power (throne) is ruined. Surya Dev tells him not to worry for his throne. Dev Vishwakarma will fix it tomorrow morning. How did you come here at this hour? Devraj says the situation is such. I have the responsibility of not just Indra Loka but all Gods. I came here as only you have solution to this problem. If you cannot finish it then do something that will not leave it a problem anymore. Surya Dev calls him Indra. You came to order me in my Loka! Devraj denies. I only came to warn you. Free her from Surya Loka’s protection shield so I can do my work. Surya Dev nods. Devraj smirks.

Chhaya is sleeping. Bhadra is lying next to her. She is disturbed thinking of what Yam had said and cries thinking of what Chhaya has done for her. She wipes her tears determined and heads out of the room.

Shani stands in Bhadra’s way. She speaks few words. You will stop me? Shani smiles. Brother does not stop but shows the path. I wont stop you if you want to go but if you want to run away then I must tell you that it is not the solution to every problem. I too faced similar problems at one point of time but I dint run away. I faced them head on and found a solution. I don’t know if you will succeed or not but I want you to do your karma so you can get your Karamfal. If you will stop hoping then you will lose everything. Don’t give up. Face your fear. If you will run from it then it will win. It will run away if you will fight with it. Atleast try. I am with you in your every decision. Take time and make your own decision. I am with you in your every decision. He walks away. Bhadra thinks of his words.

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