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Shani 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 22nd February 2017 Video Watch Online on

Shani says go and tell Mahadev that I declined his invitation. Everyone is stunned by his reply. Rahu says did you see Shri Nandi. I tried so much but SHani isn’t ready to listen to anything. I was helping you by asking Shani to come. Nandi says you did enough. I don’t need your help. Stay out of this convo. Don’t interfere between Shani and me. Shani says it is you who is interfering. You are even crossing your limit as a messenger. You gave the message. I think you should leave now. Nandi says it is my biggest duty to follow Mahadev’s order and it is my dharma too. come with me happily or I know other ways too. Rahu walks up to Shani. Did you hear? Mahadev dint send a message. He has asked to bring you as a criminal. He dint send a messenger. Mahadev is also a God after all. He will use every means to make things happen his way.

Brahma Dev says what’s Rahu up to. Shani is going against Mahadev’s wish.

Shani says I am not obliged to anyone’s wish, not even Mahadev. Nandi tells him to be careful. You have to respect Mahadev’s wish. Shani says I respect it which is why I heard your message. This is why I understood his every test without saying anything (referring to Kailash journey). But I cannot go to Mahadev. My mother’s life met a sad fate. You can leave! If Mahadev wishes to meet me then give him message to come here himself. Mahadev wants to meet me so he will have to come to me himself! Narad Muni calls out to Shani in shock. Dev Vishwakarma asks him if he understands what he is saying. You are saying no to Mahadev. This is Vidhata’s insult. Sanghya says there is nothing new in this. Shani isn’t doing it for the first time. He cast an eclipse on his father the moment he was born. She tells Nandi his attempts will go in vain. He wont listen to anyone. nandi says it is enough. Shani will have to come now even if that means I will have to tie him and take him with me. He ties Shani in chain. Shani tells him to watch it. I will have to take a step forward if you wont stop now. He manages to free himself in a second surprising Nandi. Shani tells Nandi he gave him warning which he dint adhere to. You will be punished now. He attacks Nandi.

Nandi chants On Namah Shivaye because of which Shani’s weapon fails in hurting him. He stands in a protected circle safely which shocks Shani. Nandi smiles seeing him thus. No one can harm me till I pray to Mahadev. Rahu thinks to break his arrogance. I can do that. Once arrogance takes place in someone’s mind then Mahadev cannot stay there. He goes to Nandi. Dint you realise till now that you are just a puppet for Mahadev? This is what he does with everyone. He is also like other Gods. Nandi refuses to fall in his words but Rahu keeps speaking in Shani’s favour. Mahadev’s way is wrong while Shani is right. I wont stop saying this. What will you do? Nandi hits him on the chest because of which Rahu falls down far. You don’t have any idea of my powers. I am extremely powerful. He shouts to showcase his strength. Rahu signals Shani who attacks Nandi right then. Nandi is hurt this time. Shani attacks him again. This time he manages to chain Nandi and pulls him towards him. Nandi falls on the floor in the process. Rahu smirks. Nandi struggles with the chains. Shani says if arrogance grows in someone then even Mahadev cannot save his devotee!

Shani and Rahu are taking Nandi with them. Suddenly a weapon comes flying their way. Shukracharya steps forward. He tells Shani to stop. You not just insulted Mahadev by attacking Nandi but you made me angry too. I don’t care if you are friends with Dev or Asuras. Now Asuras’ Acharya is standing against you. Today you will see the worst of me. Rahu leans closer to Shani. He saved our way by coming here. We wont have to go to Pataal Loka. Today is a good day. You will win entire world today. Shukracharya tells SHani there is still time. Realise what you were and what you have become. I agree it is very painful to lose your mother. I too have lost my mother. Vishnu cut my mother’s head with his Sudarshan Chakra. Even I was angry but I dint lose myself. I followed the right path. Anger is helpful when you use it like fuel. If you will make it your weapon then you only will end up getting hurt. Shani agrees to abide by his words if can prove it that he deserves to suggest him something. You say you kept your anger in control. You dint keep enmity with Gods. If it is so then why are you the Acharya of Asuras when you yourself are not an Asura. Why do you still have enmity with Gods even today? Why do you still think Narayan to be your biggest enemy? You still want to take revenge of your mother’s death! You don’t have the right to guide me when you yourself are in that mess. I will suggest you to leave before you are not in a condition to ever give any suggestion to anyone again. Shukracharya refuses to leave. You attacked the greatest devotee of Mahadev. It is both my duty and right to punish you for that! They get into a fight. Shukracharya creates a circle of energy. Rahu tries to break in but falls flat on the ground. Shani manages to break it. Narad Muni and Dev Vishwakarma are also present there. Shukracharya and Shani walk towards each other. They continue with their fight. Shukracharya is defeated this time by Shani. Rahu says maybe he died. SHukracharya opens his eyes. I am alive but you both wont be alive. You hurt 2 devotees of Mahadev. Now even Mahadev wont be able to save you from his wrath!

Mahadev’s opens his eyes. Shani has crossed all his limits. Now it is time to punish him!


Shani 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahadev summons Veerbhadra. Go and bring Shani before me right away. Finish whosoever tries to come in your way. Dev Vishwakarma requests Shani to stop being stubborn or Veerbhadra will kill you. Shani replies that he is doing what he feels is right!

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