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Shani 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhamini Confesses Her Feelings Before Shani!


Shani 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| You can hurt the truth with hatred but you cannot hide it for too long. Shani teaches that lies can divert truth but it comes out in open one day for sure. ||

Shani 22nd December 2017  Episode start with Shani saying I will teach all those lesson once this Swayamvar is over! She tells him she wanted to say something important in regards of Swayamvar. Kakol stands up wincing in pain just then. Shani asks him if he is fine. Kakol nods. You guys? Shani and Dhamini nods. Shani turns to ask Dhamini what she was saying but she suggests going to Surya Loka first. Everyone must be waiting for us. He nods. She smiles looking at him.

Yami notices Yam heading towards Dhamini’s room. She recalls Dhamini’s request and thinks to stop him from going Dhamini’s room. Don’t know what problem Chitrarath will fall into then.She starts talking randomly to him. I know you are eager to marry Dhamini but you will have to wait for the bride to get ready. He doubts she is trying to hide something. She declines. I am too excited for my brother’s wedding. He insists he must give the message to Dhamini. All her attempts to stop him fail.

Dhamini demands to know how he (Yam) entered in a woman’s room without her permission! Yam apologizes to her. I got concerned as you dint come to Sabha on time. She replies that every woman gets married once only. It will take some time to get ready. He nods. Just hurry up a little. Everyone is waiting for you in the Sabha. Mahurat is also about to win. She nods.

Everyone is gathered in the Sabha. Surya Dev says Dhamini will come in sometime but where are Shani and Chitrarath. Shani, Kakol and Chitrarath walk in just then. Surya Dev asks Shani why there was so much delay in Swayamvar. Sunset is about to happen. Devraj offers to tell him the reason. How will Shani tell that Dhamini was abducted from Surya Loka? Devi Chhaya panics. You (Shani) dint think it was important to tell us? Surya Dev asks him how it is possible when they have such tight security. Indra Dev says it will be difficult to give in all the details. Dhamini is safe only because of your Son-in-law Mangal today! Mangal enters with Rahu in tow. Chhaya asks him what’s happening. Mangal replies that someone others have to bear the karamfal of others’ karmas. Rahu plotted this to take revenge from Shani but I brought Dhamini back to Surya loka safely with Devraj’s help. Surya Dev tells him he has kept the respect of both Dhamini and Surya Loka by doing this. Surya family is lucky to have you. Mangal and Rahu look at each other.

Kakol asks Shani why he is quiet. You know they are lying. Shani says Dhamini’s Swayamvar is most important for me. Nothing else will matter if that happens successfully.

Dhamini asks Yami how she will make Shani take part in the Swayamvar. Yami suggests her to say it to him in clear words. My brother knows the language of karma and dharma but he has idea about things like love and emotions! I have never seen any interest in his mind for any woman. Dhamini says his actions prove he loves me. He just does not know how to express it. I have seen a strange intimacy in his eyes when Rahu had kidnapped me. Yami says your wish will come true if you have faith.

Shani offers to bring Dhamini in the Sabha. He stops next to Mangal and Devraj. No problem can anyways fall on her till the time they are here! He walks away.

Yami helps Dhamini get ready. Shani is on his way to her room.

Yami says it would be useless to expect anything from my brother when it is about love. He might experience this emotion if he will understand what you are feeling. He was unaware of it till now. She compliments Dhamini. Just have faith and just express all your feelings before Shani today. She is going out when Shani asks her what she was referring to. Yami leaves citing an excuse.

Dhamini feels shy / hesitant. Shani tells her to say whatever she wants to. A broad smile appears on her face as she turns to look at him. I wanted to tell you what’s in my heart since days but I could never say it. I dint come in the Sabha as I dint want the Swayamvar to happen. He is confused. What do you mean? She says you wanted me to choose my life partner. This is what Swayamvar means after all. I have chosen my partner. She hesitates when he asks her the name. She turns and closes her eyes. I was waiting for this moment since so long but I am all clueless today. Shani suggests her to seek Yami’s help if she is having difficulty saying it. She declines. She mentally prepares herself to confess her feelings before Shani today. I should tell him that I haven’t chosen anyone else but him only!

She turns to face him again. I first want to tell you why that person deserves to be my husband. He tells her he dint ask for her explanation. She says it isn’t explanation but the factors that have made me choose him. I just have one request to make. Wait for me to finish before saying anything. He agrees. why did you choose him then? She shares that you are blessed to have a daughter but it is the biggest bad luck when that girl’s mother dies the moment she takes birth, that too while protecting her! I have always seen my father in pain. I did every possible thing to make him happy. I followed all his orders and made his dreams my missions! One day, Surya-putra Shani entered in my life. He changed my outlook towards life completely! You turned my art, of which I was proud, to humility. It just added to its beauty. You then protected my life thereby giving me a new life. You gave me a right to make the biggest decision of that life. You have protected my dignity always as a shield. What else does a woman expect from her life partner? She only wants a man who will respect and guide her; who will help her reach her goal. That is the reason why she is called his Ardha-angini (half part). In you, I see the life partner that I am seeking for! This is why I, Gandharava-raj’s putri Dhamini choose you, Surya-putra Shani, as my would-be husband! I want to spend the rest of my life with you as your inspiration, your love, and your wife. I have dreamt to marry you! Will you marry me Shani?


Shani 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani tells Dhamini to stop. I cannot marry you or any other woman in this world as I am Virakta (detached) and will always remain so! She promises him that one day he himself will accept he was wrong and my love is right.

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