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Shani 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Truth comes out in open at the right time. Shani teaches that when you are in illusion, you don’t realise what’s true but you respect truth the moment it is out in open. ||

Shani sings lullaby for Bhadra.

Devraj says no one can stop Shani from parting from Bhadra now. I have instigated Mahadev. Rahu reasons that Bhadra alone is stronger than him. She defeated you last time even when you used your Vajra. Devraj decides to befriend Bhadra. Rahu says seems like you have really lost it. Who will befriend that Halahali? Devraj takes his own name. Friends are really useful. Shani does not make friends as they affect you or your decisions. If we become friends with Bhadra then we will use her to our advantage to defeat Shani. We will later throw her back in the same well from where she was born. We will end her with our friendship. Use your power to befriend Bhadra when you find her alone next time. I will continue with my plan. Rahu leaves.

Bhadra sits up with a start because of the sound of thunder. He points out that he is there for her safety. Lie down. Bhadra is about to keep her head in Shani’s lap again when he senses someone’s presence there. He asks the person to step forward. Who is watching us like this? Come forward. He moves around but does not find anyone there. Maybe I was mistaken. Narad Muni appears. Sometimes illusion is also true. Shani is surprised to see him there. Narad Muni shoots worried glances at Bhadra. He informs Shani that Mahadev wants to meet him urgently. He wants you to come alone. Narad Muni disappears. Shani is sure it must be something really important. He turns to go but she holds the end of his cloth. He shares that no one can hold back when Mahadev calls. She looks at him worriedly. He notices a black pebble lying there and picks it up. His mother’s words echo in his head. My mother gave me a similar black pebble once saying that she will always be with me in the form of this pebble. I would never be alone. I also give one pebble to you today with the trust that I will be always with you. You wont be afraid then. Just keep it near you. Your brother would be with you only. Bhadra tells him to be back soon. He agrees. Don’t go anywhere till I return. Stay put. She nods. She hears some strange sounds the moment Shani leaves. She sits back scared.

Shani greets Tridev. It must be something important as you summoned me here at this hour. Narayan says it is surprising that you can understand it is something important for which we called you here but you are unable to understand what the matter is. Should we tell you what it is? Shani is unable to understand. Narayan asks him if he is unable to understand who they are hinting at (Bhadra). After witnessing what all happened, do you still fail to see what’s right or wrong? Shani says she already got punished for what she did unintentionally. Brahma Dev asks him why Karamfaldata Shani is with her then. Shani insists it is only her brother. Brahma Dev says Bhadra is a problem for the entire world. You have seen many indicators yet you choose to ignore them all. Shani says I see karma. It is my duty to give her motherly love as an elder brother. Bhadra got this poison because of the misdeeds done by someone else. It is neither because of her karmas nor is it inherent. Please allow me to leave as I have to protect someone. She is alone and scared at the moment.

Bhadra is panicked. She mumbles to herself. Brother should come soon. I am scared.

Chhaya sits up with a start. Something is surely wrong but with whom? Bhadra?

Bhadra keeps asking who is there.

Chhaya hopes Shani will protect Bhadra. Why do I feel my kid needs me?

Bhadra asks the person to come forward. Don’t make me angry. Shani senses something is wrong with Bhadra and expresses his wish to leave. I feel something is about to go wrong. Narayan says she herself is the problem. You saw a dream before she was born. It wasn’t just a dream but a warning of future. It is a sign. Shani asks him why she hasn’t done anything wrong till now then. It is also true that that Halahal will leave Bhadra one day. Maybe she wont do what I saw in my dream. Narayan suggests him to use his Divya-Drishti. Shani reasons that his brotherly instincts are more than enough for her. I know she is innocent and young. She may not understand the world but she understands relations, love. She cannot finish the world!

Bhadra reaches the place where the black curtain is. She looks at the black pebble in her hand and thinks of her brother. A shadow appears from behind the curtains. Bhadra asks the person to step forward or it won’t be good. She remembers Shani telling her that mother used to come from here. She stops herself from attacking the person and removes the curtain. It is Chhaya. They share an emotional hug.

Rahu is also in the jungle.

Chhaya tells Bhadra that nothing can keep a mother away from her kid. I was really worried for you. I saw a bad dream so I came to check. Bhadra says it is good you came. I was very much scared. Chhaya tells her not to worry as she is here now.

Rahu continues looking for Bhadra. Chhaya and Bhadra hear some sound and get alert.

Rahu comes inside the house but finds no one there. Chhaya tells Bhadra to be quiet. Some enemy has come here looking for you. Rahu says Bhadra knows nothing about the jungle. She cannot go anywhere alone. Where would she be then? Chhaya has covered Bhadra’s mouth. Rahu is looking for Bhadra.

Shani requests Tridev to allow him to leave. She is all alone in the jungle. Please let me live up to my word and protect her.


Shani 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani comes back home but does not find Bhadra there. She dint go on her own. Someone took her away. I will find you from wherever you are sister. He uses his Dristhi and finds out that Indra Dev is behind it. He reaches Indra Loka.

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