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Shani 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Using a lie to solve any problem only weakens you. There is a bad consequence of lying too. Shani teaches one to follow the path of truth to face any obstacle that comes in the way.

Rahu tells Maharishi this kid isn’t Rohitashva. He isn’t Harishchandra’s son. You too were a king once and must be aware of how they cheat. You have been cheated with the help of Shani. He became Harishchandra’s advisor. Maharishi says if I have been cheated then Shani too will have to bear its consequence along with Harishchandra. There is no one who can save them from my anger!

Shani tells Raja Harishchandra he will have to bear the consequence of breaking your promise. Are you ready to get the results of your karmas? Raja Harishchandra agrees to do anything for his son.

Rahu says wait and watch what I can do Shani! Now just Vishwamitra, I will make you and Rana Harishchandra fall down as well. World will soon begin to hate a king like Harishchandra because of you which will eventually make them hate you! Rahu will rule the earth.

Maharishi calls out to Harishchandra. How dare you lie to me! I want your son Rohitashva! Rani Taramati stands in his way. Pardon me but I cannot give you my son. He lungs at her son. Raja Harishchandra wakes up with a start. He walks till the balcony when he notices Shani coming there. Shani says the lie that we use scares us for life thereby making out entire life a lie! Raja Harishchandra isn’t pleased to see him there. Why did you come here? I dint make any mistake in lying or my son would have been sacrificed! Shani advises him to stop being selfish. Handover your son to Maharishi as promised. Raja Harishchandra points out he isn’t doing it for himself but for his son and for the people of his state. Shani reasons that it is people who make a state. You do everything for your people and son? Raja Harishchandra nods. Shani says understanding your follies take you on the path of change. Do you think there wont be any dire consequences of your action? They hear Maharishi calling out for Harishchandra just then. Rani Taramati wakes her son.

Surya Dev wants to start the Navgraha Sabha but Shukracharya wants Shani to wait for Shani. We cannot go ahead without him. Surya Dev points out that even Rahu isn’t here. Should we wait for him too? Devguru asks Surya Dev where his son is. Surya Dev warns him not to call Shani his son ever again. I don’t know where he is and neither am I interested to know! Indra Dev enters just then. I will tell you where your son Shani is. He is on earth. Right now, he is with Raja Harishchandra, who is the greatest and respectable king on earth. He wont be able to maintain it for long though as now Shani is with him. Whoever gets Shani on his side loses everything in no time. You too know and accept this. Shukracharya tells Indra to take Shani’s name with respect. You know he is Karamfaldata. If he is with Raja Harishchandra right now then there must be a bigger motive behind it. Indra Dev nods. Raja Harishchandra is Suryavanshi and Surya Dev’s devotee. It seems that Surya Dev forgets everything when it comes to Shani.S urya Dev calls it wrong. I am not quiet in this connection. You will get your answer real soon. Indra Dev agrees to wait for that moment. Devi Sanghya smirks.

Maharishi demands that Raja Harishchandra should come before him right away.

Rani Taramati wonders what they will do now. Will they take away our son? Raja Harishchandra too is in a fix as to what should be done now. Shani tells him to face the problem at hand. It is the best possible way to handle any situation. You have made a mistake. Accept it. Raja Harishchandra looks at him.

Raja Harishchandra greets Maharishi. Rahu is peeking at them from far. Maharishi is angry with the king. I did everything for your father but you cheated, backstabbed me in return. Why? You handed over someone else’s son to me calling him your own. You committed an unpardonable sin. Raja Harishchandra accepts his mistake. Pardon me please. I had to choose an option as a king for my people, wife and son. Maharishi calls it cheating which comes with no alternative. You will have to lose your beloved son for the same. He is about to curse Raja Harishchandra when Shani requests him to stop. Maharishi demands his introduction. Shani gives his introduction. Maharishi recalls Rahu telling him how Shani is also a part of this cheating. You are the advisor of this cheater king! Undoubtedly, he did it all upon your askance. Shani denies. Neither I am his advisor nor did he lie on my insistence. He made a mistake which he accepted. Ordinary person can make a mistake but it does not suit a saint to get angry and lose everything he has earned. I request you not to curse the king! Rahu hopes Maharishi pays no heed to Shani’s words. He is diverting you. Shani senses his presence. Maharishi asks Shani why he shouldn’t punish Shani.

Shani points out that Raja Harishchandra is going to promise him something which no one would have ever promised. He will vow never to lie in his life ever again! He will never do adharma. World will remember his promise for years which will make him immortal for forever! Maharishi asks Raja Harishchandra if this is true. Will you be able to make this promise? Raja Harishchandra looks at his wife. He is in a dilemma. Shani reminds him how he only said he loves his son a lot and are ready to do anything for him. Promise me then. I have a condition as well. I would like to become your advisor in reality. Raja Harishchandra gets angry. You first got me stuck in your proposal. How dare you! You are my enemy Shani! You want to be my advisor? Shani walks up to Rani Taramati and Rohitashva. Both the proposal and condition is in his hands. Choose whatever you feel is right. Either accept them or let go of your son. Decision is yours but this is the need of the hour. Maharishi tells Raja Harishchandra not to waste his time. Tell me if you are ready to make this promise or not. Raja Harishchandra ends up taking the vow in order to protect his son.


Shani 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahadev says with this the journey of Satyavadhi Harishchandra begins (with Shani’s help). Surya Dev decides to be with his devotee Harishchandra just to make sure Shani does no wrong.

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