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Shani 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update on

It is important to be unbiased to do justice. Shani teaches us that the biggest obstacle in the path of justice disappears when you get free from attachments.

Shani says if Dharmaraj announces that you are not a culprit then I promise not to cast my Drishti on you. Yam and Sanghya smirk.

Brahma Dev wonders why Shani got Yam in this. He cannot go against his mother. Why did Shani ask Yam to decide? Narayan points out that Yam will be in Dharam-sankat now. Shani has set an example before the world by putting Yam and Sanghya in this situation. Will it be right though Mahadev? We have very less time. Will it be right to give this time to Sanghya? Mahadev points out that Shani is back on the right path before the set time limit. Now it will be his choice. We will see what path he chooses to do justice.

Shani asks Sanghya if she agrees upon this idea. Sanghya readily agrees. Yam announces his mother innocent. You heard me. Renounce your position now! Shani says you misunderstood my words. I gave the task to Dharmaraj and not to Sanghya-putra Yam. Sit on the throne from where Surya Dev spreads light to everyone equally. You have to decide from there. Yam calls him mad. My father sits there. It belongs to the one with the highest position. Shani is sure Surya Dev wont object. He will feel proud instead. The one who makes the decisions deserves the highest position. Surya Dev agrees with him. Yam sits on his father’s throne. I, Yam, decide that my mother! Shani cuts him mid sentence. You are in your best behaviour when you know everyone is watching. You show your real face when you know no one is watching. Mahadev gave me Drishti to watch over everyone, even if I am there or not. Now that you are taking the decision, I want you to see all that you missed. He chants Om Namah Shivaye and shows everyone the misdeeds that Sanghya has done over the course of time. Everyone will now see her Karmas and then you (Dharmaraj) can decide if I should cast my Drishti on her or not.

Her first sin was in the form of a mother. A mother raises her kids selflessly and makes sacrifices for them. Devi Sanghya played with her dharma instead and gave over her kids to fulfil her wish! They all witness Sanghya creating Chhaya. Sanghya looks down. Shani asks Dharmaraj if he would have considered his mother innocent if he was of this age today. Yam and Yami were lucky to be raised by my mother. Yami smiles at Chhaya. Shani adds that if my mother was also a cheater and selfish like you (Sanghya) then would your son be Dharmaraj today? Sanghya justifies her actions. I wanted to bear my husband’s heat. Shani questions her if it was right to leave her infants like that. Agreed that you felt that was the right thing to do back then but did you do your duties towards your daughter even after you returned?

Flashback shows Yami asking her mother if she feels this marriage is right for her. You forced Yami to marry Chandra Dev knowing it well that he wasn’t right for your daughter. Is this not a crime? She asks him if he will tell a mother how she should raise her kids. Shani replies that mother is equivalent to nature who teaches everyone the right path. What can someone do if she takes the wrong path? Sanghya tells him to be quiet. I cannot be called a bad mother just because you say so! Yami tells her mother to be quiet now. You have no right to say anything about us!

Shani points out to Sanghya’s next mistake where she had hurt her father. A daughter trusts her father the most as she knows he is the only man who can never see her in pain. You hurt your father just because he was trying to guide you to the right path. She insists she was helpless. I had to do so. Shani says if you wouldn’t have done so then your father would have helped me. This is what you feared, right? You forgot that Shani keeps an eye on you even when you feel no one is watching!

Her next sin is that she dint do her Patni-dharma (wifely duties). Flashback shows her refusing to share Surya Dev’s Karamfal and leaving him alone to face the situation. Flashback ends. You dint support your husband in his bad times. Is this not wrong? You left Surya Dev when I cast my Drishti on him! Sanghya tries to explain but he does not let her. You can tell Dharmaraj as he will be the one making the final decision.

Your biggest sin is.. They see Sanghya trying to harm / insult Chhaya and Shani at every point in life. The woman, who raised your kids in your absence and never let them miss you, loved them like a mother; you always tortured her mentally, physically and emotionally! You always insulted the one you should have respected. You tried to snatch the life of the one who tried to give life to your family. Chhaya tells Shani not to delay it anymore. It is almost sunset time. Cast your Drishti on Devi Sanghya. Shani wants to know Dharmaraj’s decision before doing so. Devi Sanghya’s sins are before you now Dharmaraj. What is your decision? He reminds him that he isn’t Surya-putra but Dharmaraj right now. Like me, you also promised Mahadev to do your duties. I will still accept not to cast my Drishti on her if you will say so.

Sanghya advises Yam not to fall in Shani’s words. You are my son. Listen to me. You cannot call your mother culprit. She hopes some minutes pass away after which Shani wont be able to cast his Drishti on her. She tells Yam she is his mother. I want to make you Karamfaldata. You cannot call your mother culprit. Yam agrees with her. Sanghya smirks at Shani. Yam adds that right now he is Dharmaraj and she is Devi Sanghya for him. You have cheated, used me, Yami, father, Nana Shree and Mata Chhaya for your own selfish reasons! It is time to face your Karmafal. Sanghya turns to look at Shani worriedly who advances towards her.


Shani 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Shani says till now I gave Karamfal. Now punishment is the only solution. He casts his Drishti on Devi Sanghya. Chhaya also screams in pain and falls down. Shani looks at her worriedly.

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