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Shani 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update


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Shani says my mother’s culprits will surely be punished. Rahu asks him who they are. Shani blames Gods. I will punish everyone depending on their karma’s. Rahu smirks. I will be your friend. I have a plan to punish the culprits.

Surya Dev says I cannot believe Shani can do this too. Indra Dev says do you trust me now. I told you we lost control over Shani but you mocked me. It is your turn now. Surya Dev offers to talk to Shani. Indra Dev says he has never heard you. Today will be no different. Sanghya tells him to either explain to Shani or punish him. I want my son. Indra Dev tells Surya Dev to take decision as he is Devraj. Sanghya tells Surya Dev to save her son. You are a father! Surya Dev tells them both to be quiet. I will give a chance to Shani for sure. If he cannot understand my words then he will have to face my wrath! Lights begin to flicker. They hear a voice. You are eager to go to Shani while he himself is ready to come to you. Devi Sanghya notices Rahu and is shocked. She points at him. Surya Dev turns and sees him too. Kakol is shocked to see him near Devraj’s throne. Surya Dev asks him who he is. How dare you come here? Rahu answers both questions one by one. My name is Rahu. Secondly, a messenger does not need permission to go anywhere. Right now, let’s come to the important question. I have Shani’s message for you. He wants all Gods to leave their Loka’s. We are going to attack tomorrow. There is no point in bloodshed. The easier it is done the better. You all should leave quietly or you all will meet the same fate like Yam. You all will be Shani’s captives! He tells Surya Dev to keep his warmth safe. You will need it tomorrow when Shani will come. Surya Dev says if Shani wants war then he will get one. Go and tell him!

Yam tries to free himself from the chains but in vain. Shani comes there. Yam asks him what he is looking at. You are wrong to think I am in pain. I am Surya Putra. I can bear any amount of pain. Shani says you don’t know what it is to bear anything. You must know how to lose to learn that. You haven’t lost anything. One mother gave birth while another raised you. When she left, your mother took you back. I have lost my relation; my motive of living. You can never understand what it is to bear anything. Yam says don’t forget that I am Dharmaraj. I know everything. Shani asks him if whatever happened in his life till date was Dharma. You are a God as you only know how to give pain to others like other Gods. You don’t know what pain really is. I will make every God realise what pain actually means! Yam says you will realise it tomorrow. That moment isn’t far when my father will come here to free me. Rahu says Surya-putra has many hopes. It is right as Gods refused our proposal. They don’t want to leave their Loka peacefully. They want war! War is important friend. Shani says I would welcome Surya Dev aka Devraj then. Time is waiting for the crowned to be removed from the head of new Devraj. Tomorrow Shani will punish every God for their karma’s. Yam aka Dharmaraj will be the witness!

In Dev Vishwakarma’s home, Shani’s weapon glows. Dev Vishwakarma uses his power to lock the doors. I did what I could Mahadev. Now make sure Shani cannot open this door or the power of punishment will make him more destructive. I am trying my best to keep Shani on the right path; to fulfil my promise to you (Chhaya). Shani says I have promised myself to punish every God for their misdeeds. Dev Vishwakarma is surprised to see him. Shani asks for his weapon. Dev Vishwakarma says that wasn’t created to destroy. You cannot have it now. Shani says I defeated that storm once and have helped many times. I will bring Gods on the right path using the same weapon. Don’t come in my way. Dev Vishwakarma refuses to let him have it. Shani again tells him to step out of his way. I will get it anyway. Dev Vishwakarma says you will get it when you will find out where it is kept. Shani closes his eyes and finds out where the weapon is. I know where it is. Open the door. Dev Vishwakarma stays put. Shani says ok. He closes his eyes and lifts his hand. The weapon glows more brightly. Shani shouts. The weapon flies up to him breaking the door. Rahu applauds his friend Shani. I knew no power of world can stand in front of you. He leans closer to Shani. Dev Vishwakarma can be a hindrance in our path. He is your Nana Shree so he cannot be killed but he is a God after all! Why don’t we hold him captive? Shani declines. Not every God deserves punishment. It is only Dev Vishwakarma who supported my mother. Dev Vishwakarma says you know I am on your side. listen to me son. Picking weapon against your own father is not right for a God. Shani says my fight isn’t with my father but with Devraj. Dev Vishwakarma thinks to stop Shani anyhow.

Next morning, Surya Dev picks his weapon. Devi Sanghya waits for him holding a puja thaal. He walks up to her. She says I will pray that Mahadev makes you victorious over Shani. He stops her. It is weird that a mother is doing abhishek of her husband against her son. All this started with this only. You couldn’t bear my heat which is why you created Chhaya. It happened right under our roof yet I couldn’t see it. I regret becoming Devraj for which I have to fight against my own son. I regret having a wife like you who is ready to do my abhishek. I wish you would have done your dharma as a mother so a son wasn’t standing against his father. don’t know why I feel today will be a long day and the night will be dark. He leaves. She holds vermilion. you were right. It started with an abhishek. It will also end with another abhishek. My life will start afresh once SHani dies!


Shani 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani and Surya Dev get ready for a fight. Surya Dev gives one last warning to Shani but he stays put.

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