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Shani 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Introduction (Saade-Sati): Shani never wants to harm anyone. It is a person’s karma who gets him punished for his misdeeds. Shani’s Saade-Sati also says the same.

Shani says Mahadev is the one who shows me the path; guides me. They always lead. He wants me to do my karma. I will do that only. He remembers Mahadev’s condition. I will only do my karma. I will find Mahadev before sunset.

Mahadev is in a jungle (on earth). Shani wont realise I am on earth. I will stay here as a human till sunset. Shani wont be able to find me. Mahadev disguises himself as a human. He collides with a guy who asks him if he cannot be careful. Mahadev apologizes. I couldn’t see as I was in hurry. May God bless you. The guy refuses to accept his blessing. Do you think of yourself to be Mahadev? He walks away.

Mahadev happily thinks that this guy dint recognize me. Shani wont be able to find me now.

Lord Vishnu advises SHani to use the power that Mahadev has given him to find Mahadev. It is time to use that power. Shani closes his eyes. I saw in entire Dev Loka and Pataal Loka. Mahadev isn’t here. Lord Vishnu says if he has hidden then he wouldn’t have hidden where you can find him easily. Expand your horizons. Shani realises where Mahadev is. Lord Vishnu tells him to hurry up. There isn’t much time in sunset. Surya Dev wont wait for anyone.

Surya Dev says as Devraj, I propose that. Indra Dev interrupts him. It is my turn to propose. Everyone looks at him. Everything has reached its peak when Shani became Karamfaldata. I propose that I should be made Devraj again. Surya Dev says you created a rift in Dev Sabha and coming here without permission. Indra Dev laughs. How is he a king who cannot save his crown? I was blamed for plotting but it is a common thing in politics. What is unusual that Devraj couldn’t stop Gods from becoming captives! A King’s biggest responsibility is to protect those whom he rules. Shani made everyone their captive so easily which proves that you dint do your responsibility well. Should you leave your position morally? Devguru seconds Indra Dev. Surya Dev says the king under whose rule enemies of Gods survived; plans against Gods were made, has come back to ask for his throne! Our enemies will prosper under his rule. Indra Dev claps. You gave good logics but do you have any suggestions as to how you will keep Asuras in their limits. Devguru demands an answer from Surya Dev as well. You can otherwise leave your position. Surya Dev replies that he will share the solution before sunset with everyone in this Sabha. This will surely be a permanent solution. Indra Dev calls it impossible. If you still succeed then I agree to accept you as Devraj! Surya Dev says we will meet again before the day ends. He leaves. Indra Dev thinks he is Shani’s father after all. It will be impossible even for Mahadev to make me Devraj again if he indeed finds a solution.

Mahadev looks around happily. Shani wont be able to recognize or find me amidst so many people. He hears someone chanting Om Namah Shivaye and smiles. He picks up a fruit and eats it. The fruit seller asks him for a price. Mahadev says why to give money for that what I have created. The guy says no one has seen God. Mahadev says when the tree, from which you plucked the fruit, dint ask for money then why do you ask me. The fruit seller calls out to everyone. This guy isn’t paying for my fruit. Mahadev asks him what is it worth. The guy asks for money. Mahadev sees Shani and gets tensed. He returns the fruit to the seller but gets beaten in return. Mahadev stealthily escapes from there. Shani says I can feel Mahadev is nearby but why can I not see him. He sees those people chasing someone.

Mahadev hides behind a basket to avoid being caught. He heaves a sigh of relief when they go in different direction. What I did! I was just escaping from Shani but then I got the world after me now!

Narad Muni asks Narayan what’s happening. Your Aradhya is escaping everyone yet you are enjoying here. Mahadev tells him not to create any hindrance in his happiness. Shiv finds solution to every problem but this time he is creating one after another problem. He is hiding from a kid! Narad Muni says he isn’t a normal kid but Karamfaldata. Narayan nods. Mahadev made him Karamfaldata and gave him Drishti. He wont be able to escape Shani now.

The guys catch up to Mahadev. You made us run a lot. Pay me my money now. Mahadev sees Shani again and manages to escape again. People go in different direction.Mahadev hides behind a cart. Shani thinks I know you are somewhere around Mahadev but where are you. Mahadev thinks he is safe but the cart is wheeled away. He leaves from there without gaining Shani’s attention. Shani vows to find Mahadev.

Nandi says Shani may have got that special Drishti but if Mahadev does not want him to catch him then Shani never will. Narayan agrees. Narad Muni believes that no one can escape Shani’s eyes. Narayan nods on his statement as well which confuses Nandi and Narad Muni. Whose side are you on? Narayan says I am only supporting Karma. Doer isn’t important. On one hand, it is Mahadev while on the other hand, it is Karamfaldata. We have to see who wins!

Mahadev mistakenly breaks the pots of another seller. He too demands for money in return. Mahadev panics seeing Shani coming. He apologizes to the guy and then runs away. Shani asks that guy what happened. the vendor says I am shouting at the one who just ran away. Shani asks him who is he talking about. With that guy’s description, Shani deduces that it can be no one else but Mahadev. I am coming on Mahadev.

Shani reaches jungle. He shouts out at Mahadev to come before him. I know you are here. Why are you running from me? Shani does not find him.

Narad Muni and Nandi asks Narayan about Mahadev. Narayan understands Mahadev’s plan.

Shani vows to find Mahadev at any cost.

Narayan is happy with Mahadev for running around so much and to Shani for not giving up. I haven’t seen Mahadev in such an avatar. Mahadev has disguised himself as an elephant.

Precap: Narayan says this is not just Shani’s but Mahadev’s test also.

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