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Shani 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Veerbhadra jumps down from the small mountain. Shani walks away. Veerbhadra says you (Shani) can run as much as you want but you cannot escape me. I am your Kaal! Indra Dev calls Shani a coward and laughs.

Veerbhadra follows Shani. He loses Shani. Till where will you run Shani? I am Mahadev’s order. He sees Shani again and resumes following him. Shani looks at Kailash and keeps walking towards it. Veerbhadra finds it weird. He is going to Mahadev only to save himself from Mahadev’s wrath. He runs after Shani.

Weather changes. Sky clears. Dev Vishwakarma understands what Shiv wants.

Veerbhadra tells Shani he will find him behind him wherever he will go to. Shani pays no heeds to his words. He continues with his journey to Kailash. Veerbhadra loses him again. where did you hide Shani?

Shani replies that he never hides. I don’t even run and I don’t let anyone else get harmed in my war. You dint make me run till here but I brought you here from Kaak Loka so no one else gets hurt. I dint expect it that Mahadev will send you here and will try to bring me forcibly to Kailash. Now I wont go there at any cost. Veerbhadra gets angry. I will take you at any cost. Shani tells him to try. Veerbhadra calls him audacious. You went against Mahadev’s orders once again. Shani says I have my own reasons for that. You can do whatever you want. Veerbhadra decides to punish him then. You must analyze the strength and power of your opponent before challenging him. your arrogance in greater than your age. Shani replies that even he should analyze his opponent well.

Brahma Dev hopes Veerbhadra brings Shani safely to Kailash.

Dev Vishwakarma says Shani took Veerbhadra away from us so we stay safe. There is another rumble. Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani not to do audacity. No one can fight with Veerbhadra.

Shani and Veerbhadra fight. Veerbhadra tells Shani he will present him before Mahadev dead or alive. Rahu comes there. He calls out to Shani. I am here friend. Look at me. Shani does so. Rahu gives him his powers. Veerbhadra says no one can save you now Shani. He attacks Shani again but Shani holds the blow with his weapon. Shani falls down in Pataal Loka when Veerbhadra hits him. Veerbhadra follows him. He tells Shani to hit him if he dares to. Shani hits him. they both land on earth. Shani says only one of us will go to Kailash. It will be either you or me. Veerbhadra increases his size. Shani fights with him but understands that he will have to use more power to defeat Veerbhadra. He does so. Veerbhadra falls flat in Kailash.

Mahadev opens his eyes angrily. Lord Vishnu tells him to be patient but Mahadev says Shani has crossed all limits. Now there is no point staying patient. He frees everyone from their chains. Indra Dev says we are free now which means Veerbhadra won. Shani is dead! Surya Dev, Kakol and Shukracharya are shocked while Indra Dev and Sanghya are ecstatic. Dev Vishwakarma refuses to believe it. Surya Dev suggests seeing it themselves.

Shani walks up to Veerbhadra. He lifts his weapon to hit him once again but some power holds him back. He fails in using his weapon at Veerbhadra. Surya Dev and everyone else gather there. They look up and fold their hands. Shani hears the sound of Damru and turns. Mahadev appears there. Veerbhadra disappears. Mahadev tells Shani his end has come. Not one but many told me that your creation was my mistake; that you don’t deserve to be what I wanted. I shouldn’t have created you; shouldn’t have given you these many powers but I had faith on your conscience. I had a hope. You broke both my faith and hope. You surely are a mistake of mine which I will rectify myself today. I created you. I only will finish you today. Sanghya smiles in relief. Shani falls down on his knees. He thinks of how everyone told him the same thing again and again. Mahadev asks him to get up. I don’t want to see your fake respect. Attack me like you attacked Nandi, Shukracharya and Veerbhadra. Get up. There is only one option left for you. Either attack or die! Rahu fills Shani’s ears against Mahadev. He too wants you to be a culprit. Tell him you don’t agree with what he said. Attack! Mahadev hits Rahu who screams in pain. Everyone looks relieved and bit scared. Mahadev says I wont accept any interference or hindrance in my work. I gave enough time to Shani. I lost my patience. It is time to kill you now. Shani looks at him.

Mahadev attacks Shani when Lord Vishnu and Brahma Dev appear there. They request him to clam down. Brahma Dev again requests Mahadev to give up his anger. Lord Vishnu says it isn’t uncalled for but the consequence will be wrong. It will create problems for many innocent people. You can forgive. Dev Vishwakarma requests Mahadev to think on Vishnu’s words. Narad muni says the same. Please forgive Shani. Mahadev gets thinking.

Precap: Lord Vishnu tells Mahadev no one can forgive someone as much as he can. Forgive Shani. Shani accepts doing a sin. It was no ordinary mistake. I request you to please kill me.

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