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Shani 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Updates of Shani on

|| Shani Dev always teaches us to follow the path of karma without keeping any bias in our minds. He teaches that our Karamfal always depend on our karmas. Our good or bad karmas decide our Karamfal. ||

Epi begins with Shani tells Bhadra he is with her in her every decision. Take your time. You are free to make your own decisions. He walks away. Bhadra thinks of his words. Bhadra follows Shani which brings smile on his lips. She tells him she is sleepy (in broken sentences). He asks her if she will listen to the lullaby. She nods. Shani sings lullaby for his sister.

Sanghya looks at Surya Dev’s throne remembering what happened today in the Sabha. Someone is watching her stealthily. Dev Vishwakarma enters. She is surprised to see him here so early. He has brought replacement for the negative energy around Surya Dev’s throne. His throne must be mended but only by refilling the energy back in its place.

Shani wakes up and notices the empty bed. He immediately calls out for Bhadra.

Someone is peeking at Dev Vishwakarma and Sanghya. Dev Vishwakarma senses someone’s presence and demands the person to step forward. I will use my powers to bring you out otherwise. Bhadra steps forward. Dev Vishwakarma asks her what she is doing here early morning. She says I want to rectify my mistake. It will make Surya Dev happy. She extends her hand to hold the energy but he denies. It is my duty. I only will do it. He melts down as she holds the end of his cloth and addresses him as Nana Shree.

Hanuman asks Shani where he is rushing to. Shani says I am going to stop Bhadra. I feel as if something is about to go wrong. Hanuman assures him they will find her. Don’t worry.

Bhadra says he got angry because of me. I have to rectify my mistake. Please give me a chance. Dev Vishwakarma relents. I will give it to you only if you promise to keep it here safely. She nods wiping her tears. He hands her the ball of energy.

Mahadev opens his eyes angrily as soon as Bhadra holds the ball of energy.

Bhadra happily heads towards Surya Dev’s throne. The ball has started to turn blue. It has turned completely blue by the time she reaches near the throne. Dev Vishwakarma sees the rays emanating from it and decides to stop her. She lets go of it by the time Dev Vishwakarma or Shani can warn her. Surya Dev, Yam and Sanghya also come in. Surya Dev’s throne has turned blue. It emanates Halahal in the air. Surya Dev questions Dev Vishwakarma what it is. Dev Vishwakarma replies that Halahal has entered his throne. Surya Dev is also engulfed by the Halahal. He shouts in pain.

Mahadev remarks that Bhadra cannot fix anything. Her karma is to only destroy; to spread poison in the entire world.

Bhadra runs down in fear. The throne blasts making Bhadra fall. Shani rushes to her side. Are you alright? She nods. Surya Dev is freed from Halahal and shouts. I warned that I wont forgive Bhadra when she will make another mistake. It is time to end her! He invokes his weapon and inches closer to Bhadra. Shani holds her hand and makes her stand behind him. You are forgetting that I am still present between you and Bhadra. He too invokes his weapon. Surya Dev advises him to step away. Shani instead walks closer. I don’t step away. I bring people on the right path!

Brahma Dev says Karamfaldata is swaying from his path. Mahadev says conscience loses its path if you are caught in too many emotions. But the moment it is calm again, it finds a way back. Shani too is stuck in a similar whirlpool of emotions right now. It is time to break him out of it. We have to only see what result it will bring.

Rahu says I am the emblem of inauspiciousness but I feel something more terrible is about to happen. Devraj shares that Bhadra has filled darkness in light. It is time to end her. My logics against her will make Surya Dev finish her. Once Bhadra is out of Dev Chhaya’s care then we will see how Shani will face Surya Dev, me and Dev Vishwakarma alone. Rahu looks confused. Devraj adds that Shani will have to bend his head before him when the entire world will turn against Shani. He will have to beg for his sister’s life. At that very moment, I will kill Bhadra right before his eyes!

Surya Dev says I don’t mind killing Bhadra today after defeating you! You too might get killed if you wont step out. Shani says the one you think is Bhadra’s shield is actually your shield. I am not protecting Bhadra from you but you from Bhadra. Surya Dev gets miffed. You are threatening that I will be killed by this Asuri in my own home! Shani says it is your blood in fact. The one you think is an Asuri, thinks of you as her father. I am sure she wont counter attack as she values her brother’s words as much as she values her father.

Surya Dev again tells SHani to move away from his path. Let me punish her. Sanghya, Hanuman requests him not to do so. Yam says I wont spare anyone who would try to go against father’s decision. I wont even spare Hanuman. Yami requests him against it. Bhadra goes to Surya Dev. She folds her hands and kneels down to seek forgiveness from him. Please forgive me father. Surya Dev tells her she is neither his daughter nor is he her father. You are just an Asuri who tried to kill me, my wife and hurt my son. You don’t deserve forgiveness. You only deserve death. He raises his hand to attack her.


Shani 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:She (Bhadra) is the emblem of destruction. The aim of Gods is to kill her but her brother Karamfaldata Shani is protecting her. Will Karamfalata Shani stand by Bhadra against Tridev in the last Chapter of Childhood?

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