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Shani 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Yam stands guard outside his mother’s room. Shani asks about Devi Sanghya. Yam replies that she is meditating. Shani reminds him of the door inside that room through which Mata Chhaya used to go to jungle so she could take care of all of them. They both go inside and are surprised to see Devi Sanghya there. She shares that she has finished her puja already. She even smiles at Kakol. Did you bring flowers? My puja is already done. I am sure I will get the fruits of my puja soon. She heads to her roomm to take rest.

Chhaya feels something wrong is going to happen but Surya Dev tells her agianst it. You should rest. It is because of Shani’s Drishti which he has cast on Sanghya. She is affected mentally and you are affected physically. I brought medicine for you. Chhaya says why did you bring it. Shani would have brought it for me. Shani says I dont need to bring any medicine for you now as your biggest medicine is right before you. A husband has first right over his wife. Son comes later. I am happy that Surya Dev brought medicine himself for you as that is the max that he can do for you. He looks at Surya Dev before leaving from the room.

Shani is in deep thoughts. Kakol asks him if everything is fine. Shani shakes his head. My intution tells me something wrong is going to happen. You falling in that trap wasn’t an ordinary thing to happen. Something is up for sure! The answer is associated with Devi Sanghya.

Shukracharya (Indra Dev) manages to misguide Mali, Sumali yet again. Stay here. I will make sure Devi Sanghya is here before you. The Asuras nod. Devi Sanghya is indeed a smart player.

Narayan remarks
that Devi Sanghya did wrong today. It will have dire consequences. Mahadev reasons that everyone has to bear the consequences of their deedss, whether good or bad. Devi Sanghya has cheated Dandnayak Shani. The consequences will be wrong only!

Shukracharya realises it was Indra in his avatar. No one else can fall this low except him! We have to find him out and foil his plan asap. He will have to pay for it!

Chhaya recalls Shani’s words. She apologizes to Surya Dev for on Shani’s behalf. He loves me a lot and is concerned for me. He thinks a lot about me but dont take it your heart. Surya Dev justifies Shani’s stance. I haven’t done my Pati-dharma till date. Yam informs his father about Shukracharya attacking on Surya Loka. They rush out. Chhaya prays for the well being of her family members.

Narayan and Mahadev discuss Chhaya’s situation. It is becoming really difficult for Chhaya. Mahadev reasons that Chhaya is Devi Sanghya’s shadow which is why she has to also go through the same amount of pain like Sanghya.

Shukracharya (real one) challenges Surya Dev for a war. Surya Dev reminds him how Mahadev has banned Dev-Asura Sangram. How dare you go against Mahadev? Shukracharya reasons that Devraj has cheated Asuras yet again. My spies saw me going out with Mali Sumali. I wasn’t even there at that time. You do know who it was in my disguise, right? Surya Dev takes Indra Dev’s name angrily. Shukracharya asks for Mali and Sumali. Surya Dev replies that he does not know where Mali, Sumali are but I won’t step back from the war if you want that. They are about to attack each other when Shani tells them to stop. Truth is not what we can see. It is much deeper than that. If it is indeed a trap then they will succeed if we fight. They want us to fight and we will fall in their trap if we do that. Both Surya Dev and Shukracharya get thinking. Surya dev suddenly notices Shani going quiet. What happened? Shani utters Mata.

Kakol comes running to Chhaya. Shani is in trouble. Shukracharya and other Asuras have trapped him. He is lying unconscious. She panics hearing that her son is in trouble and rushes outside. Indra Dev comes to his real avatar. It is so sad. Chhaya went to find Shani and very soon he will also go to find his mother. Amazing!

Shani and Surya Dev find Kakol lying unconscious on the floor. Surya Dev calls out to Chhaya but Shani shares she won’t be here at this moment.

Chhaya continues looking for Shani.

Shukracharya suggests Surya Dev to hurry up. We cannot even imagine what Mali, Sumali can do. Right then, Sanghya tells them that Mali and Sumali have kidnapped Chhaya. I tried saving her but in vain. What will happen now, Shani? Shani says now everyone will get Karamfal. Now a son will go to save his mother. Sanghya smirks. He will attack Mali, Sumali to save his mother while Mahadev will finish his own creation.

Narayan asks Mahadev what he will do now. Will the creator destroy his own creation? Mahadev says on one side, my creation is showing everyone the path of dharma on earth. On the other hand, it is my promise. I am bound by my promise to kill whosoever tries to kill Mali, Sumali. Even Shani cannot escape that. I will have to abide by my vow.

Shani begins to go when Surya Dev takes a decision to save his wife. You wont go today Shani. I will do my Pati-dharma. It is the duty of a husband to save his wife. I will do my duty today. I will go to protect her from Mali and Sumali.

Chhaya calls out for Shani and finds herself surrounded by Mali and Sumali. They find her concern fake. You are looking for Shani? He is in trouble, right?

Sanghya says I won’t let you go today Dev. Surya Dev points out that it is the duty of a husband to protect his wife, more than a son and before a son! My son has taught me this. Surya Dev and Shani look at each other. I have accepted her as my wife but I never gave her or my son their rights. I insulted her, called her characterless and stood quietly in a corner when she needed me. I sent her away from here alongwith her son. She has done her duties as a wife till date and Shani has done his part as a son but I have realised y karma today because of Shani! No one, not even Mahadev himself, can stop me from protecting Chhaya!


Shani 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanghya is sure Mahadev himself will kill Shani this time. Mahadev aims his arrow at Shani but Surya Dev steps between them at that moment. Devi Sanghya’s eyes widen in shock seeing her husband hurt.