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Shani 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Sometimes one falls in bigger problem while trying to solve one. Shani teaches that it is best to find solution to your problems and face them head on. ||

Shani hugs Chhaya. Please allow us to leave mother. Bhadra also hugs her mother. She greets her mother, father one by one. Surya Dev looks away. Shani nods encouragingly at her and so do Hanuman, Yami and Kakol. Shani takes one last look at his mother and then heads out of the Sabha with his sister. Chhaya cries seeing them leave. She stops them in the corridor. Forgive me son. If a kid leaves his mother’s hand even in a dream then her world gets shaken.

I am leaving my kids alone in the big world. I was proud of the fact that I have always done my dharma as a mother but I am ashamed today. Why should a woman always make sacrifices in the name of dharma? Earlier, I was with you at night atleast but this time I am pushing you both in the big world alone. Shani assures her that no one can separate them from her. All 3 of us will be together before your tears dry. I promise you. I cannot see tears in your eyes but I will surely make you cry once. It will be tears of happiness.

Hanuman greets Surya Dev sadly. Surya Dev asks him what happened to him. Hanuman says I came to apologize. I came to apologize as I wont be able to learn anything from you anymore. I learnt a lot from you. I learnt some things from your words and some from your karmas. I noticed that my Guru never discriminates but I would not wish to learn what I witnessed today. Good bye. Surya Dev asks him if he will also leave him. Hanuman says there is no other option left. Surya Loka has too many doors that lead outside rather than leading inside. I cannot blame you but I would request you to think. The house, where the father is not at all sad to send his kid away, becomes a house of sadness. I am unlucky that I am unable to do anything so as to stop it. It is my decision that I wont be a witness to it. He goes. Chhaya joins them.

Surya Dev asks Chhaya if she too came to reprimand him like Hanuman. Chhaya rues that being a shadow she cannot do that. I cannot even ask you why you separated a mother from her kids. Surya Dev tells her to understand it was his duty as the head of the family. She questions him. What about my duty as a mother? What can I do? I was born to follow the dharmas as someone’s mother, someone’s Chhaya. How can I expect anything else though? I wish to know why the kids that take birth from me have to undergo such difficulties. He agrees he was wrong about Shani.

I even admitted I was wrong about him but it isn’t the case with Bhadra. Shani makes everything well in the end. On the other hand, things go out of hand even when she tries to do something nice. She has Halahal inside her. It can never give away anything but poison. At the right time, you would realise I wasn’t wrong. She tells him to stop. Time has taught me lot many things. Maybe my womb; my existence is to be blamed. I get everything yet it is snatched from me!

Shani brings Bhadra to his old house. She looks around worriedly. He tells her not to be afraid. I am here. I told mother something years ago. I will tell you the same thing today. Fear will scare you if you will try to run away from it whereas it will run away in fear when you will face it. This is the place where I got to spend time with my mother. I met Kakol here. I never thought that my sister will also have to spend her childhood here like I did. Bhadra wipes his tears. My home is where my brother is. Shani smiles. I am really lucky to have you by my side. Those, who couldn’t recognise the good inside you because of your appearance; insulted you, are really unlucky. A big thank you to Mahadev for making me see the inner beauty inside you.

She gets happy seeing the swing. Shani relates how Chhaya used to sing lullaby for him here itself. I used to forget everything and sleep peacefully. She asks him who will sing it for her. Shani says elder brother is equal to mother in her absence. I will sing it for you. I will sit next to you while you are asleep so no one can harm you. No one can harm you till we are together. He shows her the black curtain. She is confused. What fun is that? Shani calls it the door of hope. Mother used to come from here. I used to stand before it whenever I had a doubt. Mother used to come from the other side. She asks him if their mother is behind it. He nods. She is right behind it and hears our every plea.

Hanuman tells Chhaya not to cry. I am here only. I know Shani never breaks his promise. He will return soon. She says I trust his words completely but Bhadra needs her mother right now. Hanuman says I too left my mother to learn from Surya Dev. Just think that she too has gone to get training. Karamfaldata Shani is with her. There can be no better brother, Guru, protector than him. She will learn everything soon. It might be possible that Mahadev will also assign her an important task. If anyone tries hurting her then Shani will stand in his way and warn him to get out of the path or he will force him to do so. Chhaya nods. You are right. He wont leave any stone unturned to keep her happy but it is natural for a mother to worry. She prays to Mahadev to help Shani and Bhadra pass this test.

Brahma Dev asks Mahadev what he will do now. Narayan says the situation has gone worst. Devraj repeats it. I am trying to explain the same since so long. Entire world is in danger including my throne. You very well know how much I love it. You only can do something now as the protector himself is protecting the doom. Brahma Dev seconds him. We must not delay. Devraj says Shani is only a brother of an Asuri right now. narayan tells him it is enough. Our silence doesn’t mean we don’t know anything. Devraj says everyone will blame Shani if anything goes wrong. Shani is Mahadev’s creation after all.


Shani 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Narad Muni informs Shani that Mahadev wants to meet him. He takes leave from Bhadra. She tells him to be back soon. She senses someone’s presence and goes around to check.

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