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Shani 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Swayamvar Starts!


Shani 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Our identity is from our karmas. If they are polluted then we get pain but if they are good then we get happiness in return. Shani teaches that our karmas cannot be hidden. They come out in open one day for sure. ||

Shani 18th December 2017 Episode Start With Shani says it is his nature to do things slowly but sometimes one has to make such plans to trap your enemies which they haven’t imagined. This is why I chose tomorrow’s date for Swayamvar. He asks his Nana Shree to figure out the right time for tomorrow’s Swayamvar. Dev Vishwakarma calculates the time. The best time would be right before sunset.

Yam is angry thinking of how Shani challenged him in Surya Sabha. He extends his hand to pour himself more liquor when Devraj picks it up. What happened? Are you happy for the Swayamvar or are you upset for not getting married to Dhamini? Yam tells him that even his Sahastra-netra’s were made futile by Shani. It isn’t so easy to defeat him. You came here thinking that you would get 7 days time to put your plan into practise but Shani has completely changed the plan! Like always, you will now angrily just say that you wont spare him! Devraj denies. I wont do anything this time. Yam asks him who will do it then. Devraj says it will be you. One God would propose to marry Dhamini again tomorrow in Swayamvar. He would ask for another chance.

You have to teach a lesson to Shani and I have to teach a lesson to that Gandharva kanya Dhamini! Yam reasons that one needs to love in order to marry someone but I don’t love her. Yam says it all only sounds good to the ears. Truth is there are many reasons behind a marriage. Dhamini also does not love any God. She is doing it all for her father’s sake. Someone marries to win while someone marry to avoid losing. Sometimes it is a deal while sometimes it a compromise. Yam asks him what he means. Which victory lies in this Swayamvar? Devraj says it will be a victory over Shani and revenge is our trade (deal) here. Shani’s loss will be your victory and Dhamini’s loss would serve as my revenge! Yam calls it adharma to ruin a woman’s life for revenge! I wont do it. Devraj reminds him he is a God before that. Shouldn’t Shani have taken the permission of Gods before calling this Swayamvar? Yam agrees for his plan.

Dhamini greets Dev Vishwakarma who blesses her that she gets the groom she wishes to. Dhamini smiles. I too hope so. She tells Shani she came to tell him something. He tells her to go ahead. She fumbles. Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani he would wait for him in the room. We will discuss the rest of the preps there itself. Shani nods. Dhamini wonders how to tell him what’s in her heart. You understand everything so easily all the time but you act innocent when it comes to love. Shani calls out her name to call for her attention. She asks about the preps. He assures her everything is fine. She thinks it is useless to expect anything from him. I came to somehow find out if you would take part in the Swayamvar or not. I would have to do something now. She tells him that tomorrow would be a very special day for her.

There would be lot many new faces there. I am scared. It would have been better if some known person would be present tomorrow with whom I can remain calm. She thinks she cannot speak more clearly than this. Understand now. Shani asks her if she said something. She denies. My father wants me to marry a guy from a big family but it does not matter to me even if that guy is Kula-hina. The right guy for every woman is the one who loves and respects her. Shani seems lost in thoughts. She thinks to tell him everything clearly or she would only keep waiting. She thanks him for making all the efforts. I would like to know how it would benefit you. He tells her he has his own reasons. It would be an initiative to help women get their rights. A man makes his own decisions in life but a woman does not have that choice. Now a woman will choose her husband for herself. The world thinks a woman to be a wife, a daughter; a mother and that they too should get equal rights like everyone else. I must leave to help Nana Shree now. He goes. Dhamini wishes she could tell him that she has already taken a decision. It is the right one.

Shani tells his Nana Shree to increase security. Dev Vishwakarma reasons that it would be only Gods who would come for it. Why do we need so much security then? Shani replies that they do not know how an enemy can come to attack us. Dev Vishwakarma asks him why they are doing so much for an ordinary Gandharva kanya. Shani calls her special.

Dhamini says Shani is unlike other Gods. He is special. Yami nods. What’s so special about my brother? Tell me.

Shani says Mata called Dhamini her daughter. It is very important for me that no hindrance comes in the Swayamvar.

Dhamini says my entire life I have always been proud of my art but art is lifeless without emotions. I realised it the first time when I saw Shani before my eyes while I was dancing. When I was dangling between life and death, I had faith that Shani would protect me come what may! A woman likes a guy who respects her father. At first I thought that Shani disrespected my father but later, it was because of him only that my father’s dignity remained intact. Shani gave me a chance to choose my life partner but there is a hindrance. Yami asks her if she is hinting at the fact that Shani is not a part of Swayamvar.

Dev Vishwakarma asks Shani if he has ever thought who he will marry. Shani says it is no less than wedding to just do your karma diligently.

Yami says Shani can figure out everything but he is zero in love. Dhamini reasons that everything took birth from zero only. Zero has everything. My answer also lies in that zero. I just hope he takes part in tomorrow’s Swayamvar.

Everyone has gathered for Swayamvar. Shani thanks them all for coming here. We have organized it to get a woman her biggest right. Here she will be free to choose her life partner. He calls Dhamini. Dhamini and Chitrarath enter just then. Her eyes are fixed at Shani. Yami and Chhaya stand on either of her sides. Chitrarath calls himself lucky for his daughter will get married in Surya Loka. All the Gods will be a witness of the same. He thanks Surya Dev for this opportunity. Surya Dev tells him it isn’t needed. I can understand how happy a father is when his daughter gets married.

Devi Chhaya tells Dhamini to give up on her fears.

Shani tells everyone to put in a part of their energies in this Kalash. We will then hold a contest among all of the participants. Whoever wins, will marry Dhamini.

Devraj tells Mangal this Swayamvar will be a source of entertainment for them. We know the result already. Dhamini will only marry Yam. Dhamini thinks if her love is true then Shani will surely take part in this Swayamvar. Shani announces that they should start the process now.

Devraj is the first one to step forward shocking Dhamini and Shani! Surya Dev asks him if he too wishes to take part in the Swayamvar. Devraj says I know no one wants me to take part in this after whatever happened yesterday but I am Devraj. Swayamvar is not just a medium for me to win a woman but to prove myself! Dhamini thinks my life will always be filled with enemies. If you really wish to give me a happy life then marry me!


Shani 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani has organised a grand Swayamvar for Dhamini in Surya Loka. Dhamini shares her feelings with Shani before everyone. She proposes him for the wedding. I choose you in this Swayamvar. I want to marry you. Will you marry me Shani?

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