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Shani 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Attachment is the biggest obstacle in the path of duty. People sway from their path because of attachments. Shani teaches us that losing your path because of attachments isn’t right.

Chhaya is about to feed Shani when he says I have grown up. It is time that I take care of you. He feeds her and she feeds him back. She sings a few lines for her lullaby. He keeps his head in her lap and sits up again. I have really grown up. She says he hasn’t grown up big enough not to sleep in his mother’s lap. He agrees. Son’s wishes can grow right? I want my mother to sleep peacefully tonight. He sings a few lines for her. She rests her head on his shoulder.

Surya Dev asks Devraj why he dint think of consequence before taking promise from Sanghya. Devraj says I did think of it. Surya Dev does not buy it. You forgot why Shani was created in the first place by Mahadev. Aren’t you coming in his path today? You pushed Shani out of his way today. Tomorrow you might tell me not to rise. You cannot play with the rules of the world for your selfish reasons. Devraj tells him to calm down. I am Devraj. My duty is to protect my position and Gods. I think well before doing anything. I did it so as to save Gods from Mali-Sumali (Asuras). They are doing a very big yagya to please Mahadev. If they succeed then they can ask for anything! You know what the first and last wish of Asuras is! Surya Dev asks him how Shani is related to it. Devraj says they are doing a pious thing by doing yagya. They would have been blessed early if Shani had noticed them. it was important for Gods that Mali Sumali don’t succeed. This is why I had to stop Karamfaldata. Trust me, Devi Sanghya dint just take this promise for my sake. She too might have a very big motive behind it. She seconds him.

Earth begins to shake shocking both Shani and Chhaya. Mahadev appears there. Shani and Chhaya fold hands with gratitude. Mahadev tells Shani he got his mother back because of his good deeds. You are ready to renounce the same position? It is about the duties associated with that position. Karamfaldata has to give the results of Karmas to everyone!

Sanghya asks Surya Dev what will happen if Shani sways from his path. Surya Dev replies that there will be imbalance in the world. Sanghya nods. Plus, the position will be open.

Mahadev reminds Shani of all that he did. Why are you concerned for your mother now? Shani says you gave answer yourself. You are Mahadev and this is my mother. It is my duty to stop the right people from being punished. Why should my mother bear any pain for what Devi Sanghya did? Will that be justice?

Sanghya says someone else might do the duties of Karamfaldata if Shani wont do it.

Mahadev insists upon Shani to do his karma. Cast your Drishti on Devi Sanghya! Shani politely apologizes to him. My mother has been through a lot already but I wont let it happen anymore. I am ready for my punishment if you wish to punish me. Mahadev shouts Shani angrily. Chhaya begs for forgiveness. He is your creation, my son. I will try my best to make him understand. Just allow me some time. I am sure you wont be disappointed. Mahadev relents. I cannot refuse a mother’s request. I am giving him time till tomorrow’s sunrise. If Shani wont be ready to do his Karma of Karamfaldata till sunrise then he will not just lose his position, he will also be punished for indiscipline. He disappears.

Sanghya says Shani’s position must be snatched if he has broken the rules. The position should belong to the same lineage though. New Karamfaldata will also be Surya Dev’s son – Yam. He is Dharmaraj already. There cannot be a better candidate than him. Surya Dev says everyone has a purpose, meaning. Yam balances Dharma to maintain balance depending on their karmas after death. Shani helps with the karmas. People get karamfal while they are alive. Mahadev must have chosen Shani for that position for some reason. Will it be right to give that position to Yam? Sanghya reminds him that Yam is also his son like shani. Don’t you trust your own son? Surya Dev gets upset. Sanghya very smartly leaves the decision on him. Trust your son if not me. Your trust will make Mahadev believe in Yam. He will give him that position then. Surya Dev falls for her words. I will only accept this decision if it is Mahadev who decides this. She thanks him. Surya Dev goes. Sanghya thinks I have played my move Chhaya. What’s your answer now?

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Shani notices his mother leaving. Where are you going? Chhaya replies that she is going to piece her scattered family together. He says I am also a part of your family but shouldn’t you ask me before making a decision. She replies that it is done before making a decision. You dint ask me before leaving your position. Now you have no right to question my decision. You left your karma but I have to do my karma. Don’t be an obstacle in my path. Shani is stunned by her words.

Sanghya asks Chhaya why she has come here now. Chhaya says you have problem with me. Why are you attacking Shani then? Don’t hate him atleast if you cannot love him. Why are you punishing him because of me? Sanghya asks her to leave. Chhaya requests her to pity on Shani. Mahadev has warned him to take his position back till tomorrow morning. There will be problem otherwise. Sanghya is pleased to hear it. Mahadev is great. He solved this problem in one go. Yam is there to handle the position. Chhaya declines. It cannot be. Shani was created to fulfil this duty! Sanghya reminds him that Shani was Karamfaldata. He renounced his position willingly. Not I but Mahadev himself will choose him as his Karamfaldata. Shani can never become Karamfaldata again. I will organize a yagya tomorrow morning to please Mahadev. The last Aahuti in evening will finalise Yam’s future.


Shani 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanghya tells Chhaya to clean her feet with her hands as punishment. Shani requests her mother not to do it but Chhaya accepts it. Sanghya next tells Chhaya to drink the same water. Everyone is taken aback by Sanghya’s demand.

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