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Shani 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Some karmas are visible while some are not. It means that our emotions are also our karma. Shani teaches that one might do something wrong (visibly) but if his intentions are pure then it isn’t wrong to forgive him. ||

Epi begins with Surya Dev telling Bhadra she doesn’t deserve his forgiveness. You only deserve death. He raises his hand to attack her. Hanuman requests him to stop. If you kill Bhadra today then be prepared to get the worst punishment possible from Karamfaldata. Surya Dev says it is my duty to spread light. I have a right to kill anyone whosoever will try to create a hindrance in my path. Shani agrees with him. Karma is also done by emotions or conscience. Many times, body may did something wrong but if our conscience is right, one deserves forgiveness and not death penalty. Doctor treats the patient depending on the requirement. If he does something wrong in the process then we cannot kill him for it. Surya Dev asks him what he means by that example.

Shani explains that Bhadra had a good intention. She was helping in rebuilding the throne to make you happy. She had no idea that the Halahal inside her will cause opposite effect. Nana Shree is a witness to what Bhadra did and why. Dev Vishwakarma seconds him. The weapon disappears from Surya Dev’s hands. Shani says this is why I am saying she does not deserve death as Karamfal. Calm down. Yam tells his father not to fall for Shani’s words.

Conscience and emotions work together so she deserves death penalty. Surya Dev finds logic in Yam’s words. She has become a hindrance in my path. She deserves punishment. Shanis ays I dint say she does not deserve punishment. I only said she does not deserve death penalty. Hanuman reasons she did it unintentionally. Shani says she did wrong though. She will have to bear the Karamfal. Sanghya requests him to forgive her. She is too young. Shani replies that it is karmas and not age that decides Karamfal. He turns to Bhadra. You will have to pay the price of your karmas. You are banished from Surya Loka at this very moment!

Brahma Dev feels Shani is coming out of the whirlpool. We dint have to do anything to wake his conscience. Mahadev says it is important to take the first step but it is equally important to take the last steps in the right direction too. It is a must to get the desired results. Bhadra still exists which means the doom is very much possible. Shani must kill Bhadra to protect the world. Karamfaldata Shani dint make that decision. His love towards his sister is stopping him from walking the path of righteousness.

Rahu informs Devraj Indra that Bhadra is leaving Surya Loka. Shani himself has given her this punishment. Devraj says it means their relaitonw as a sham. Karamfaldata Shani has done similar injustice to Bhadra that he has done with everyone else. It is true. Shani belongs to no one. Now that he is out of our way, Bhadra’s death is surely on the cards. Rahu says only the decision was announced as of now. She is still in Surya Loka. Devraj says till when she will stay there. Entire world knows that Shani never takes back his words. Bhadra will have to leave Surya Loka.

Sanghya runs to hug her daughter. What did you do Shani? You gave her such a big punishment for such a small mistake? He says I told you that the punishment is decided on the basis of the karmas. Bhadra’s karma brought darkness in the entire world. Now she will have to leave the home which is her world. Sanghya and Bhadra cry. Surya Dev supports Shani in his decision. As the head of Surya Loka, I banish Bhadra from Surya Loka! Sanghya folds her hands before him.

Please don’t do this. Where will she go? She does not know anything about the world. Yam says there is no need to even know. She has no place anywhere in the world. She should head to Pataal Loka as she belongs there only. Sanghya says my daughter will not go alone. Her mother will accompany her. Everyone is stunned. Surya Dev does not allow her to leave. She asks him why she should leave the daughter who stayed by her side since birth. Surya Dev reminds her she has 3 more kids and responsibilities towards Surya Loka.

Sanghya is in a dilemma. Surya Dev keeps a condition that she can never return to Surya Loka if she leaves now. Sanghya asks him what injustice this is. She wipes Bhadra’s tears. Please forgive me. A mother is watching her daughter being pushed to darkness. She is helpless and tied to her duties. Mahadev will protect you. She turns to go but Bhadra is holding onto the end of her dupatta. She says I don’t want to leave my mother and go. Sanghya looks at Surya Dev who is in no mood to relent. Sanghya frees her dupatta and takes a few steps back helplessly.

Shani tells Bhadra to obey the decision. She nods and begins to walk out of Surya Sabha. Shani points out that Karamfaldata has announced punishment for her and not her brother. Brother’s promise is still intact. Her own brother will go with her. Bhadra looks at him in surprise. Kakol also smiles. Shani says it is the duty of a brother to support his sister when a father tries to kill his own kid; when a mother is tied to her duties so much that she has to break her relation with her own daughter! Bhadra rushes to hug her brother. Sanghya, Hanuman and Kakol smile.

Shani asks Bhadra if she thought her brother would let her go alone in the big world. She nods. He tells her that just like mother is bigger than Mahadev, brother is also bigger than fate. She apologizes to him. Surya Dev allows Shani to leave. Shani thanks him for giving him permission. This was expected from you but you must know that I dint ask for your permission. I simply announced my decision. Sanghya asks him if she will lose a daughter and a son today. He denies. A son must go so the daughter isn’t lost. Mother and kids cannot be separated even by Gods, forget about Surya Dev. No one can separate us, neither Loka, nor time, nor power. I am your part only. I am you. You cannot be separated from you!


Shani 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhadra is in the house in jungle where Shani grew up. He tells her that he used to sleep on this very swing. Mata used to sing lullaby to me. Bhadra is about to keep her head in his lap to sleep when he senses someone’s presence there. He asks the person to step forward. Who is watching us like this? Come forward.

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