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Shani 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


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Shani’s Saade-Sati: Shani waits for right time to give punishment to people for their misdeeds. He waits for the time when that person is on its peak and then makes him fall down. It helps people understand things better.

Epi begins with Devguru saying that he too felt Chandra Dev does not deserve to marry Yami. Shani asks him why he dint second him when he opposed the relation. I saw something in Chandra Dev which was wrong. What do you know about him which is wrong? Devguru says there is nothing like that. Shani points out that you don’t love or hate someone for no reason. it is important for me to know the reason and it is also important for Yami. Devguru stays put. Shani reasons that he is Devguru. How do I explain to you that it is wrong to hide truth? Devguru says some truths are to be hidden for good. Shani requests him to face truth. Give me the name and address of the person you are hiding. Devguru looks on helplessly.

Someone walks till the top of a mountain carrying a big stone. Surya Dev comes there. You are trying to create this mountain since years now. Mangal turns. Surya Dev asks him if he isn’t tired. Mangal replies that the one who gets tired isn’t the son of mother earth. Mangal does not give up ever. I have decided to make a bigger mountain than Kailash and it will happen. It will be a challenge for me and a gift to Mahadev. Surya Dev offers to help him. Mangal knows every help offered comes with a price. Surya Dev asks him what if it is a thing of respect. It is my daughter’s Vaag-Daan. I have come to invite you for the same. Devguru wont be doing it. Mangal asks him why he chose him. Surya Dev replies that there cannot be a pious person than him. Devguru does not want to do it. In his absence, you will have to do it. Mangal smiles. Two invitations for the same ceremony. Surya Dev is surprised.
Mangal agrees to come to see what is it that prompted both father and son to invite him. Surya Dev wonders why Shani invited Mangal.

Narad Muni cannot understand how Shani changed suddenly. He used to get angry at every little thing. he has become so calm all of a sudden. How? Narayan replies that you become cold hearted when you become arrogant. You become calm and patient when you have responsibilities. Shani is doing that only. Naran Muni seeks his permission to go. Narayan says no one can stop you but let the invitation come. Narad Muni smiles.

Surya Dev walks back in his palace thinking about his convo with Mangal. Everyone congratulates him for the Vaag-Daan ceremony. Surya Dev walks up to Narad Muni. You are here with all Gods? Narad Muni shares that Shani invited all of them for the ceremony. Who can say no to him? Surya Dev again wonders why Shani did so. Shani asks him what he is thinking. Surya Dev turns to look at him. Answer when you know the question. How did you change so suddenly? How did you become my well-wisher suddenly? Shani reminds him he is no one’s supporter or opponent. I don’t change for anyone. I only let people do what they want. I only warn them to come on the right path. If they don’t listen to me, then I give them fruits of their karmas. That is in my hands while the wish to do something is in a person’s hands. Surya Dev asks him if he means he did something wrong. Shani says you will realise it when you will get the results. Surya Dev is sure he will not get any bad
Shani tells him that everyone is here now. Get ready for Vaag-Daan ceremony. I am ready to give you the fruits of your karmas.

Yami gets ready for the ceremony. She gets hurt while a Daasi makes her wear a bangle. She wonders why this is feeling like a boundation. What should I do? Devi Sanghya makes her wear a necklace. You look beautiful. She kisses Yami on forehead. They say, if a girl brightens up before Vaag-Daan then it is good. Yami asks her if it was the call of her soul when she left them for tapasya. Devi Sanghya replies that there was a big reason behind what she did. Yami says she isn’t asking for the reason. I only want to know if. Devi Sanghya doesn’t let her complete her sentence. Get ready. She forcibly makes Yami wear bangles, not even noticing Yami wincing in pain. Yami holds her hand in pain once her mother goes.

Shani and Devguru are somewhere. They see a shadow. Devguru says you know everything about him now. You would have understood why I don’t want to do Yami’s Vaag-Daan; why Chandra Dev’s presence bothers me. Shani keeps looking at the shadow. Devguru says you were right. You feel better once you talk things out. We must not to delay anymore. It is time to tell Chandra Dev’s truth to everyone. Shani advises him to wait for the right time which boggles Devguru. What time? Shani says time to get Karamfal. I am waiting for the time when someone will listen to their heart. I have faith that his heart will call out to him real soon.

Devi Sanghya brings Yami to where everyone is gathered. Dev Vishwakarma asks Yami if she is happy. She is about to say something when her mother pushes her forward. Chandra Dev keeps smiling seeing it. Yami looks upset. Chandra Dev thinks his wish to be a part of Surya Dev’s family is complete. Rahu suggests him not to get too happy before it really happens. Shani’s changed behaviour is a hint that he will do something. Chandra Dev tells him to let Shani do anything. I wont let him hamper anything. Yami asks the same question to her mother again. I want to know how a mother can leave her small kids behind and go somewhere for so many years. Was it your heart telling you to do this? Devi Sanghya nods. I wanted to bear your father’s heat. I heard it. I am happy now. Yami recalls Shani’s suggestion to think about what her heart wants. She notices Mangal praying.

Yami tells her mother how Shani advised her to listen to her heart. It will never be wrong. You too said you are happy following your heart. My heart is telling me against this alliance or Vaag-Daan. Devi Sanghya tells her it is too late now. It is because of Shani’s Vakra-Drishti. He has no objection which is why he is inviting everyone. Why would he do it then? Yami too is unaware but is sure he will not do anything wrong. Devi Sanghya orders her not to say anything wrong. She pulls Yami but Shani holds her hand. Devi Snaghya asks him why he came back. Shani smiles. I dint go anywhere. I was waiting for Yami to listen to her heart. Now what is right will happen. Yami does not want to go against her father as it will be an insult to him. Shani assures her everyone’s eyes will open after whatever will happen. You spoke what’s in your heart. I am with you now. Yami smiles in relief.


Shani 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Devi Sanghya tells Shani not to do anything wrong today. It is a very important day in my daughter’s life. Shani asks Surya Dev to stop. There is someone who isn’t happy with this alliance! Devguru shares that now he is going to present a side of Chandra Dev which no one has seen. A kid is shown.

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