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Shani 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani Understands Devraj’s Plan!


Shani 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Every second of our life teaches us something (an experience). Shani teaches that experience is a great teacher and one gets the capability to take the right decision and do the right karmas in life through experience only. ||

Shani 20th December 2017 Episode Start With Devraj reaches Chitrarath’s room (in Dhamini’s disguise). Chitrarath says you seem different today. She says father notices her daughter to be different when she is about to get married. Chitrarath nods. Devraj thinks it is so easy to fool you!

Dhamini asks Shani why he is in such a rush. We have to meet father only. Shani continues to walk ahead.

Devraj asks Chitrarath if he is thinking about meeting Yam. Chitrarath nods. Devraj adds that one loses his cool in anger. I refused his proposal in anger but I feel he should get another chance as he accepted his mistake even after being Surya-putra! Chitrarath is pleased to hear it. You have reduced my burden by saying this. I am lucky to have a daughter like you who understands everything without me saying it. She expresses a wish to go to Gandharva Loka with him before Swayamvar. I am missing mother very much today. He is hesitant but she assures him they will return soon. Surya Dev would also have no problem with it. Chitrarath agrees.

Kakol is unable to find Devraj Indra in entire Surya Loka. He notices Chitrarath and Dhamini (Devraj) going out just then. Kakol thinks to find out Devraj Indra asap and inform Shani.

Shani and Dhamini and Devraj and Chitrarath miss seeing each other in the corridor. Dhamini is surprised that her father called her here yet he isn’t here now. Shani asks Yami if she saw Chitrarath. She denies. Father isn’t happy with the long break in between the Swayamvar. Shani tells her to get Dhamini ready. I will check in Sabha. He leaves. Yami asks Dhamini if she confessed her feelings before Shani. Dhamini shakes her head. Someone keeps interrupting us whenever I try to tell him. Yami tells her not to worry. We will find a way out.

Shani enters in the Sabha. Devraj is present there now. He asks Shani why there is such a big delay in Swayamvar. We are all waiting. Shani replies that Yami is helping her get ready. Some Gods feel it to be disrespect to them. She cannot make us wait like this. we will withdraw our participation! Devi Chhaya asks Shani about Dhamini. He agrees to check when they hear Yami shouting for Shani. Yami walks up to Shani teary eyed. Come with me. Shani looks at Devraj pointedly who only smiles in reply. He thinks now Dhamini will do what they want her to. Shani wont be able to do anything!

Shani notices Dhamini crying. He asks Yami what happened to her but Yami does not know. I have been asking her constantly but she is quietly crying. She left her room for a few minutes. She is continuously crying since she has returned. Shani asks Dhamini what happened. she shakes her head sadly. He tells her to tell him if someone is trying to influence her decision regarding the Swayamvar. She denies. He asks her why she is crying then. Dhamini says these tears at the realisation of my mistake. I don’t want this Swayamvar. I have chosen my groom! I will only marry Dharmaraj Yam! Yami and Shani look at her in shock. Dhamini cries.

Yami says we can clearly see that you are not happy with your decision. Why don’t you tell the truth then? Dhamini replies that not every girl gets to become the DIL of Surya family. Dharmaraj Yam can ask for my hand from my father but he chose to find out my answer in front of everyone like a respectable guy. This Swayamvar is pointless now. I will only marry Dharmaraj Yam! Shani is sure it cannot be her decision. What pressure are you under? She asks him why she should give him an explanation. Did you forget you told me earlier? This Swayamvar is mine. It would also be only my right to choose my life partner. I wont answer anyone’s questions! Give this message to Dharmaraj Yam. I am ready to marry him. Shani says I dint question you on your decision but I do have a right to know the reason behind the change in your decision!

Devraj says Dhamini challenged me. Now she would know what all I am capable of. Mangal says your game will trap Shani in his own plan. Devraj points out that it wasn’t difficult to trap Chitrarath in his plan. Flashback shows Chitrarath walking out of Surya Loka with Devraj (in Dhamini’s disguise). I am really pleased with your decision. We would be able to invite all the Gandharva’s this way. Devraj agrees that they will be pleased to hear it. They are greeted by Rahu the moment they step foot out of Surya Loka. Chitrarath asks him why he is here. Rahu replies that your daughter has invited me here. Devraj comes to his original form. Rahu casts his spell on Chitrarath before he can do / react. Rahu says now Shani wont come to protect you. Devraj asks Rahu if he remembers what he has to make Chitrarath do. Rahu takes Chitrarath with him.

Devraj says you refused by proposal. You should follow my orders now. He leaves his Sahastra-netra around her. My Drishti will be on you till the Swayamvar ends. Agree to marry Yam if you wish to see your father alive. Tell everyone that he went to invite other Gandharvas. She begins to go when he warns her to make sure Shani does not doubt on them. Flashback ends. Kakol asks Shani to come. Everyone is waiting for you in the Sabha. Shani asks Dhamini to tell him why she changed her decision. She calls it her own decision. I am under no pressure. My answer wont change if you will ask me the same question again and again! I have decided to marry Dharmaraj Yam only! I request you to leave. Why are you still here? What’s going on in your mind? He says it is enough. Now you wont tell me what I should do and shouldn’t! I will inform Dharmaraj Yam about your decision. Do I have your permission Devi Dhamini? She looks at him in shock.

Devraj laughs seeing it. Shani is about to be doomed. There is no point getting angry now. He suggests Mangal to go to Indra Loka if Rahu has implemented their plan or not.

Dhamini runs after Shani but stops at the door. Shani steps back and looks at her. They both nod at each other.

Yami and Kakol walk up to Shani in the corridor. Yami asks him why he shouted on Dhamini instead of supporting her. You even walked out on her! Shani shares that he was only pretending to be upset with her. Chitrarath called Dhamini to his room but he wasn’t there when we reached there. He was also not in the Sabha. I realised that something has gone wrong. Kakol says I dint think of that. When I was looking for Devra, I saw Dhamini going out with Chitrarath when he was coming to meet you but then she was already with you! Yami is shocked. Shani says there is only one person who can do all this – Devraj Indra! He forced Dhamini to marry Yam. He asks Kakol to come. I know where Chitrarath would be! Kakol nods.

Rahu tells Devraj and Mangal that it wasn’t a difficult task for him to bring them here. Devraj points out that they only needed a few Gandharvas on their side. Why did you bring so many? Rahu replies that they had to make the same effort to bring a few so he brought many. It is important to get Shani out of our way. Mangal asks him how they will help them. Rahu assures him he will find out soon about it.

Yam stops Shani. Everyone is waiting for you while you seem to be engrossed in some other plot. Shani asks him if he really does not know what he is pointing at. Yam tells him to come clear. Shani understands that they kept him out of their plan knowing that he wont budge from the path of dharma. I would again tell you to be mindful of his company. Yam asks him about Dhamini. Where is she? Tell me clearly what’s happening. Shani assures him that she will come in Swayamvar for sure but I have to meet someone else first.

Yami is with Dhamini. She notices Devraj’s netra in the room.

Devraj wonders if Shani found out about their plan. Why isn’t he back till now? Mangal tells him to be calm. I have a solution for him even if he has found out our plan. Just wait and see what I do with him.

Rahu welcomes Shani by calling him Karamfaldata Shani.


Shani 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dhamini shares her feelings with Shani before everyone. She proposes him for the wedding. I choose you in this Swayamvar. I want to marry you. Will you marry me Shani? Shani tells her to stop. I cannot marry you or any other woman in this world as I am Virakta (detached) and will remain so!

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