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Shani 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| One must remain calm, patient and positive under all circumstances. Shani teaches that when your karma is right and just then one must not feel afraid of anything or anyone for any reason ||

Sanghya remarks that Shani wont be able to stand before her now. Now you will finish Karamfaldata!

Shani notices Tridev tensed. I can understand that Neelima is ready for fight. Narayan remarks that it is time for Shani’s biggest test. Shani says our fight can start anytime. It is different and new for me. I want you to guide me. Mahadev shares that it is time for him to leave. He disappears. Shani looks at Narayan and Brahma Dev for guidance but they too disappear. Dev Vishwakarma calls it strange. Shani asked for guidance but they just disappeared! Shani thinks it means he only will have to decide.

Sanghya says Shani’s chosen path will take him to death now. Neelima is doing meditation. Rahu wonders why they aren’t attacking Surya Loka now. We got her ready to kill Shani only, right? Sanghya calls his thinking limited. I want to get Shani attacked but I dint mean that only he will be under its influence. Not just Shani but entire Surya family is responsible for me losing my position of Devi. Everyone will have to bear the brunt of it. Neelima will destroy Shani and we will destroy everything else. You know what you have to do Devraj? He nods. I will have to first meet Surya Dev. Rahu is still confused. Why is that important? Devraj laughs. It is because I am in trouble. It is only Surya Dev and Shani who can help me. Rahu finally gets the plan. You will divert Shani by seeking his help. He will fall in the trap. Devraj says it is time to visit Surya Loka. He leaves. Sanghya tells Rahu to control many consciences together at once. Are you ready? He nods. He notices Neelima smiling to herself. What is she up to? Sanghya says it is good for us. She can now just not influence people by talking to them but by also visiting them in their dreams.

Shani is disturbed during his sleep. He finds himself trapped in 4 walls and can hear people calling out for him. He wakes up startled. Was this a warning or dream?

Brahma Dev too asks Mahadev about it. Mahadev replies that it is an example of Neelima’s effect on Shani before the real fight. Brahma Dev asks him why he dint guide Shani then. Mahadev reasons that that is important. Narayan says dint you put him in more risk this way. Mahadev says it is important for Karamfaldata Shani to find his own way so he can make his future better.

Kakol appreciates Shani’s practise. It is impossible to defeat you singlehandedly. It is all the more impossible to defeat Karamfaldata. Shani shares that very soon he will come face to face with a new energy which is much stronger than him. Servant comes to inform them that he has been called in Sabha.

Devraj tells Surya Dev that Sanghya has gotten hold of Neelima. We will all fall in a very big problem if we don’t stop her soon. They will gain control over all the Loka’s this way. Shani says it means it is time for war! Devraj smiles seeing him entering in the room. Shani adds that Neelima has chosen her path. Now she will fight with me. Now I will decide what is to be done. Devraj tells him to hurry up. Surya Dev refuses to let him go all by himself. We all will collect our powers together and face them. Devraj agrees. I too wanted the same thing. I wanted to prove that no one but Shani can face Neelima. Surya Dev assures him Neelima wont be a problem for him. We only will win. Devraj thanks him and excuses himself. Shani feels something strange and turns to look at him.

Shani seeks permission from Surya Dev so he can make preps for the fight. Surya Dev nods. Chhaya tells him to take care. Shani tells her to trust him. I will only do the needful. She nods. Shani goes from there.

Sanghya mocks Devguru. She has tied him in an invisible rope. He warns her to stop herself. Hope you wont lose out the chance to even regret / repent. You very well know that Shani neither forgets nor forgives. She laughs. It will happen only when he will be able to stand on his own feet. His identity will be forgotten after this fight!

Chhaya does tilak of Surya Dev and Yam with a heavy heart. I hope you both succeed and come home safe. She asks for Shani who comes just then. She gets teary eyed while doing his tilak. She thinks of what he had explained about Neelima earlier. Her hands shake. Shani holds the plate. You remember that nothing can go wrong with me when I dint do anything wrong? You don’t have to worry about the consequence when our karmas are right. She nods. Shani recalls his dream and gets thinking.

Surya Dev comes face to face with Rahu and Sanghya. Shani and Yam join him. Devraj stands on Surya Dev’s side. Sanghya and Devraj look at one another. Devraj gets his army there. Surya Dev tells Sanghya maybe she deserves punishment only. Shani gave you a chance but you dint learn anything from your mistakes. She tells him the same thing. Devraj diverted you so many times yet you dint understand that not Gods but his throne is important for him! Devraj laughs and joins Sanghya and Rahu. Shani isn’t surprised at all.

Devraj gets his army on his side leaving Surya Dev, Yam and Shani alone. He laughs at their state. You are weak and powerful. How can I go against power? That power is Neelima at the moment. Rahu is with me this time. He has everyone under his control. It will be better if you too join the powerful side. Leave the weak one, i.e, Shani. Sanghya thinks this is just the beginning. Neelima is yet to come. You will surely be destroyed!


Shani 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Narayan tells Mahadev that that moment is here. Mahadev nods. Neelima and Shani’s war begins now. Neelima and Shani engage in fight.

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