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Shani 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Arrogance stops people from thinking or seeing things clearly. Shani teaches that when one commits a misdeed because of his arrogance then he ends up facing bitter and tough consequences. ||

Shani, Ganesha, Kakol and Hanuman are in the corridor together. Hanuman says Kakol wasn’t wrong. You (Ganesha) are indeed heavy. Ganesha says make as much fun of me as you want but you will get your answer the day I will get my carriage. Hnauman says I already pity it. He turns to Shani. What should we do now?

Rahu is also in Surya Loka so he can speak to Sanghya. Devraj has lost his mind. He was muttering gibberish. Maybe she would know about it. He stops in his tracks noticing Shani and his group.

Yam stops Shani from entering in a room. You are not allowed to go there. Shani asks him if he cannot meet his own mother. Why? As per whose orders? Yam shares that Surya Dev has ordered that no one should be allowed inside. I don’t know why he said so but there would be something important. Shani reasons that he must speak to his mother. Yam says it cannot happen before sunset. Kakol says how Shani can wait till then. It might get too late. We can ask Surya Dev. Shani denies. We must not go against Surya Dev’s wish. If he is with Devi Sanghya and Mata Chhaya then it must be really important. He wonders what the meaning of this is. Surya Dev has never done this before. Plus, Mata Chhaya and Devi Sanghya have never been together.

Rahu has also heard everything. Sanghya wont come before sunset. Don’t know what Devraj is up to. I have to wait till sunset!

Rahu blocks Sanghya’s way.

Ganesha and Shani are lost in though. Hanuman says aren’t you thinking strangely. I respect Pratham Pujya and Karamfaldata a lot but I don’t find any reason for you guys to worry this much. Shani says it is certainly worth a thought. I have never felt something like this before. If Ganesha is also feeling negativity then something is surely going to go wrong. Hanuman says I know what problem is going to surface this time.

Devraj says I don’t have anything to lose now. I only gave to gain now. I will gain victory over Shani and he will lose his life! No one can save you now, not even Mahadev! This is poison after all! Sanghya calls out his name. Devraj turns to see Sanghya and Rahu. I am not surprised to see you here. I knew you will be the only person other than me who hates Shani as much as I do. The solution to our problem is here – poison! Some drops fell here when Mahadev drank poison. They were tasted by snakes and Asuras and turned poison. One drop fell in this well which no one could drink. That drop is still inside the well and it will end Shani. Sanghya tells him against it. You will do as I say. You will just divert Ganesha, Shani and Hanuman. I will do the rest. Devraj asks her why he should listen to her. She threatens to disclose his secret to Tridev. I wont cheat you though as you were on my side. Just do as I say. Trust me you will get what you desire. Devraj agrees to do whatever she would tell him to. I will trap Shani, Hanuman and Ganesha in problems. They will be away from you.

Brahma Dev says we must alert them. They cannot face it alone. Mahadev denies. They have lived up to every test. I am sure the same will happen this time too. our interference can make us weak. I know the problem is big but victory becomes great only when you overcome greater problems.

Ganesha asks Hanuman what he knows. Hanuman tells Ganesha he has heard many stories from Surya Dev while gaining knowledge from him. I know what problem is going to surface this time. It is an Asura. It can be any Asura. This is what happens every time. An Asura rises and Gods use their powers to kill that Asura. Shani says there cannot be any Asura who can do such a thing. Kakol comes running there. An Asura just attacked. Hanuman says see this is what I just said. Shani tells Kakol to explain. Kakol says I was flying above Hanuman’s home when I noticed a giant Asura in the forest. He killed whosoever came in his way. He is headed towards Kailash. Ganesha suggests leaving for Kailash right away. Shani reasons that that Asura will have to bear his Karamfal now.

People shout for help. Mata Anjana thinks what this new problem is. Don’t know where Hanuman disappears in the times of trouble. Hanuman, Ganesha, Shani and Kakol reach there. Shani advises everyone to be quiet. It is nearby. A giant mouse is on the loose. Shani warns him to stop wherever he is or he will have to lose his life. The mouse turns into an Asura (Mushkadhar). Mushkadhar tells Rishi Matang he is here. No one can stop me from creating a mess on Kailash. Shani says you cannot see that we are here to stop you. Mushkadhar mocks him and others calling them kids. He thumps on earth thereby misbalancing them for a moment. Shani and Hanuman are unable to do anything. Mushkadhar steps forward to teach them a lesson and Hanuman also does the same. Mushkadhar holds Hanuman’s mace when he tries attacking him. Shani says he is able to face Hanuman and Narayan’s mace. He cannot be an ordinary Asura. He is surely some powerful Asura.

Shani goes to Matang Rishi. Did you address him as the same guy who was once a helper of Indra Dev? Matang Rishi nods. He even broke Rishi Vaamdeo’s tapasya’s once and got cursed. The curse dint affect his body though which is why he is a giant mouse. Vaamdeo was menhaden’s devotee. Mushkadhar is upset with Mahadev for the very reason and is bent upon taking revenge from Mahadev. Shani asks him how they can kill Mushkadhar. Matang Rishi calls it impossible.

Ganesha says there is one solution to every problem. Matang Rishi replies that he can only die by the weapon made by Mahadev’s energy which will generate only when Mahadev will open his third eye. But if he does that, a lot many other things will be also destroyed. Shani looks at Mushkarsur.


Shani 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani tells Ganesha about the weapon he got from Mahadev (his teeth). Ganesha is about to attack Mushkasur when he begs for mercy. Shani pronounces his punishment. You must carry Ganesha on your back till Kailash. Hanuman remarks that Ganesha finally got his carriage.

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