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Shani 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani Convinces Mahadev!


Shani 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| One is losing their own respect when they fall prey to arrogance. Shani teaches that it isn’t necessary that you win in every argument. What is important is that you should also learn something from your defeat. ||

Shani 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update Ravan decides to reach Kailash tomorrow morning itself. I will force Mahadev to come with me. This time Shani wont be able to stop me.

Shani tells Narayan that they have tried stopping Ravan twice but as her his nature, this would have only made his decision stronger. We shouldn’t be careless about it at all. Narayan nods. Don’t worry. If we succeeded in protecting Mahadev twice then we will find some solution this time as well. Apart from this, I am always ready to help you! He disappears.

Ravan is making Mahadev’s new abode by a river. Now Shani will see the power of my devotion! He shouts Shani loudly.

Shani wakes up with a start. Ravan’s wounds will take 2 days to heal and he wont come to meet Mahadev in these 2 days. Why this easy truth seems so unreal? Why do I feel that Ravan is about to do something really wrong!

Ravan tells Mahadev his home is ready. You will sit here while I will sit right in your feet. This place will be best suitable for me. I will pray day and night for you. I will dedicate my entire life to you. Your devotee will come to see you tomorrow in Kailash.

Shani thinks to warn Devi Parvati before tomorrow’s sunrise.

Dhamini is thinking about Shani’s harsh words. I had no right to interfere in Surya family’s matters and I said so many bitter things to Kakol for no reason. Shani was right. Kakol has done so much for Surya family. I cannot even imagine it! Shani’s words haunt her again. He insulted me in front of everyone. He could have said something with respect too. I will never forgive him for the way he behaved with me. She is in the corridor and still thinking about Shani. I also made a mistake though but no! I cannot forgive Shani till the time he apologizes to her. I wont apologize to him. She turns and finds herself facing Shani. She thinks he atleast realised his mistake. I will see how he will apologize.

Shani is thinking about Ravan instead. Don’t know what he will be up to now. I will have to do something to stop him. He notices Dhamini there. She smiles when he looks at her.

Chhaya wakes up and looks around in surprise. A smile appears on her face. Surya Dev asks her what the reason of this sudden smile is. She shares that she thought of a past memory. When Shani was a kid, there were only a few moments when you could really see him happy. Whenever he saw something really beautiful, he would stare at it silently and seemed to praise it in silence.

Shani is looking at Dhamini in a similar manner.

Chhaya adds that Shani changed when he grew up but this thing in his nature did not change. In today’s dream, I felt as if I heard that young Shani’s smile once again. It seemed as if he was silently praising something very beautiful.

Shani and Dhamini walk up to each other. She says I knew you would come. In arguments, people sometimes say things which they don’t want to. Everyone makes mistakes but those who apologize after learning from their mistakes is great. I am impressed by your behaviour. You don’t become small when you apologize. Even Gods apologize and this makes them even greater. He tells her he understood what she wants to say. Can I say something now? She nods. You are saying as if I dint let you. Go ahead. He tells her he wasn’t come to her. I am going out of Surya Loka and you are in my way. Secondly, why I should apologize when I dint do anything wrong. You should rest now as you got to do a lot in Yami’s wedding. He begins to walk away. she is irked by his behaviour. What does he think of himself? He was talking as if I will die if he wont apologize. It’s ok if he dint want to apologize but he shouldn’t have mocked me like this! She mimics him. He was talking as if he only is managing the entire world. Go ahead and do it then!

Ravan reaches Kailash. He folds his hands in reverence. I have undertaken many journeys from Lanka to Kailash but this will surely be unforgettable. I went back from here alone every time but this time I will take you with me Mahadev!

Shani is with Devi Parvati. Ravan is not going to sit quietly. I somehow feel that Ravan will come to Kailash today to take Mahadev with him. She finds it impossible. He wont come here till the time his wounds heal. They hear Ravan shouting Mahadev just then. Devi Parvati panics.

Ravan says it is because of my Mahadev that my hands are completely fine now. I have again come to Kailash to take you with me. Last time you said that my arrogance became a hindrance between you and me but this time there is no arrogance or anger. I only want to offer my devotion to you. Will I be capable of taking you with me this time? Mahadev smiles.

Devi Parvati remarks that everything is over. Ravan will take Mahadev with him when he will give up his arrogance and invoke Mahadev with all his heart. He wont be able to stop himself.

Ravan says a beggar has come here today. I will feel blessed with whatever alms you will give me!

Devi Parvati points out to Shani that even he wont be able to stop Mahadev this time. You have promised Mahadev you wont stop Ravan from coming this time. Shani says promises are not bigger than karmas. An ant lifts something that is heavier than her own weight till the time she reaches her destination. I promised Mahadev certainly that I wont stop Ravan in Kailash. It doesn’t mean that there cannot be some other way to stop Mahadev. She asks him if he has some solution. He replies that Shiv is the question and answer as well. He is creation and creator. He is everywhere and everything is Shiv. Ravan will very soon realise this.

Mahadev is on his way to meet Ravan. Shani greets him on his way. Devi Parvati also joins them. Mahadev tells Shani he isn’t keen to hear anything from him today. The discussion will be between me and my biggest devotee today. Remember that you are bound by your promise. Devi Parvati says it is discrimination to listen to your one devotee over all the others. He says if I don’t fulfil his wish today then I wont be worthy to be prayed by anyone else. A devotee must get the karamfal of his devotion. She gets teary eyed. Narayan appears there and seconds Mahadev. A dedicated devotee never asks for a wrong boon in return of his worship. Mahadev says Gods are because of devotees and not vice versa. I am unable to stop myself from going before Ravan seeing his true dedication. He asks Shani to move aside. You promised me you wont intervene between me and Ravan. Shani replies that he is still sticking to his words. I am not stopping you from meeting your devotee. I just have a request. Please listen to me for a minute. We are also your devotees then why are you being so unjust with us? Do you really wish to leave Kailash? Mahadev calls it a lie. Shani suggests him to also give them a chance to stop him in Kailash just like he is giving a chance to Ravan to take him with him. I promised you I wont force you for anything but please accept my request from Devi Parvati and my side.

Ravan says if you (Mahadev) wont come before me then I will end my life with the same weapon that you gave to me. He raises his weapon and aims it at his neck but it stops magically in air. Mahadev appears there. He greets Mahadev. I knew you wouldn’t overlook my pleas. I feel so lucky and blessed. Devi Parvati and Narayan appear there as well. Ravan tells Mahadev he will come with him this time. This time this isn’t my arrogance but surrender. His smile disappears the moment Shani walks towards him. What are you plotting this time? Shani says there is no plot. You want to take Mahadev to Lanka right? Go ahead then.


Shani 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  On one hand, Dhamini is falling hard for Shani while on the other hand, she is bound by her promise to her father. Shani has a very big challenge before him – Ravan. Mahadev is ready to go with Ravan. Will Shani be able to find a solution to this? Mahadev turns in the form of a Shivlinga and Ravan lifts it.

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