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Shani 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 21st March 2017 watch online Episode HD on 

In todays Episode of Shani you will watch Surya Dev says Yami’s Vaag-Daan will happen tonight even if you object. Shani says who said I have an objection. I am ready. Tell me what my duty is. What I have to do in my sister’s wedding? Surya Dev is surprised. Stay tuned with us for more written Updates.

Shani’s Saade-Sati: Giving birth to kids isn’t the only duty of parents.

Surya Dev says I will see how your Drishti will stop this auspicious alliance! Yami’s Vaag-Daan will happen tonight even if you object. Shani says who said I have an objection. Surya Dev is surprised. Shani adds that he was given this power to do justice and not to soothe my ego. I am sure my Drishti will help people. I only wanted Yami’s approval to the alliance. Now that Yami has agreed and so have you, then this should happen. I am ready. Tell me what my duty is. What I have to do in my sister’s wedding? Everyone is taken aback. Rahu murmurs in Chandra Dev’s ears. Your doubts are right. There is something in Shani’s mind but no one knows what he is thinking. Stay alert. Shani tells Surya Dev not to worry.

I am Yami’s brother before Karamfaldata. I know my duty. Devguru looks tensed. Shani looks at him. I know how to do my duty well. He leaves.

Brahma Dev asks Narayan what’s happening. Why is Shani letting Surya rise again after breaking his arrogance? Narayan explains that arrogance rises again before finally making peace with you (by giving an example of diya). Narad Muni asks him what Karamfaldata is up to. Narayan replies that he is going to do the right thing and will also give a lesson to the wrong person.

Yami thinks of Surya Dev’s decision and of Shani’s willingness to help in her wedding. Devi Sanghya calls out to Yami who drops the flower startled. Yami points out that she stepped on the flower Devi Sanghya steps back and smiles. This is the fate of a flower. It either is offered to God’s head or offered in their feet. It is in the hands of the one who plucks them. Yami asks her what about the hands who raise them, nurture them. Devi Sanghya says it is amazing. You started talking like mature people as soon as your Vaag-Daan got fixed. Come in my room. I have got jewellery for you for Vaag-Daan ceremony. Yami asks her if she feels this alliance is right for her. Devi Sanghya repeats that the hands which raise the flowers decide the fate of flowers. Have faith. Your father dint take a wrong decision. Don’t be unhappy. Today is the most important day of your life. Devi Sanghya leaves.

Yami keeps looking at the flower. Shani asks her what she is thinking. Is there any doubt in your mind? I can still intervene only if you have a question regarding this alliance. She agrees she has doubts. On one hand, it is father who I am sure cannot decide anything wrong for me. On the other hand, it is my brother about whose Drishti I am sure, it cannot be dangerous. Shani says you are saying what you can see. I want to hear what you are feeling. Listen to your heart. Find out what it says. Once you do that, you will find your answer. Yami asks him what his heart tells him. Shani picks up the same flower. My conscience tells me that today is the most important day of your life. Yami looks at him in shock as he leaves.

Surya Dev talks to Devguru about Vaag-Daan ceremony. I want the unison of Surya and Chandra to be historical. I want you not just to witness it but also help us in the ceremony. Devguru cuts him mid-sentence. I wont be able to do it. Surya Dev asks him to repeat what he said. Devguru reiterates his words which angers Surya Dev. Do you know who you are talking to? Devguru nods. I am telling you against this relation. I advise you not to let Yami marry Chandra. Surya Dev asks for reason. Devguru replies that he cannot tell him the reason. You will regret knowing it. Surya Dev insists upon knowing the reason. there is a reason behind every yes or no! I want to know that reason! Chandra Dev offers to tell the reason. Devguru has always supported Indra Dev. He is jealous of your progress since the beginning. He asks Devguru to tell the reason if what he is saying isn’t true. Devguru is in a fix as Surya Dev again demands to know the reason. Devguru says I have told you I see flaw in the relation. I refuse to do the ceremony. Surya Dev says I have understood. You have become arrogant. You think it is only you who can do the ceremony. You think this alliance wont happen if you say no! My daughter’s Vaag-Daan will happen here and on the decided time. No one can stop this alliance now. It is my promise!

Shani looks at Kakol who turns his face away upset. Shani asks him what happened. You stand in my way always. You just looked away today. Kakol says even in my fat head, I know Chandra Dev isn’t a suitable match for Yami. She isn’t happy with the alliance. I am a bird. If I can understand this then why can’t you? You are Yami’s brother, Karamfaldata. You have been given Drishti by Mahadev. How could you agree then? Either there is something that you cannot see or there is something that you know already. Shani says I am KAramfaldata. It is my duty to bring people on the right paths but you cannot always say things to make them understand. Kakol is still confused. I understand what you say. Shani looks at a pot. If I say this pot is hot and can burn your hand. Will you agree? Kakol replies that the pot with cold water cannot be warm. I will just touch and show you. Shani again tells him not to touch it but Kakol decides to prove his suggestion wrong. the pot is indeed hot. Shani says I told you it is warm. I warned you but you dint listen to me. This is everyone’s nature. They trust proof. Sometimes it is their arrogance while other times it is their curiousity. They understand when they get hurt. Be careful before coming close to this pot in future. Kakol understands the meaning behind his words. Shani nods. Everyone learns from their experiences. It is time for Surya Dev to understand from his experiences. Shani turns to go. Kakol asks him where he is off to. Shani says it is my sister’s Vaag-Daan. I have to meet someone who is unhappy with this alliance. Would you like to come along? Kakol happily joins him.

Devguru is thinking about the incident when Shani calls out to him. what are you thinking about? Devguru feigns to be unaware of what he is referring to. Shani asks him why he dint accept to do Yami’s Vaag-Daan. Devguru replies that he too felt Chandra Dev does not deserve to marry Yami. Shani asks him why he dint second him when he opposed the relation. I saw something in Chandra Dev which was wrong. What do you know about him which is wrong?


Shani 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shani tells Surya it is time for Vaag-Daan ceremony. I am ready to give fruits of karmas. Devguru tells Shani not to delay anymore. It is time to tell the truth. Shani asks Surya Dev to stop. There is someone who isn’t happy with this alliance!

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