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Shani 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Our heart is quite unstable so it gets diverted easily. We don’t understand what truth is in that case. Shani teaches that

Chhaya and Yami look around tensed. Chhaya is sure SHani is in trouble. Hope Neelima does not hamr him.

Sanghya smiles seeing Shani’s body turning blue. Shani notices it as well.

Kakol tells Chhaya not to worry and leaves to get her updates. Chhaya prays for her son’s well being.

Narayan asks Mahadev if he wont protect Shani. Mahadev denies. It is his war. He will have to fight it himself. Narayan points out that Shani is falling weak before Neelima. You know how badly it can turn out for Shani. Mahadev says I wont be able to protect him from any such power in future if I protect him today. He will have to understand that be it God or Asura, everyone has to fight their own wars.

Neelima questions Shani if it was Brahma Dev’s karamfal that he cast his Drishti on him. Shani’s entire body turns blue. Neelima says you have turned 12. As per your own announcement, you will have to bear your Karamfal. Shani recalls his Nana Shree’s words as to how Neelima affects a person. Shani looks at himself. Neelima says time has come. Now Karamfaldata will have to bear his Karamfal. Kakol reaches there. He tells Shani to pick his weapon. Don’t let your conscience fall prey to Neelima. Your power cannot fall weak before her. Pick it up. Sanghya gets upset seeing Kakol trying to encourage Shani. Shani gets hold of his weapon. His body is still blue when he aims it at Neelima. She very easily wards off the attack and gets his weapon in her control. She breaks his weapon in front of his eyes. She attacks him again throwing him high in the air. Everyone worries for Shani who disappears right before their eyes. Surya Dev and Neelima engage in a fight this time. She defeats him very easily. I can kill you but I wont as the world needs you. This much punishment will be enough for you. Entire world will say that Surya Dev lost to a 12 year old girl. Kakol says it cannot happen. You cannot win. What have you done to Shani? Where is he? Where did you send him? Neelima shares that he is at the place from where he cannot come back.

Shani is caught up in chains and lying unconscious on the floor (of maybe a cave).

Surya Dev looks at all the dead bodies around him. He thinks about Neelima and Shani’s war. Her words echo in his head. If Shani wont return then the world will change drastically. Sanghya, Indra and Rahu will get all 3 Loka’s under their control. Rahu has caught Shukracharya in chains as well. He sits on Shukracharya’s throne. He orders everyone to welcome their new King.

Surya Dev thinks Sanghya’s next target will be Surya Loka. He calls out to Tridev for help. Narayan asks Mahadev if he still wont help Shani. Mahadev replies that sometimes not helping someone is the best way to help them. Shani will have to find a way out himself so he can get ready for future challenges. This is why you and I will be mere spectators this time. Surya Dev realises that no one will turn up for help. How will I face Chhaya? What will I tell her?

Chhaya is in temple. War must be over by now. Shani should have come back. Is he fine? He must be fine. Till the time you (Mahadev) are with Shani you will protect him, right? Kakol, Yam, Dev Vishwakarma and Yami come there. She asks about Shani. Please tell me where my son is. She asks them one by one but everyone is quiet and teary eyed. Why is no one telling me anything? Shani told me nothing will go wrong and he will surely come back. Where is he? Doors open. She gets happy thinking it would be Shani but stops in her tracks noticing Kakol walking in holding a plate in his hands. He cries as he reaches near her. Chhaya is stunned as she removes the cloth covering the plate. It has the broken pieces of his weapon. Chhaya shouts Shani’s name in disbelief / shock / pain.

Shani wakes up and looks around in confusion. He tries breaking free but in vain. Neelima calls out his name. You have been tied for a very small time and you are already restless. Think how I would have spent 12 years like this. I cannot explain how much peace it gives me seeing you like this. You would open your eyes wishing to gain freedom but you will again find yourself helpless and in the same situation every day now. You will feel angry and weak. You will feel so small. Shani says your pain was surely saddening but it is more saddening to see you still not free from that bondage (from mind and heart) even after gaining freedom. You are under Devi Sanghya’s control. You fell in her trap after escaping from Nana Shree’s place. Get out of this jail. She tells him to stop. I can kill your right away if I wish but I want to see you going through lots of pain. You yourself will beg for death when I will pay you a visit next time!


Shani 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chhaya, Surya Dev blames Shani for all the wrongdoings. Sanghya seeks promise from Neelima that she will finish Shani. She promises her.

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