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Shani 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


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Shani heads towards the poison. He is about to sip it when Mahadev tells him to stop. Everyone folds hands in reverence. Mahadev says I am really happy with you. You again proved that Tridev’s dint make a mistake in making you Karamfaldata. This poison isn’t for you though. It is my karma to drink this poison. Shani is surprised. Your karma? Mahadev nods. Karma and actions are interdependent. They reflect each other. It was Tridev’s idea to do Manthan. Whatever comes out will be borne by us only. I will have to drink this poison to make the world believe that bad thoughts come out of your mind before good thoughts settle in just like poison comes out of Sagar before Amrit. Narayan points out that it is Halahal. You wont be able to escape the ill effects of Halahal. Mahadev tells him he isn’t unaware of it. Don’t forget that I am incomplete without my Shakti. My Shakti will always come to complete me and manage me whenever something goes wrong. She wont let her Shiv die.

Shani steps back. Mahadev gathers Halahal in his hands. I am sure Shakti you will always be with me to complete me.

Mahakali is shown running towards the sea. On the other hand, Mahadev drinks Halahal. His face and body slowly begins to turn blue under poison’s effect. Everyone looks on in shock. Shani has tears in his eyes. No! Narayan points out that Halahal has made Mahadev unstable thereby making the world unstable. World will end if this continues. Shani recalls Mahadev’s words. Shani says only Mahakali can stabilise Mahakaal. Narayan agrees. Mahakali is present now as Mahakaal’s helper. They all look up and see Mahakali coming there. Mahadev is in pain. He opens his eyes and finds Mahakali staring at him in shock / concern. She holds his neck with her hands and he turns back to normal except for his throat. She notices the poison gathering in his throat. Everyone looks a bit relieved.

Mahadev says Shankar is the one who does not doubt. I had no doubt that you would come whenever I will need you. Mahakali looks at the Gods and Asuras angrily. Who forced Mahakaal to drink poison? Her anger becomes evident as she takes Raudra avatar. All this happened because of them (Gods and Asuras). I will finish them! Mahadev tells her to stop. Be it Amrit or poison, we have to sometimes accept it because of our karma’s and actions. All of them are present here because of their karmas while I am here because of my responsibility. She refuses to let them go. I will drink their blood. Mahadev again requests her to calm down. Amidst all of them, there is one person who is my representative, my Ansh; who follows the path showed by me. Attacking him would be like attacking me only. Look at him and tell me if you will attack me. Mahakali notices Shani and calms down. Her weapons disappear. Mahadev thanks Mahakali for saving the world. You are Shiv’s Shakti. This is your duty. You will attack or kill to protect only. Attacker has to be protector too. Narayan seconds him. You saved the world by drinking poison. World will always remember you and pray to this avatar of yours as Neelkanth. Tridev’s disappear.

Shani turns to Rahu. Did you see what Mahadev did? This is why he is Mahadev. He drank the poison himself and saved everyone. You just want Amrit for yourself! Rahu says what then. He liked poison so he drank it. I like Amrit. Shani says taste only drives you on the wrong path. There is still time. Come on the right path. Rahu pays no heed. Shani suggests everyone to start churning sea once again. Indra Dev keeps a condition. It will resume only when our condition is met. Asuras dint take what they got. Now it will be our turn to get whatever comes out of Manthan. Shani justifies his wish. Do you accept it Rahu? Rahu relents.

Devi Sanghya tells Yami of Mahadev’s act. He drank Halahal to save the world. You could have given some drops to SHani too! Yami reasons that they wouldn’t have affected Shani in any way. A mother’s hatred is the biggest poison for a kid. You have given him enough poison all your life. After all this hatred, he only deserves Amrit. He will surely get Amrit. Devi Sanghya shakes her head. Not at any cost!

Shani watches Gods and Asuras churning the sea once again. A bright light emanates and this time Amrit comes out of the sea. Everyone looks at the kalash. Indra Dev keeps talking. Gods got Amrit finally! Rahu is irked. I did all the hard work. I acted nice with Gods to get Amrit and now they will get it? I wont let it happen. I wont let it get out of my hands. Amrit will always be mine!


Shani 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shani says we must do something to stop Rahu but what should we do. Narayan tells Shani everyone has a weakness. The biggest weakness is Kama (excessive passion for s*xual pleasure).

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