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Shani 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Arrogant people lose their power to think or act correctly and stops them from differentiating between right and wrong. Shani teaches that arrogant people don’t even bend before those who they actually should. This only results in their downfall. ||

Epi begins with Shani saying this problem arose because of the boon given by a part of Tridev. Now the other part of Tridev must comply with Simhika’s demand and give me the Sudarshan Chakra.

Simhika reasons that Surya Dev can burn her but don’t forget that I have your son, Yami, Chhaya and Sanghya are under my control. I can make you dance to my tunes without catching your shadow. She notices his anger. Burn more but remember that sun must not set tonight. He insists that it is the law of nature. If that doesn’t happen then the world will be destroyed. She says the same about his family if he sets. Don’t worry. I wont let the world, which I want to rule, be destroyed ever. It is just for a small time. Once I gain control over all the powers then I will free you myself. Spread light so I can cause darkness in my enemies’ lives. Mali-Sumali’s army will gain control over all the Loka’s for me. Surya Dev complies. She closes her eyes unable to bear his light.

Shani notices the change in nature. Sun hasn’t set which means SImhika has gained control over Surya Dev. She wont let it happen. Brahma Dev asks him why she did so. Shani explains that she needs everyone’s shadow to gain control over her enemies. This will continue till the time the sun wont set. The shadows will appear then. I must go to Surya Loka right away. I will have to stop her by handing over the Sudarshan Chakra to her before she destroys everything!

Rahu enters in Surya palace. Shani and Kakol are on their way. Dev Vishwakarma tries stopping Rahu. Rahu says I don’t want to force you to kill yourself. It would be better for you to return to your Loka. Dev Vishwakarma attacks Rahu who falls down. Ketu binds Dev Vishwakarma in his powers. Rahu says I feel like killing you right away but that isn’t my motive. You seem tired old man. Why don’t you sleep for a while? Ketu puts him to sleep. Shani tells Kakol to hurry up. The lives of Surya Loka’s residents are dependent on you. Hurry up!

Rahu next turns his attention to Yami.

Simhika tells Surya Dev that Mali-Sumali will win over Indra Loka very soon. I will rule it then. Surya Dev has faith in Shani. He will defeat you. She says whne Dharmaraj couldn’t harm me then what will Shani do. I am waiting for him more than you as he is bringing that Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra for me.

Yami shouts for Shani as Rahu inches closer. He tells her it wont be any use to call out to him. He would be busy taking Sudarshan Chakra from Narayan. We would have broken your mother’s statue by then. She uses her powers on them. Ketu suggests putting an end to Yamuna’s (Yami’s) story too. A big pillar falls on them just then. Mata Anjana steps forward. No one can harm Yami till I am here. Ketu thanks her for reminding them that they have to take revenge from Hanuman too. She too is caught by Rahu and Ketu. Rahu remarks that now Hanuman too will have to bend down before them. They catch Yami as well.

Rahu is about to attack Sanghya when Shani hits him. Rahu and Ketu fall down. Shani says what’s the use of the brother who wont turn up when his sister calls out to him for help. What’s the use of Karamfaldata who cannot give Karamfal to people? He frees Yami and advises her to take care of Devi Sanghya. Yami gets back to work. Shani also frees Mata Anjana and sits next to Devi Sanghya. Kakol also joins them. Shani tells him to go to Nana Shree. Kakol does as told. Rahu looks tensed. He warns Shani not to come closer. Don’t forget that your Mata Chhaya is still with us. Shani nods. She wont stay with you for long though.

Hanuman continues looking for Chhaya. She comes up to him asking him to come with her. She tells him of a short cut. He says you must be worried for everyone. She nods. Who wont be worried when they are away from home? How is everyone? Is Surya Dev alright? She asks Hanuman to come. Makarasur would be coming. Hanuman says he is already here. He hits her calling her Makarasur. She says you hit a mother, a woman. Hanuman says I found something amiss when you spoke of a short cut. Why dint you go out yourself when you dint leave yourself? It turned real when you asked about Surya Dev next. A mother always thinks of her kids first. I understood you are neither a woman nor a mother. You are Makarasur! Makarasur laughs and comes to his original form. You are smart. Hanuman says when it is about a mother then no maya or illusion works. Now tell me where Mata Chhaya is or no one will even find your shadow. Makarasur is proud of himself. When a crocodile catches hold of its prey then no one can snatch it. You must face me if you want Chhaya. Hanuman accepts the challenge. Today you will find out that a crocodile cannot stand before a monkey!

Shani attacks Rahu and Ketu repeatedly. Shani rushes to Dev Vishwakarma as he gains conscious. Rahu and Ketu manage to flee. Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani to be with Surya Dev. She has trapped him. Save him. we have very little time left. Shani asks Kakol to come. It is time to end this war.

Simhika tells Surya Dev to see how his light will bring darkness in Dev loka. They see Mali-Sumali ready to fight with Devraj and his army. Simhika says Mali-Sumali’s boon will now go against Gods only. No God can fight Mahadev. Mali-Sumali will win this fight too easily. Both the sides are about to attack when Guru Shukracharya comes there. He points out that they have lost their minds because of their boon. You have made Shani’s home your battlefield. You got this boon because of him only. Mali-Sumali say they aren’t against Shani. We have to take revenge for what happened with Hiranyakashyapa. Don’t intervene please. You are our Guru. Shukracharya challenges them for a war. Simhika catches hold of his shadow too thereby making him her puppet.

Mahadev says the bond between God and Devotee is broken for forever when a devotee crosses its limit. It is time for us to intervene now.


Shani 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : SImhika orders Sudarshan Chakra to behead Shani. Sudarshan Chakra leaves Narayan’s hand.

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