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Shani 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| The one who is very much attached to his loved ones has to go through lots of pain. Shani teaches that the one who is too much attached has to go through lot many problems. ||

Rahu goes in different direction. Chhaya hugs Bhadra. Rahu wonders if Shani played some game again. Where is she? Chhaya tells Bhadra it is good she came here on time or don’t know what would have happened. Bhadra hugs her mother. Chhaya asks about Shani. Why did he leave you alone? He knows that everyone is after you! Enough now. Only a mother can do the duty of a mother! I cannot leave you here alone anymore. Come with me. Bhadra speaks of her brother but Chhaya reasons she cannot leave her here alone. Bhadra wants to wait till Shani comes. She shows the pebble to Chhaya who throws it away. It is good. He will realise his mistake when he will come here and wont find you. He does everything as per his wish. Come with me. It will teach him a good lesson. She eyes the pebble as Chhaya pulls her with her.

Narayan tells Shani not to go. We wont allow you. Shani requests him to let him go. I will make her understand. Narayan asks him what if it wont happen like that. Shani says I will not forget my mission then and punish my sister! I will also kill her if needed. Can I go now? Narayan nods.

Rahu hears some noise and gets curious. He notices Indra Dev standing behind him. Indra Dev anxiously asks him if he befriended Bhadra. Rahu says you befriend those you can see. I did not find her anywhere. Devraj insists she is here only. Rahu says I have checked everywhere but she isn’t here. Shani might have played another game. Devraj calls him mad. Shani dint play any game. He is in Kailash right now. He couldn’t have done anything. You lost your only chance. Rahu asks him what they should do now. Devraj suggests him to look for her quickly.

Shani comes back home but does not find Bhadra anywhere. I am back. He keeps calling her name but in vain. He finds the pebble there and gets angry. Devraj Indra Dev comes before him just then. Shani angrily questions him about Bhadra’s whereabouts.

Chhaya brings Bhadra to a cave. I know you will be having too many questions right now. Pardon me that I couldn’t take you to Surya Loka. You are not safe there. Bhadra asks her if this place is safe. Chhaya nods. This is safer than Surya Loka.

Shani yet again questions Devraj Indra. Where is my sister? Devraj says how we would know where your sister is. Rahu says the same. She is your sister. You would know. Shani says it isn’t a coincidence that you both are present here at the same time. Till the time you both the together, something is surely about to go wrong. Indra Dev anyways wanted to kill her. Answer me. Where is she? Devraj says you thought so much but you dint think why we would have been still here if she was with us. Rahu nods. We don’t have anything to do now as Bhadra isn’t here. He begins to go but Shani does not let him. No one can go without answering my questions. Devraj orders him to free Rahu. I order you as Devraj. Shani warns him. You very well know that I can go to any extent to protect my sister. Don’t force me to do anything wrong. Tell me where she is. They repeat they know nothing. Shani attacks Rahu who falls flat on his back. He next advances towards Devraj. Devraj backs off in fear. Shani says it would be better if you will answer my questions or the Karamfal to try and harm Bhadra will be adverse.

Bhadra asks Chhaya how Shani would be able to come here. Does he know about this place? Chhaya denies. Bhadra wonders how he would be able to come here then. Chhaya replies that he is Shani. He will find some way to find his sister.

Shani ties both Devraj and Rahu in his shield. Answer me. Devraj explains that he cannot harm the girl who melted his Vajra in seconds. Shani is sure he can divert her atleast. Devraj says she can only be diverted by love. How will I do it? She only trusts you. How will she trust what Rahu and I say? Shani deduces that she trusts their mother other than him.

Bhadra asks Chhaya when Shani will come. Chhaya says he will not take much time to come here once he finds out you are here. Bhadra asks her to sing lullaby. Chhaya makes excuses but Bhadra insists upon her to sing it. I wont sleep otherwise. Please.

Shani comes to his mother’s room. He finds Yami sleeping in her place.

Chhaya insists that they will fall in problem if someone hears her voice. Bhadra says no problem can come till Shani and I are with you.

Shani asks Yami what she is doing here. Yami explains that Mata was really worried for both of you. She wanted to see you but was afraid of father. I advised her to go while I will lie down in her place. Shani says it means Mata is with Bhadra but where did she take her.

Surya Dev stops SHani in the corridor. I hope that Abhadra hasn’t come with you. Yam asks him if he too has felt her Halahal. Did you realise her poison? Shani says every karma’s karamfal is decided. It speaking badly against her is almost like insulting a sister who respects you. Its karamfal is certain. Can we ignore the fact that Bhadra is Surya Dev’s ansh even if she has Halahal inside her? You (Surya Dev) have disrespected yourself by calling her Abhadra! Surya Dev glares at him.

Bhadra asks Chhaya if she does not trust Shani. Chhaya says I do trust him. Bhadra is unable to understand why she looks so worried. Chhaya suggests her to rest. I will check outside till then.

Shani meets his mother in the jungle. She asks him if everything is fine. He nods. How is Bhadra? She is shocked. What kind of a question is that? I was going to ask you. Shani fails to understand where Bhadra is.


Shani 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Shani says apart from me, it is only you who can take Bhadra with her. I am here and so are you. It has to be someone who looks like you – Sanghya! It is revealed that it is indeed Devi Sanghya who has taken Bhadra with her. Sanghya decides to use Bhadra against Shani and Chhaya.

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