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Shani 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani Frees Chitrarath And Gandharvas!


Shani 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| It is important to try to solve some problem. Shani teaches that our attempts can fail but if we do not try then it is pointless to expect to win. ||

Shani 21st December 2017 Episode Start With Shani and Kakol reach Indra Loka when Rahu welcomes Shani by calling him Karamfaldata Shani. Shani asks about Chitrarath. Rahu says it isn’t nice to be too excited. Meet my other guests first. Chitrarath and Gandharvas step forward. Chitrarath is tied by chains.

Devraj reprimands Mangal for bringing Dhamini to Indra Loka. Mangal reasons that it was important to keep Shani in control. Devraj says everyone must be waiting for her in Swayamvar Sabha! Surya Dev will get angry if she isn’t found here. We are also not present there. We will be blamed. Mangal tells him he reaches on conclusion too quick. Dhamini will go back in Swayamvar very soon but only after forcing Shani to comply with us. There is someone in the Sabha who will become my wife in future. I have made use of it already. Flashback shows Mangal walking up to Dhamini. I thought it wasn’t right to make you wait so much so I came to take you along. She takes a step back. He asks her to come with him if she wants her father to be safe. Do as I say. Dhamini gets thinking. She tells Yami her father’s life is in danger. Don’t ask me anything right now. Just announce in Sabha that I will be back soon. Flashback ends. Mangal is sure Yami would have said it by now. Devraj likes the plan. Let’s see what Rahu is up to.

Rahu tells Shani he knows his spell wont work on him but no one else can evade it. These Gandharvas can even kill themselves if you try to act smarter! Shani says I know how to control you! Devraj asks him what the hurry is. Shani is shocked to see Dhamini with him and Mangal. Rahu tells him he only has one option left. Surrender or you will see this father-daughter duo killing each other! Devraj mocks him. Shani is detached from all relations and feelings. How did you awake his feelings today? Everyone present here will have to pay a price for it. Mangal adds that Shani will be blamed for it. No one will doubt us. Devraj laughs seeing Shani helpless. I have been observing your way of fighting since years. I have understood that it is important to stay one step ahead than you. This is why I succeeded in breaking the tight security of Swayamvar. Surrender. It would be beneficial for you only! He looks at Dhamini. Mangal tells him it isn’t some Grah-yuddha where some energy will protect him. Surrender or you will witness death! Dhamini shakes her head in shock at Shani. Rahu says no Gandharva, Dhamini or Chitrarth will be alive if I make one move. They will all kill each other. He snaps his fingers and Chitrarath falls unconscious. Shani is in thoughts. He accepts to surrender. You will have to free everyone before that! Rahu tells him he is mistaken if he is trying to act smart with him. Gandharvas will have to pay the price with their lives. Shani suggests him to control him (test) if he doubts him. Rahu accepts his suggestion. He casts his spell on Shani. Shani closes his eyes for a moment and then looks blankly at them. Dhamini cries. He was about to fall but Rahu stops him. Mangal tells Rahu to let him be. He defeated us in Grah-yuddha. Let him beg for his life by kneeling in front of us today! Rahu still doubts it to be Shani’s plan. He is still not under my control. Let’s find out what’s going on in his mind.

Devraj walks up to him. You have insulted me since years! Today I will take revenge for every insult done to me! Shani does not react.

Surya Dev feels something is wrong. Yami came here crying and then Shani left suddenly. There is no news of Shani, Indra Dev, Mangal and Chitrarath! Where have they gone? He asks Dev Vishwakarma is everything is fine. Dev Vishwakarma nods. I have prepared security as per Shani’s wish. There is no scope of problem. Surya Dev points out that without his permission, no one can enter in Surya Loka but anyone can leave Surya Loka as and when they please! Gods call it unjust. Why were we invited here when Dhamini dint wish to marry? Devi Chhaya assures them that this was organized upon her wish only. Just have patience. They nod. Devi Chhaya sends Yam to bring Dhamini. She hopes Shani lives up to his words.

Rahu says you are too proud of your Drishti. See how I will take my revenge! He asks Dhamini to go near Kakol. She complies and shakes her head at Kakol teary eyed. Rahu makes her slap & punch Kakol. He makes her face Indra Dev next. You disrespected him and told him to stay in his limits! Smile now and agree to become an apsara of Indra Loka. You will dance for him and will also feed him liquor. She repeats it word by word. Devraj extends his hand towards her but then stops. I wont do anything today. After your marriage with Yam, you will come to Indra Loka frequently. I will make a special room for you in Indra Loka!

Rahu looks at Shani and smiles. You grew in age but you are still a kid! I cannot believe that I can control you! See how I will keep you as my servant for forever. Bow your head before my like a servant! Shani bows his head and even kneels down in front of him. Dhamini cries seeing him thus. Rahu says I would now keep you under my feet! Mangal and Devraj smile. Shani looks up suddenly shocking everyone. He holds Rahu by his throat. You were right. I have grown up! I have become smarter with age but one thing is similar. You always lost out to me and will continue to do so! You wanted to show me down right? He hits Rahu who begs Indra Dev to protect him. Shani frees Chitrarth, Gandharvas and Kakol. He hits Rahu. Devraj stops Mangal from reacting. You must learn when to use your weapon against anyone! Shani wont be able to prove anything against us anyways! Let’s leave. It would be best for us. Dhamini smiles through her tears.

Dhamini walks up to Shani. He says sorry for giving her this pain. It was important to win their trust though. She tells him he deserves thank you instead of apolgy. You have not just protected my father but all the Gandharvas too. He asks her if she is fine. She nods. She is about to say something when Shani advises her to come. Everyone must be waiting for us in Swayamvar. I will teach all those lesson once this Swayamvar is over! She hopes he understands her feelings. Take part in this Swayamvar! I want to marry you!


Shani 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dhamini shares her feelings with Shani before everyone. She proposes him for the wedding. I choose you in this Swayamvar. I want to marry you. Will you marry me Shani? Shani tells her to stop. I cannot marry you or any other woman in this world as I am Virakta (detached) and will always remain so!

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