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Shani 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Shani teaches that those who do things patiently always win ||

Shani reasons that weak and powerful are tested in a war. In the war of dharma, dharma and adharma are at question. I am sad to see that someone other than Gods is more knowledgeable of dharma this time. Earth begins to shake as Shukracharya comes there with his army. Devraj, Sanghya and Rahu look shocked as they weren’t expecting it. Shani says I understood your plan when you came to Surya Loka seeking help. I went to meet Guru Shukracharya. Shukracharya says there has been only Dev-Asura Sangram till date but you (Devraj Indra) would always remember it. We have Karamfaldata Shani on our side this time. Get ready for the war!

Narayan says the strangest Dev-Asura Sangram has begun now. The fight would happen between Gods only.

The fight starts. Some soldiers surround Shani. Yam is in a fix. We are going to fight with Gods. SHani explains that this is not important at this time. They are under the influence of Rahu. There is no God or Asura right now. Fighting alone can bring them on the right path. Devraj challenges Surya Dev. Yam too joins in. Rahu asks Shukracharya to surrender. Your way of fighting has become old. Shukracharya reminds him he is the Guru of Asuras. You are also forgetting that we have Karamfaldata on our side. He manages to throw Rahu on the floor. Rahu hits back hard.

Narayan says it is the first time that he is seeing Gods fighting amongst themselves. Mahadev adds that the real war is yet to begin. It will be between Shani and Neelima!

Shani deduces that no one will benefit from this war. I will have to win over Neelima asap if I have to finish this war sooner. Where is she though? Why isn’t she coming? Yam holds his hand mid-air. Sanghya tells him to attack his mother yet again like he did last time. Why be ashamed of it this time? He requests her to step out of his way. She says wont Dharmaraj attack me today. Shani tells Yam to stay focused. Sanghya says he is telling you again how to behave with his own mother. Listen to him and attack me! Go ahead. Yam gets thinking. He throws his mace on the floor. Sanghya looks happily at Shani and she immediately captivates Yam in her powers. It is a war Yam. Thoise who are not on your side are your enemies. You cannot show mercy towards enemies or you will lose. I don’t want to lose at any cost! Shani says I thought you will come on the right path after getting punishment but you even diverted Neelima as well. She is pleased to hear it. You will meet Neelima very soon. She will finish you thereby ending the war. Shani remarks that that time is here now when Shani will fight with his own counter energy.

Chhaya is worried for Shani. Yami tells her not to worry. No harm will come on him. Chhaya says I trust him yet I am feeling as if something wrong is about to happen. Yami says he is Karamfaldata. He was born to bring good in the world. Nothing wrong will happen to him.

Shani uses his powers to defeat the Gods. Surya Dev continues fighting as well. Shani throws Devraj on the ground leaving him devoid of his weapon. This is the same weapon which you couldn’t pick up even after putting in all your energy. You will see its real power now! He sends it up in the air and all the Gods immediately come to their senses. They apologize to Surya Dev. Yam also gets free. Rahu, Shani and Sanghya are locked in an invisible bond by Shani. Shani looks at Sanghya. You have no option left this time. He is about to captivate her as well when a bright blue light appears in the sky. Devraj and Rahu are freed. Everyone covers their eyes and takes a step back. Sanghya tells Shani that his time is over now. Welcome the one who will finish you; who is stronger than you. She is here – Neelima!

Shani gets ready for the fight but Neelima attacks him even without coming in front of him. Narayan tells Mahadev that that moment is here. Mahadev nods. Shani’s Agnipariksha starts now.

Neelima appears before Shani. Shukracharya is about to intervene but Shani tells him against it. Whatever is going to happen will happen between Neelima and me! She says you must have gotten my introduction in your sleep itself. He recalls his dream. You have bene guided on the wrong path. There is still time to choose the right path or! He holds out his weapon and she holds back his attack. I don’t like being lectured. You will have to pay for the 12 years that I spent being a captive. She attacks him before he can even react. She flies up in the air and continues attacking him from there. Shani falls down on the ground. He requests her to come on the right path. I am not your enemy. Please come on the right path or I will gave to give you your Karamfal. She advises him to think of his karmas first. He points out that he dint do anything wrong so he isn’t scared of anything. She reminds him of his misdeeds. You hit Devi Sanghya. She is not just a woman but a mother too. Shani replies that he was devoid of any bondage at that time and it was justified. It was her Karamfal. She refuses to accept it. Would you have treated her the same way if it was your mother in her place? Shani goes quiet. Neelima says you know you did that for your own selfish reasons. You dislike her. Stop pretending to be Karamfaldata. Shani’s body begins to turn blue.


Shani 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Neelima says it is time to punish the Karamfaldats. She breaks his weapon in front of his eyes. Chhaya asks Kakol about Shani. Kakol points at the plate he is holding in his hands. Chhaya is stunned as she removes the cloth covering the plate.

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