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Shani 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 16th March 2017 video Watch online HD on 

In Shani 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update Today You will watch : Shani tells Rahu to be ready to bear the fruits of his labour. Yami tells him about Chandra Dev having control over water. If he stops water from reaching world then everything will be finished!

Shani’s Saade-Sati: Those who don’t respect women or look down on them are being given pain by Shani. This is another lesson from Shani’s Saade-Sati.

Shani warns Rahu. Come on the right path or I will have to do so. Rahu only smiles. You don’t even know my ambitions or expectations. I told you we have just started. I know I cannot influence you but how will you stop others from being influenced? It is the turn of your only friend, your only companion. They look at Kakol standing few steps away. Rahu says it feels so nice when everything thinks and does what we want. He turns to Kakol. I want you to jump off from the edge of the cliff and die! Kakol turns to go. Shani looks at him stunned. He shouts at Kakol to stop. Don’t take another step. Rahu tells him no one will stop. This is Rahu’s magic. You can try if you want. Shani shouts to Kakol again but in vain. He runs to stop him. Rahu orders other Gods to follow Kakol. Rahu tells Kakol to hurry up. Start running. Kakol does as told. Shani too increases his speed. Kakol falls down from the cliff. Shani shouts at him not to do it. Kakol continues to fall. Rahu smiles hearing Shani’s helpless plea. Kakol gets out of sight. Other Gods also follow suit.

Shani gets angry. He aims his weapon and energies down towards the pit and safeguard everyone. Rahu gets upset. Shani looks at him pointedly. You cannot control them anymore. You can influence conscience till the time one is conscious. Everyone is unconscious. It is time to punish you for your misdeeds!

Mahadev tells Brahma Dev he knows what he is thinking. Unconsciousness is better than losing your conscious. Results are worse when negativity is influencing you. This will be another effect of Shani’s Saade-Sati. Whoever will be under its influence will lose conscience for a while to avoid any harm to himself.

Shani tells Rahu to be prepared. He attacks Rahu and beats him. Rahu begs for mercy. I am your friend. I supported you. Shani reminds him he chose sides both times depending on his selfish reasons. Tell me your plan. Rahu shakes his head. Pardon me but I cannot tell anything. Shani tells him to be ready for punishment then. He is about to hit him when Yami intervenes. Yami tells him about Chandra Dev being playing a pivotal role. He has control over water. He came to me. She relates everything that had happened a while ago. If he gains control on water then it will be a mess. Father isn’t rising. Everything will be destroyed this way. You will have to do something. Shani says wish Surya Dev could understand what he did. Don’t let the world be harmed. Come on the right path or the world will be destroyed.

Devi Sanghya asks Surya Dev if everything is fine. He denies. I feel Shani’s Drishti isn’t wrong. I tried to make Shani look down so I crossed my limits. Chandra and Rahu’s actions will have negative effects. It is time to end what I had started. She nods. You must go. He is surprised. You are telling me to go or are you trying to stop me? She replies that she is trying to make him understand it is Shani who is wrong. He not just cast his Drishti on you but he dint even spare his sister. Surya Dev is taken aback. She says you are Surya Dev, Devraj. I cannot go against you as your wife nor can I go against your wish as Devi. He refuses to intervene in whatever is happening now. Let Rahu mess everything. Till the time Shani comes to me and asks me to stop all this; takes his Drishti off me, I wont stop. He tells Chandra Dev to start his work.

Chandra Dev looks at the ocean. He summons his powers of destruction. He is surprised to see Shani and Yami coming there on Kakol. Shani steps forward. Time to warn you is long over. Now I will have to bring you on the path! Chandra Dev looks displeased.

Indra Dev paces angrily. I cannot understand why we are sitting here just because Shani said so. We are Gods yet we are hiding here like mice! Rahu says this is what I am thinking. What are you doing here? Shani has fooled all of you. He held you captive without any reason. Shall I help? Why not break this Kavach? He uses his power and succeeds in breaking the Kavach. Dev Vishwakarma mentally asks Shani where he is. We need help.

Shani explains that power brings responsibilities. You will only reach your doom if you misuse it. Chandra Dev advises him to apologize to Surya Dev and stop all this. Take your Drishti off him. Yami says Shani’s Drishti isn’t wrong. He cast his Drishti on me too. I wasn’t harmed. Chandra Dev is shocked. Now wait for time. You will soon realise something is going to go wrong with you. Shani tells him to stop his game or he will have to stop him. Chandra Dev challenges him to go ahead. You’re welcome. They fight.

On the other hand, Shani’s Kavach begins to fade.

Yami turns and is shocked to see a big wave coming her way. She tries stopping it but it is difficult for her. Shani pushes Chandra Dev who ends up falling on the ground. Yami reaches the edge of the mountain while trying to keep the wave off them. She shouts Shani as she falls down. Epi ends on Shani’s shocked face.


Shani 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Surya Dev says I am the God of light. Who else can spread light in the world other than me? Shani holds the Rudraksh in his hand. If my conscience is pure then this Rudraksh will bring light in entire world. Tridev look on.

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