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Shani 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shani’s Saade-Sati: One who disrespects a woman, cheats her considering her weak gets under the effect of Shani’s Saade-Sati. He teaches them a nice lesson.

Shani assures Yami everyone’s eyes will open after whatever will happen. You spoke what’s in your heart. I am with you now. Yami smiles in relief. Devi Sanghya tells Shani not to do anything wrong today. It is a very important day in my daughter’s life. Shani says I don’t do anything. It is our karmas that do everything.

Devi Sanghya brings Yami forward. Rahu advises Chandra Dev to do everything asap. I can sense that something is up. Chandra Dev suggests him to find out what that hindrance will be if he cares so much about him. Surya Dev enters. He takes his seat and asks Mangal Dev to start the ritual. Mangal Dev asks him to come to take the vow. Shani and Yami look at each other. Surya Dev extends his hand forward when Shani asks him to stop. Surya Dev says it is inauspicious to intervene in a good thing. Shani reasons that good start is important for that. I want it to be done auspiciously. Mangal asks him if his work is Amangal (inauspicious). Shani denies. It can also be the thoughts in the minds of the people present here.

Rahu notices Devguru standing in a corner talking to someone. He refused to come here. Why is he here then? Who is he talking to? He tries to peek but fails. Devguru tells someone to have faith. Everything will be alright after what Shani is up to.

Shani explains that Vaag-Daan is the beginning of a pious alliance. There shouldn’t be any negativity anywhere. Everyone here is a witness of Vaag-Daan. They shouldn’t have any questions in relation to it. Mangal seconds him. Shani wishes to know if everyone is ok with this alliance or not. Chandra Dev asks him why he is wasting time. We have to adhere to the Mahurat. Shani says Mahurat can come again but doubts must be cleared. Surya Dev is sure no one but Shani will have a doubt. Your doubt is of no importance to me. Chandra Dev happily agrees with him. Shani points out that he is talking about other Gods who are present here. Shouldn’t we find out the truth? Surya Dev dismisses it but Mangal Dev finds it valid. He asks everyone if they have any objection to the Vaag-Daan. You can tell us.

Rahu wonders who it can be and how his presence will affect Vaag-Daan. Devguru tells someone that he is going inside. You too should come inside when I will call you. Rahu hides to avoid him. What is Shani going to? Why is Brihaspati supporting him? Who is this person who he will bring in Sabha at the right time?

Mangal Dev asks for the last time if anyone has any objection to this Vaag-Daan. Step forward and voice your opinion. Shani signals Yami against saying anything. Yami wonders why Shani signalled her to be quiet. Chandra Dev happily says no one here has a problem with this alliance. It has been proved. He asks Mangal Dev to start the ritual. Mangal Dev asks Shani if he is satisfied. He replies that his duty is not just to give fruits of karmas but also to give answers to everyone’s questions. I really have no objection to the alliance but someone else might! Devguru expresses his opinion. I have objection! Chandra Dev reminds everyone how Devguru had objected in the beginning also but had no proof. Surya Dev says the one who comes uninvited isn’t welcome. Shani reasons that you invite strangers and not your own people. Devguru has a right to tell the reason behind his disagreement. Devguru says I might be embarrassed if I tell you the reason but! Chandra Dev cuts him off. Why should we listen to strangers when family has no issue to it? Devguru agrees he might
Chandra Dev murmurs to Brihaspati that he is breaking his promise. Shani insists that you sometimes have to do that for a better future. Devguru shares that now he is going to present a side of Chandra Dev which no one has seen.

Rahu is about to reach out to that kid but Devguru calls out to Chandra Dev’s son Buddh. He is a witness of my words. Buddh comes in the Sabha. Devguru says Shani explained to me that you feel light if you speak out what’s bothering you. I have realised how right it was. Today I am going to present the truth to you which I have hid since a long time now! Buddh is the illegitimate son of Chandra! Chandra took my avatar and made my wife Tara impure stealthily. I couldn’t say it in the morning and it was difficult now if it wasn’t for Shani. I know my head has bowed down but I feel proud that I could save Yami’s life. She is not just my disciple but like my daughter. No father in the world would marry his daughter to a characterless man! Everyone is stunned. Devguru apologizes to Surya Dev. I couldn’t tell you this earlier. Chandra Dev calls it a lie; a plot against him. Devguru is lying. Buddh says it is you who is lying. I have the power of remembrance since birth. When I was in her womb, I heard mother realising his true identity. He had warned to prove her characterless if she tells anyone anything! Don’t marry her Devi (Yami).

Chandra Dev tells him he cannot ask anything to Yami. Her decision doesn’t matter. She asks him if it is because she is a woman. He thinks a woman has no heart, decision or wish! A woman is just a Daasi of a man? Why will a woman choose you as her husband? You have no qualities either of a man or anything! She walks up to Buddh. The one who cannot accept her own kid; force him to live like an orphan isn’t a man. I wont keep any relation with such person. It is my decision! You dint do the duty of a man, a father or a disciple but I will do my duty as a daughter. If my father still wants my Vaag-Daan to happen with you then I accept it. It is a different thing that instead of being your wife I would prefer to die! That would be a much better option. Chandra Dev asks Surya Dev what’s happening. I am your would be Son-in-law who is being insulted right before him. Everyone is questioning you. Surya Dev agrees that what happened today wasn’t insult but sin! Sinner will have to apologize before everyone. He steps forward calling himself the culprit. He folds his hands before everyone.

Precap: Yami tells Shani she knew he will come to protect her. He reasons that a pious woman doesn’t need anyone to protect him. You are a pure soul. Chandra Dev decides to make Yami impure. Yami runs to save himself from Chandra Dev.

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