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Shani 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 21st February 2017 video watch online on 

Shani comes to Surya Loka. Yami calls out to him. Did you come to get Surya Loka under his right? Shani says he dint come to take hold on anything. You are free. Yami refuses to be free. I only want my parents’ love. Free them please! Shani says I will first break the arrogance of Gods. No one will be able to stop me till it’s done. He turns to go but stops sensing his mother’s presence nearby. Devi Sanghya comes there. She calls Shani lovingly. Son, what can be the biggest pain for a mother that she can see her son but not touch him? Shani says mother. Sanghya asks him to come near. I want to talk to you. Shani begins to walk towards her when Rahu tells him against it. This is a ploy. I feel this isn’t right. Sanghya asks Shani to come to her. your mother wants to hug you. Shani says mother and is about to take a step further when Kakol also asks him to stop. Even I agree with Rahu this time. Shani looks at both of them in shock but turns his back to them. Rahu says Shani but Shani does not pay heed. He walks up to Devi Sanghya and holds her hands. Kakol shouts against it but nothing happens. Shani says it is ok not to be present when enemy calls out to you. The one who wont go when his mother calls isn’t Shani! Devi Sanghya smiles holding his hand. she takes him with her.

Shani asks his mother if she wishes to say something. She nods. I never got a chance. I wanted to tell you how I was created. Don’t you want to know? He nods. Sanghya points at the floor behind her. This is where Devi Sanghya created her twin. She tells him where she used to put Yam and Yami to sleep. I did my every duty as Chhaya till you were born. You gave me a new identity. World says kids come with parents’ blessings but you turned out to be a blessing for me. I have been unjust to you intentionally and unintentionally. I have given you pain. I can still feel that pain. I should have told you everything long ago. Forgive me. come to me son. She opens her arms for him. Hug me so I can believe that you have forgiven me. Shani smiles. Sanghya thinks this will be a hug to his death. My and Surya Dev’s powers together will finish you! Shani hugs her thinking her to be his mother. Sanghya keeps her hand on the back of his head and smiles. Surya Dev’s heat begins to emanate from her. Shani shouts out in pain but Sanghya does not let go of her. She eventually pushes him away. Shani is on fire. He screams out in pain while Sanghya smiles. Chhaya is cast on Shani because of which he calms down. Fire is doused. Sanghya takes a step back realising it but in vain. Shani touches the shadow of his mother falling on his face. Sanghya stands there tensed. Shani glares at her. Sanghya runs out of the room in fear. Shani follows her at a distance.

Sanghya comes running into the room where Sabha’s are held. Door opens. She gets worried seeing Shani. He begins to walk towards her. She tells him not to kill her. He says you forced me to act as a bad son once by being a bad mother but it wont happen now. My mother might only be a shadow for you. In my view, you don’t even deserve to be her shadow. I still respect you a little as you are somehow associated to my mother. This reason is enough to tell you that Shani will never harm you nor will he let anyone else harm you. It doesn’t mean though that you can leave from here. You will stay here right under my eyes. He catches her in the same invisible wall like everyone else. Someone tells Shani to stop. Shani is confused to see Nandi.

Nandi gives his introduction to Shani. I am here as his messenger right now. I have brought a message for you. He has asked you to meet him. I have been asked to bring you to him. Free all Gods and come to Mahadev with me.

Dev Vishwakarma hopes Shani makes no mistake this time.

Shani asks Nandi how Mahadev thought of him suddenly. Nandi replies that he rmemebers everyone. He calls people as and when necessary.

Narad Muni joins Dev Vishwakarma. Seems like Nandi will calm down Shani. Dev Vishwakarma hopes it happens. Shaapit-Yuga will end this way. Rahu peeks at them from far. If Shani listens to Nandi then my dream will be incomplete. I will have to do something.

Shani is about to say yes when Rahu walks in. Nandi is right. You might not get justice but you will get answers to your questions. Why did you mother die when Mahadev gave her life? Go and ask him why he created so many hurdles in your Kailash journey if he had to kill her eventually. Ask Mahadev why he filled your life with so many problems when Yam lived a happy life. Go and ask him all these questions. Shani recalls the end result of his Kailash journey. Shani announces that he will not go to meet Mahadev. Nandi asks him if he will go against Mahadev’s order. Shani says after my mother’s death I have no curiosity left in my life. I don’t have to either consult Mahadev or learn something from him. Mahadev did what he felt was right. Now I will do what I find right! Go and tell Mahadev that Shani declines his invitation.


Shani 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani tells Nandi he gave him warning which he dint adhere to. You will be punished now. He attacks Nandi. Mahadev’s third eye opens. Shani has crossed all his limits. Now it is time to punish him!

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