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Shani 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| A person’s body may be held captive but till the time his heart is free no one can defeat him. Shani teaches that the person who has a control over his heart always wins ||

Neelima says you will feel as much pain that the next time I come you will ask for death yourself. Shani looks at her. Neelima walks out of the cave and meets Sanghya. Sanghya asks her if she is angry because of Shani. He is your counter energy only. He too enters in the minds of people just like you do. He breaks their mission, their concentration. Don’t let him enter your heart. He will destroy your power to think and understand. Why are you giving him a chance? Why don’t you finish him? Neelima replies that he will be killed but he wont get such an easy death. I will punish him such that he himself will ask for his death. Sanghya mocks her. Promise me that you wont let him divert you. Promise that you will kill him! Neelima promises her.

Shani suddenly hears his mother calling out to him. How can you do this to me son? I made so many sacrifices for you but you gave pain to me only. Why did you punish me for Sanghya’s wrong deeds? Why did you do this? Surya Dev too asks him as to why he had to bear that pain. I accepted you and your mother but you broke my family. Why did you do this? Shani calls it a lie. I only did my karma, my duty. Yam asks him if it was his karma to hurt his mother; was it just to snatch my mother from me or if it was your duty to make a son punish his mother? Brahma Dev also appears there. I have created the world but I lost my head because of you. I am disappointed. It seems as if Tridev’s decision to make you Kaamfaldata wasn’t right. Shani ends up in tears.

Brahma Dev asks Mahadev what is happening. She first caught Shani and now she is trapping him like this. Mahadev replies that Shani has to bear this pain for what’s happening and what is about to happen. I too am pained to see him like this but this is important for Karamfaldata Shani’s life so he can get ready for the obstacles that will surface in his life in future. Yuga is about to change. Sin becomes sinister with every passing yuga. Whenever sins will rise, misdeeds will rise. It is Karamfaldata’s duty to bring everyone on the right path. He wont become as powerful as it is needed in future if we interfere today. we will have to stay out of this for the very same reason.

Everyone’s words haunt Shani. He shouts Mata.

On the other hand, Chhaya feels he has called out to her. She cries seeing the broken weapon before her. Surya Dev too feels bad to see her like that. She says my son’s weapon is broken. He would need it when he will return. Surya Dev tells her to control herself. She cries. I couldn’t keep my son safe. He handles the karmas of the world but I failed. You too couldn’t save him. How can I keep myself together? Sanghya calls out for Surya Dev. Where are you hiding? Surya Dev gets upset hearing her voice.

Surya Dev and his family gather in Sabha. Sanghya tells him that one loses throne when they lose in the war. Dev Vishwakarma reminds her that she is talking to her husband. Sanghya points out that he himself renounced her. He has snatched my Devi position from me. What kind of a father are you? you should be proud that your renounced daughter won on her own. Now I am the ruler of Surya Loka. I have a very big heart. I wont throw any of you out of this Loka except one person. I allow Surya Dev to continue doing his duty. Yam and Yami will stay in Loka as my captives till the time they understand that their mother is on the right path. You (Dev Vishwakarma) are my father. I will allow you to stay in your Loka but now you will only create as per my wish! She banishes Chhaya from Surya Loka for forever! Yami tells her she will regret it. You cannot do injustice with Chhaya Mata till the time Shani is alive. Sanghya shares that he will only do so if he will be alive. Neelima must have killed him by now. They are stunned to hear this. Chhaya shouts for Shani.

Neelima returns to the cave. I cannot see Karamfaldata in this much pain. It is time to end your pain. Karamfaldata’s life journey is over. Shani smiles which puzzles her. He says I know you neither want to kill me nor will you kill me. A lot will change till tomorrow’s sunrise.

Sanghya gives time till tomorrow’s sunrise to everyone. Talk to Chhaya as much as you want to till then as she will be out of Surya Loka then. Learn to bend your (to Chhaya) head before me the next time you enter. I am the one who snatched Surya Dev’s Loka and Shani’s life!

Neelima insists that she will kill him. Shani says if you had to kill me then you would have done that by now. Ask yourself if you really want to kill me. Neelima thinks of Sanghya’s words. Yes! Shani asks her about her identity. What will happen to you then? We are part of the same energy. We were born at the same time. Our powers are opposite but our thoughts, feelings and outlook are joined. This is why it is only you who can affect my thoughts and mind. Whenever our energies come together, we can see each other’s life journey clearly. With your power, I have come to learn how painful your 12 years have been. They have misused your feelings against you. There is still time to think. Neelima gets thinking for a minute and withdraws her hands. I have promised to kill you! Neelima never backs down from her promise. She attacks him.

Brahma Dev requests Mahadev to stop this from happening. Mahadev denies. If Karamfaldata is capable, powerful and on the right path then he will come out of this himself. I only want to see how more powerful Shani can become if he uses his conscience. Shani and Neelima’s energies collide. Sanghya hears the sound. It means Neelima has fulfilled her promise. She has killed Shani.

Shani says I know you cannot step back from your promise so listen to me clearly. You have been made a puppet and you have been used. Sanghya hears it and gets angry. How is he still alive? Shani!

Shani is having a hard time holding back Neelima’s power. Don’t let your anger become Sanghya’s weapon. Sanghya comes there. You say this so you can use Neelima? She joins her powers with Neelima. It isn’t because of the promise that you have made to me Neelima. It is for the revenge of the pain that you have borne for 12 years. It was all because of this Shani! Shani tells Neelima to take a step forward and kill him if she trusts Devi Sanghya and wishes to kill him. He manages pushing their energies away. Neelima frees him from the chains but submerges him in water making Sanghya happy. Shani gasps for breath and finally loses conscious. Sanghya laughs. Finally Karamfaldata is killed. Neelima says it is the end of my revenge. Sanghya adds that it is the end of their revenge!

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