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Shani 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 18th April 2017 Watch Online Episode on

Indra Dev exclaims happily that Gods got Amrit finally! Rahu is irked. I did all the hard work. I acted nice with Gods to get Amrit and now they will get it? I wont let it happen. I wont let it get out of my hands. Amrit will always be mine! Foolish Gods will keep talking / praising and Rahu will get Amrit. Rahu flies to get hold of the kalash. Indra Dev shouts angrily but Rahu only laughs. Chandra Dev says we deserve it. Rahu says I got what I wanted. Now even Mahadev cannot snatch this kalash from me. He flies away even though Shani shouts after him. Indra Dev insists that Amrit belongs to Gods only. Surya Dev seconds him. Shani tells them to calm down. Everyone will get what they deserve. Amrit will return to Gods.

Narayan says as Rahu took Amrit stealthily, we must bring it back from it and give to Shani so he can distribute it evenly.

Garud is chasing Rahu. He manages to get hold of the kalash but a few drops fall down on earth.

Brahma Dev tells Narayan to advise Garud to be careful or Amrit will be spilled all over. Narayan says the 4 drops fell from the kalash upon my request only. They will purify world. Wherever they will fall, those places will turn into pious places and will be remembered as Kumbh-Bhoomi (where Kumbh Mela is organized).

Indra Dev tells Shani he failed in his karmas by letting Rahu take the kalash. Rahu wont leave the kalash only by your looking up. Shani says I told you only those who deserve Amrit will get it. They see Garud returning there with the kalash. Gods look pleased as Garud keeps the kalash in Shani’s hands. Rahu snatches it yet again! You tried, right? Keep trying. Garud, Kakol or anyone can chase me but only I will get Amrit! He disappears this time and so does other Asuras. Shani begins to go. Surya Dev asks for their kalash as he is Karamfaldata. Shani replies that he is going to do that only. I need the biggest players of the world to finish Rahu’s games.

Shani tells Narayan that Rahu took Amrit stealthily. This is a sin as Gods got a right on Amrit
We need to get Amrit back from him before he drinks it. I don’t know how to do so though. Narayan points out that everyone has a weakness. The biggest weakness is Kama (excessive passion for s*xual pleasure). Shani is confused. Narayan suggests letting actions speak to tell him about it.

Asuras are gathered in Pataal and are cheering. Rahu enjoying watching the kalash. Asuras demand to drink Amrit but Rahu wants to safeguard Pataal Loka from Gods. They can go to any limits to get Amrit. He puts a magical barricade around them. no man except us Asuras can cross this now. A woman asks him if this boundation is on women too. Rahu looks at her from head to toe. All Asuras are mesmerised by her beauty. She looks at the kalash. This is the result of your hard work – Amrit. If you allow then I can feed it with my own hands thereby making it tastier. Rahu keeps looking at her spellbound. She is about to lift the kalash when Rahu tells her to stop. Who are you? Where have you come from? She says my beauty or sweet voice wont diminish by giving introduction. Is it necessary? He nods. It is much more important to know how you entered in Pataal when I created limits using my mantras. Gods peek inside. Shani says we need to enter from here only. Indra Dev suggests going ahead but Shani suggests waiting a bit more. Surya Dev reasons that they might lose the chance in that case. It will be a problem for Gods if Asuras drink Amrit. Shani again tells them to be calm. Indra Dev speaks of his position. It is my duty to make decisions for Gods. Shani reminds him of the duty of Gods – to be patient. Indra Dev asks him if he will argue with Devraj. Shani says if you are Devraj then I am Karamfaldata. It is our duty to be patient. Everyone will get reward of patient and karmas.

Rahu again demands for introduction. The lady introduces herself as Dev Loka’s celestial nymph Mohini. Shukracharya says I know every celestial nymph of Dev Loka. You are not a part of Dev Loka. He advises Rahu not to fall in her words. Mohini reasons that she is special. She can step out only on special occasions. Rahu asks her what special have they done to have her here. She replies that women or anyone choose the winner only Mahabali Rahu. We heard how you won Amrit so I came here. Only the person, who can get Amrit, can get Mohini. Am I wrong? He justifies her thought. She makes Asuras agree with her too. Rahu again finds her introduction incomplete. How did you enter in Pataal? She points out that he barricaded men outside. I am a woman, a special celestial nymph. Can any other magic work on my magic? Shall I stay or head back to Dev Loka? Asuras insist to drink Amrit from Mohini’s hands only. Mohini smiles.

Mohini shows a small dance to Asuras. Outside, Shani hears the music and smiles. We can enter now. It is time. Indra Dev is surprised. The sound of music? What’s happening? Will you share the plan? Shani smiles. Just follow me.

Mohini dances around holding Amrit kalash in her hands with Rahu keeping a close tab on her.

Shani and other Gods begin to walk inside.

Rahu and Mohini have an eye lock.


Shani 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shani hopes Rahu does not do something which will bring adverse consequences. Rahu decides to drink Amrit stealthily as Gods cheated him to get hold of Amrit! Now I will also cheat. He disguises himself as Chandra Dev and drinks Amrit from Mohini’s hands. Shani asks her to stop and reveals Rahu’s identity.

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