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Shani 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Just like diya has to go through heat to bring light in the world. Similarly, Shani teaches one never to sway from their path of duty even if obstacles come in their way!

Epi begins with Sanghya instructing Chhaya to drink the same water. Everyone is taken aback by Sanghya’s demand. Shani shouts at Sanghya to stop. What happens once is a mistake but doing the same mistake repeatedly is a crime. You got many chances to change your path. You dint learn anything though. Now I will have to bring you on the right path. Sanghya isn’t bothered at all by his anger. Will you cast my Drishti on me? My end is near? She mocks him. Go ahead. Do your Karma, Chhaya-putra. Shani takes a step forward but Sanghya stands back next to Chhaya. Seems like your son doesn’t love you. He wants to see you being punished. I pity you. You met him after so many years and now will bear pain because of him only. Shani replies that one who mocks everyone feels insecure. That creates a problem for them only. It would be better if you change your karmas for good. Sanghya is fed up of his lectures. You cannot do anything other than this! I have to complete the yagya though. She again asks Chhaya to drink the water so they can proceed with the yagya. Shani tells his mother not to do so. Chhaya replies that everyone is bound not by wishes but karmas. I will have to bear my Karamfal. I will drink this water! Shani is stunned to see her taking the pot close to her mouth. His helplessness disturbs him badlly. He is shown seething in anger. Sanghya smiles as she notices Chhaya finishing the water. Chhaya tells her she dint waste anything. Are you happy now? Sanghya nods. You did some good by coming here after all!

Shani turns in anger and walks out of there. Chhaya prays to Mahadev to make things alright. Shani is really angry which might bring wrong consequences.

Shani’s anger creates disturbance / havoc in the world. Tridev get concerned for everyone. We will have to do something or the world will be destroyed. Mahadev points out that he has given time till sunset to Devi Chhaya. I hope she will be able to fix it. Narayan has a doubt she will be able to do anything when he cannot do anything. Mahadev reminds him of Shani’s words. Shani’s mother is more important to him than me. Now she only has to do something.

Chhaya tells Shani to calm down. He replies that he cannot calm down completely till he gets the answer as to why she is letting Devi Sanghya insult her. I know there cannot be anything worse than it. She asks him if he knows now that she or his Drishti cannot cast any more trouble on her than this. Why don’t you cast your Drishti on Devi Sanghya then? Sanghya joins them. Amazing! Everyone is waiting for the yagya to complete whereas mother-son duo cannot stop talking here. You have little time left. Chhaya worries because of the little time she has left now. Do something Sanghya which forces Shani to cast his Drishti on you!

Chhaya sits in the yagya again. Shani is also there. Devguru asks both husband and wife to stand up for the next ritual. Sanghya happily gets up along with Surya Dev. Chhaya stands as well which angers Sanghya. Dint you hear that only husband and wife can do the ritual? Chhaya says I too am his wife. Sanghya insists that he only accepted her as his wife. Did you marry him following all the rituals? I am ready to give you your right if you can get even one witness here! Surya Dev says I accepted her as my wife willingly. Sanghya calls it his greatness for accepting Chhaya as his wife. But you also know you dint marry her legitimately. I don’t want to make this yagya impure by allowing her to walk in this ritual along with Surya Dev! Shani tells her that she did the worst sin by insulting her mother’s character. Sanghya retorts that the one with character can be insulted. Where was I wrong? Did your mother marry Surya Dev? Answer me.

Surya Dev advises her to stop this discussion but she refuses to accept this order. If she will do this ritual then I will free myself from this yagya completely! Shani walks up to her angrily. Sanghya isn’t bothered. Cast your Vakra-Drishti on me if speaking truth is a crime. You cannot harm me in any way! You (Chhaya) can sit down now if you have understood where you stand so I and Surya Dev can do the ritual without any hindrance. SHani notices his mother sitting down. Sanghya starts the ritual taunting Chhaya on not being Surya Dev’s legitimate wife as she does the ritual with Surya Dev. Shani holds his mother’s hand asking her to come. It is enough now! Chhaya insists accepting her Karamfal even if that means her insult. You can go if you wish to but I wont leave from here till the yagya is complete. She withdraws her hand from his shocking him all the more. Shani walks out from there upset. Chhaya feels bad but cannot do anything about it. Sanghya says there is very little time left now. After that, Mahadev himself will destroy your son and his position after that!

Shani reaches jungle. Whatever happened in the yagya echoes in his head! He shouts Mahadev in agony / anger. A son’s duty is to please his mother, give her respect with his powers but she will be in pain if I use my powers. She will be insulted otherwise! What test is this Mahadev? I don’t need this position, this life! I return the life; the position given by you back to you! His body is on fire. It spread in the jungle.


Shani 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : World is disturbed by Shani’s anger. Narayan requests Mahdev to do something. Mahadev reasons that there is still time sunset. I will have to wait till then but if Chhaya fails then I will have to make Yam Karamfaldata! Yami tells everyone how Shani is bent upon destroying himself. He is giving up all his powers! Chhaya gets worried.

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