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Shani 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Our thoughts determine our character. Shani teaches that one should always think good as his life is paved in a similar manner thereafter. ||

Shani 19th December 2017 Episode Start With Dhamini wishes Shani takes part in this Swayamvar. Mangal takes a step forward but Devraj stops him. Mangal points out that he only said this is for fun. You are trying to stop me now? Devraj asks him if he wants to fall low in the eyes of Devi Chhaya and Surya Dev by taking part in this Swayamvar. It would not be right to upset Yami if you wish to rule over Surya loka in future! Other Gods also put their energies in the kalash. Shani asks Surya Dev’s permission before announcing the name of all the participants. Surya Dev nods.

Shani touches the kalash but his expressions changes. He leaves it immediately. Everyone notices it. Surya Dev asks him if everything is fine. Shani adds that one more God’s participation is yet to come. Dhamini smiles. Give one chance to my love. Put your energy in this kalash. My wedding is destined with you. Shani suggests waiting for that God. Devi Chhaya asks him who they are waiting for. All the Gods are already present here. Yam says mine. Everyone looks at him as he enters in the Sabha. Yam greets Chitrarath. I am Dharmaraj. I wish to rectify my mistake and do my dharma. I spoke ill to Dhamini for no reason but please allow me to rectify my mistake once. He shows his willingness to marry Dhamini. This Swayamvar shouldn’t happen. Shani points out that a woman’s respect isn’t a thing which you can pick or throw as you wish. You dint wish to marry Dhamini yesterday. How come you changed your mind suddenly?

Yam asks him with what right he is saying all this. You are not Karamfaldata anymore. This is a person matter which should be solved amongst family and not like this. He walks up to Chitrarath. I apologize to you for my misdeeds and bitter words. I request you to allow me to marry Dhamini. Chhaya points out that this decision cannot be his, Chitrarath or anyone else’s. It would only be Dhamini’s decision. She asks Dhamini if she is ready to forgive Yam and marry him. If yes, then Yam is present before you already. If no, then this Swayamvar will take place. Dhamini is in a fix. If I accept Yam’s apology then I wont be able to marry Shani at all. She apologizes to Chhaya. I am Gandharva kanya. My identity is from my dignity. A woman’s dignity cannot be repaired or joined back once broken. I cannot marry Dharmaraj Yam! Yam accepts her decision. Now I will win this Swayamvar after which I will win your trust and love. He mixes his energy in the kalash shocking Dhamini. Shani follows Yam outside.

Shani asks Yam what he is doing. Yam says I was trying to only make up for my mistake. What’s wrong in this? I am Dharmaraj. I should support dharma. Shani explains that good deeds need no explanation. It wasn’t your own decision to marry Dhamini but someone else’s. Think again. Yam reasons that it isn’t wrong to think correctly upon someone else’s suggestion. It is pointless for you to get angry over me. Shani says you are called Dharmaraj where you got to be above anyone and anything and take decision wisely without anyone’s influence. You lost your path under someone’s influence! Yam insists it is his choice. Shani tells him to come on the right path or he will have to do so! He walks away angrily.

Devraj looks at Yam. Did you see how he insulted you? Mangal adds that Shani has committed so many misdeeds yet he was telling you about dharma. Will you take Shani’s permission before making your decisions? Devraj says he does not want you to take your own decisions. Yam says I understand. No one but Chitrarath’s opinion matters to me. I will have to apologize to him. I will win this Swayamvar on my own. Devraj tries stopping him but Yam walks away. Devraj knows that Yam cannot marry Dhamini by walking on the right path. We must

Shani is sure the enemy has something in his mind. It is his plan to make Yam do all this. Dhamini thinks he is at fault. This wouldn’t have happened if he would have put his energy in the kalash too. He asks her if she is thinking something. She says I wanted to tell you as to why I said no to Dharmaraj Yam’s proposal. He tells her that no explanation regarding any decision for this Swayamvar is required. Enemy will try to sway you from your path but you must stick to your decision. Obstacles can come in your path in any way but you will have to save yourself from everything and just follow your heart. She thanks him for his suggestion. I know how to control my emotions. I only wished to tell you why I refused Yam’s proposal. Kakol interrupts her before she can say anything further. Kakol says everyone is waiting for you in Sabha. Shani asks him if he means everyone. Kakol nods. He takes everyone’s name except Devraj Indra which makes Shani wonder what he is planning now.

Mangal says it is impossible. How will we abduct Chitrarath with all the security arranged by Shani? Even Rahu cannot enter in Surya Loka. Devraj says what if he cannot enter here. Chitrarath can step out of Surya Loka. Mangal wonders why he will go out of Surya Loka in the middle of the Swayamvar. Devraj insists that a father cannot say no to a daughter’s request. Dhamini will bring him out of Surya Loka.

Dhamini asks Shani how Devraj can plot something with such tight security. What will he do when everyone’s eyes will be pinned on him?

Mangal looks on as Devraj turns himself into Dhamini.

Shani tells Dhamini he knows Devraj since many years. I know him more than you can even imagine.

Devraj (in Dhamini’s disguise) is walking in the corridor.

Shani tells Dhamini to trust her. I am doing the right thing. I only hope Dharmaraj Yam wont do anything wrong.

Yam tells Chitrarath that Dhamini dint do anything wrong by refusing my proposal as it was my mistake only. This is why I came to apologise to you. Now I will win her trust and love through this Swayamvar only.

Dhamini says no one can force me to marry Yam or anyone forcibly. I wanted to say something to you before Kakol interrupts us again. I feel there should be another participant for my Swayamvar. Shani asks her why she dint tell him the name if there is someone special in her mind already. I would have invited him before everyone else. She smiles. You still dint understand? The one I am speaking about is no one else but! A lady interrupts her. Dhamini gets upset. Can 2 people not speak to each other in Surya Loka? She apologizes to her. Your father wants to meet you urgently. She wonders what is so urgent. Shani tells the lady to go. I will take Devi Dhamini to her father. Dhamini asks him why he sent the lady. Shani says there is something which is hidden from both of them. It will be cleared once we speak to your father. Devraj reaches Chitrarath’s room (in Dhamini’s disguise).


Shani 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani has organised a grand Swayamvar for Dhamini in Surya Loka. Dhamini shares her feelings with Shani before everyone. She proposes him for the wedding. I choose you in this Swayamvar. I want to marry you. Will you marry me Shani? Shani tells her to stop. I cannot marry you or any other woman in this world as I am Virakta (detached) and will remain so!

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