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Shani 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 23rd February 2017 video watch online on

Shukracharya tells Shani he has attacked 2 devotees of Mahadev. Now even Mahadev will be able to save you from his own wrath. You have crossed the limit of patience. You both wont be saved this time!

Mahadev opens his eyes and is angry. Shani has crossed all his limits. Now it is time to punish him Narayan! Lord Vishanu tells him to calm down. Don’t be too hard. He is your own creation. Mahadev says you have to act strict with your own creation or kid sometimes. It is sometimes important to finish the tree which has been planted to provide shade. Mahadev holds a string of his hair in his hand and then throws it up in air. They grow. Mahadev fills life in it thereby creating Veerbhadra. Lord Vishnu says he is too angry always. There must be some other way to explain to Shani. Mahadev denies.

He deserves punishment now after what he has done. He orders Veerbhadra to go and bring Shani before me right away. Finish whosoever tries to come in your way. Veerbhadra disappears.

Earth shakes shocking everyone. Dev Vishwakarma says something wrong is going to happen. Even Surya Dev, Kakol, Yam and Indra Dev are shaken. Indra Dev says this seems so familiar. Mahadev is angry. He has come to know of Nandi’s defeat. Now he will punish Shani. Congratulations Surya Dev. We will be free very soon but it is sad that you will only return home with one of your sons. Kakol thinks to stop Shani. I have to warn him not to face Mahadev’s wrath. He runs out.

Veerbhadra is shown walking. Shukracharya stands up. He is coming. The one who will punish Shani is coming. Sanghya asks her father who is coming. Rahu asks him if Mahadev is coming. Shukracharya says not Mahadev but he is coming. You cannot argue or request him for anything. His arrival and departure are equally destructive. Dev Vishwakarma is shocked. Rahu asks him who is coming. Shukracharya says he is serious like Aghori, Rudra and who has the anger of Shiv’s third eye! Veerbhadra is coming! Narad Muni asks Shani what he did. Mahadev got angry. Veerbhadra’s arrival is no less than Mahadev opening third eye. Now there will only be destruction. Shukracharya says he will take revenge for the wrong that Shani has done. Sanghya is happy that Shani will finally be punished for his karma’s now. Rahu tells Shani not to lose hope. We will face it together. Dev Vishwakarma tells Rahu he is foolish. You not just invited your but Shani’s end also. Rahu asks him why they fear Veerbhadra so much. Dev Vishwakarma tells him how he was created. His presence is enough to destroy everything. He is the shadow of Mahakaal and second name of parlay. He is death himself! Dev Vishwakarma requests Shani to listen to him. I am your well-wisher. Stop being stubborn or Veerbhadra will kill him. Go far away from here. Shani replies that he is doing what he wants to!

Earth shakes again worrying everyone. Kakol calls out for Shani. Shani comes there. Kakol tells him to free everyone. Come with me. we will hide somewhere. There will be lots of destruction now. Shani tells him not to go anywhere. I am here. Kakol tells him to apologize to Mahadev. He is Bholenath. He will forgive you. You don’t realise what is about to happen. Rahu comes there. He has chained everyone including Dev Vishwakarma, Shukracharya, Sanghya, Surya Dev, Indra Dev and Yam. Kakol looks angrily at them. Why are you doing wrong one after another? Why don’t you free everyone? Why don’t you apologise to Mahadev? I have heard everything you said. Why don’t you do that? Shani says it is your karma to listen to me. Follow my order. Stay quiet and leave. Kakol denies. you will have to listen to me today. I give you swear of our friendship. Shani replies that no relation or emotion can weaken Shani. You forced me today though. He tells Rahu to chain Kakol as well. Kakol is stunned. Rahu follows Shani’s order happily. Kakol tells Shani he can catch him but what he is doing isn’t right. Shani says I feel this is right. Rahu makes Kakol stand in line with other captives. Surya Dev tells Shani not to be foolish. Apologise to Mahadev or the entire world will be destroyed. SHani stays put. Surya Dev asks him if Chhaya saved him for this day! You will finish everything this way. Earth shakes again. Dev Vishwakarma says if Veerbhadra comes here then everyone present here will be finished. Free everyone. Don’t forget the lessons that Chhaya taught you. Shani refuses to free anyone.

Veerbhadra’s arrival near them shakes the earth more. Sanghya suggests Shani to keep here chained. You have enmity with me. Atleast free Surya Dev and Yam. Rahu signals Shani against it. Indra Dev tells Shani to run for his life. Rahu tells Shani they will face Veerbhadra together. where are you off to? Shani says Kailash. Rahu says in Mahadev’s shelter. You cannot go! don’t go! Shani asks him if he will stop him. Rahu realises the same. He creates his influence on Shani looking him straight in the eye. You wont go anywhere. You will stay here and fight. Shani falls under his spell. Shani walks up to Rahu and holds him by his neck. He lifts Rahu high in air. I warned you once. Don’t play any games with me but you dint come on the right path. Indra Dev smiles seeing Rahu thus. Rahu apologizes to Shani who pushes him high in air. Rahu falls down and looks shaken. He backs off in fear as Shani walks close. Shani says you dared to hypnotise me like everyone else. He is about to punish him but Rahu begs for mercy. Shani gives him last warning. Don’t you dare force your opinions on me or influence me. Shani sees things his way and makes decisions. You will be responsible for the consequence if you try doing so in future. Shani walks away. Indra Dev says Chhaya’s son turned out to be like her. He left the warzone when it came to his life. He went to Mahadev to seek shelter.

Veerbhadra shouts out for Shani angrily. Shani looks at him and so does everyone else. Veerbhadra says you (Shani) can run as much as you want but you cannot save yourself from me now! I am your kaal, Veerbhadra!


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