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Shani 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Shani 23rd May 2017 on

Shani warns everyone before giving them Karamfal. If they still wont come on the right path then he punishes that person to set an example before the world. No one can escape it!

Yam says you lost so many chances to come on the right path that now the time to repent is gone. It is time to bear the Karamfal! Shani asks Dharmaraj if he should become Karamfaldata or Dandnayak. Yam suggests him to become Dandnayak Shani for the one who did not understand the importance of Karma even after being told repeatedly. Shani turns into Dandnayak avatar to punish Devi Sanghya. He turns all red as a weapon appears in his hand. His appearance also changes. Sanghya is highly tensed. Shani walks closer. Till now I only gave Karamfal. Now punishment is the only solution. He casts his Drishti on Devi Sanghya. She shouts in pain and ends up falling from the stairs as she loses her balance. Her family rushes to her side. Chhaya also screams in pain and falls down. Dev Vishwakarma holds her. Shani touches her feet worriedly. She tells him not to worry about her pain. This is my biggest happiness as my son is back on the path of his duties. She wipes his tears. Do your duty. Go son.

Shani goes to where Devi Sanghya is. He recalls how she had cursed him. If a kid is in anger then a mother punishes him sometimes but she means no harm. When a mother curses her kid then she surely has no good intentions. You cursed a kid. This is just your first punishment. This is just the beginning. You will have to pay for your every misdeed. Be ready. Shani will punish Shanay-Shanay! Surya Dev and Yam look at him pointedly.

Mahadev remarks that the chapter of Dandnayak Shani begins with this incident. Karamfaldata is ready for a new duty, a new avatar. SHani will give many chances to people to come on the right path as Karamfaldata. If they still fail then he will punish them. Whenever the world will look away from their duties, Shani will come! His avatar will inspire everyone. Narayan asks him how he would know how to do his duty as Dandnayak. Mahadev replies that that is inborn in him. He was born to become both Karamfaldata and Dandnayak. He will learn everything Shanay-Shanay!

Shani is with his mother in jungle. How do I apologize to you as you are in this condition because of me? She reminds him that he is just doing his duty. World will realise why you did this thereby turning it into a moment of happiness. It turns a little dark before morning. I am sure you will bring change / light of justice in the world! Surya Dev comes there.

Devi Sanghya is in pain. Do something fast. Get another medicine or something! She suddenly stops feeling pain and opens her eyes. She is stunned to see her room all dark. There is no one around. She notices a shadow on the floor and panics. She calls out to Yam, Yami and Surya Dev for help. Who is there? Shani steps forward. He smiles seeing the worry on her face. His words echo in her head. Shani asks her if she is in too much pain. She requests him to leave her alone. He says I cast my Drishti on you. How can I leave you alone then? She calls out to everyone again as he inches closer. He tells her she is worrying for no reason. Shani gives Karamfal to everyone but no one can see him giving the fruits of them. Only the culprit can see me. I told you that the journey has just begun. She begs forgiveness but he reminds her she is past the stage of forgiveness. It is time to punish you! He twists her leg. Sanghya screams out in pain. She realises she is fine and Shani isn’t there in her room. She heaves a sigh of relief. I was dreaming! The door opens just then. Don’t come near me Shani. Stay away! Yam calms her down. I came hearing your screams. What happened? She shares that Shani was here only. He looks around and confirms he isn’t here. She insists he is here only. She points at the head of the bed. He is right there. Yam calls it her dream. It is just me here. Take rest. She tells him to find Shani. He is here only! She sees Shani everywhere. Yam assures her it is just the two of them in the room. She calls him an illusion instead. You have joined hands with Shani. You told him to cast his Drishti on me. Go away! He says that decision wasn’t taken by your son but Dharmaraj. Right now I am your son. She refuses to hear anything and sends him out.

Sanghya again takes Shani’s name.

Dev Vishwakarma asks Chhaya if she feels better now. She nods. I am feeling bit better now. Surya Dev helps her lie down. I cannot change the way Sanghya has made you feel but I can apologize. I am here for the same reason. She understands he was helpless. I am only worried for SHani. He has been through a lot. Sometimes I also wish I had an identity so I could show him his identity. Only if I had some alternative. Surya Dev shares that she indeed has a solution. Talk to Shani. We can start afresh and stay together as a family. He holds her hand. You will explain to him, right? Shani sees him thus. Amazing!


Shani 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Surya Dev says do you know how much you are hurting your mother because of your karmas. You will realise it soon Dandnayak Shani! Shani refuses to back down from his path of duty. Devi Sanghya will be punished for her every misdeed! Sanghya sees Shani everywhere.

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