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Shani 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shani’s Saade-Sati: When your arrogance breaks then he leaves everything that is associated with the arrogance, position and respect. He is left all alone. Shani’s Saade-Sati ends up making you lonely so that you get time to retrospect and rectify your mistake.

Surya Dev apologizes to everyone. This Vaag-Daan wont happen. I request you to give me some time alone understanding the need of the moment. Everyone begins to leave. Surya Dev angrily asks Chandra where he is off to. I asked alone time because of you only. It is because of you I had to look down for the first time. Get ready for your punishment. Surya Dev summons his powers and is about to hit Chandra Dev when Shani asks him to stop. Surya Dev advises him to stay out of it. Shani agrees that he has a right to be upset but we cannot finish Chandra. He is needed for some karmas. We would need him. Surya Dev insists that the one who did wrong with his daughter deserves to be punished. Shani nods. You canot punish someone else on Chandra Dev’s behalf. He points at Buddh. What will happen to him if Chandra Dev dies? What’s his fault? First his mother gave him away and then his father too disowned him. Surya Dev asks him what he means. Shani replies that no one can know it better than him what it means to lose parents. Chandra Dev’s punishment is to fulfil his responsibilities towards Buddh. He will have to take full responsibility of his son. He asks Buddh if he would like to live with his father. Buddh agrees whereas Chandra Dev disagrees. Shani says it is your punishment and not gift! You will have to accept him. Your son is your Karmafal. You will have to accept him or I will step out of Surya Dev’s way. Chandra Dev accepts his punishment. Shani gives him a warning. If anything is amiss in Buddh’s upbringing then you will find me standing in your path again. He turns to Buddh. Always remember that father can be good or bad but for a kid, father is no less than a God. Do your duty well. Buddh hugs his father who looks away uninterested.

Yami tells Shani she knew he will come to protect her. He reasons that a pious woman doesn’t need anyone to protect him. You are a pure soul. I knew it since the beginning. Chandra Dev is in thoughts.

Brahma Dev is impressed by Shani. He is not attached to any bond yet he is equally emotional. Narayan seconds him. I am happy that he has a big heart as well. He knows how to both punish and protect.

Chandra Dev calls it his misfortune that Buddh is here. I accepted you unwillingly. Stay in a room till you are here. Remember that you neither have a right on me or anything that is here. He orders his servants to take Buddh out of his sight. Buddh looks at him sadly. Rahu says I feel lucky that this isn’t for me (hatred). Chandra Dev asks him where he was. Rahu shares that he was thanking Mahadev for getting him (Chandra) another chance. Chandra Dev calls it an insult. I will never forget this insult! I supported Surya Dev so much yet he insulted me in the Sabha before everyone. He tried to kill me! Yami has insulted me big time. I wont spare her. I will punish her for her mistake. You will have to help me in this. Will you? Rahu says what I can do. Why should I help you? Why will I go against Shani? Chandra Dev reminds him of his insult from Shani previously. Rahu denies. I only wanted to become a God which I am going to be soon. Don’t expect anything from me. This is what I came to tell. I have one suggestion – don’t come in Shani’s way this time. The path he chooses to bring people on the right path is very painful! Chandra tells him to go away as well which Rahu does. I am Chandra. I don’t need anyone’s help. I will take my revenge on my own. I will have to do something about Yami. Shani’s words echo in his head. Shani was so proud that Yami is pious and pure. What if I make Yami impure? What if I punish her for my insult?

Surya Dev says I cannot understand my mistake. I did everything for my family and my daughter. Shani asks him if his family will be ready to share the fruits of his Karmas then. Surya Dev nods. Devi Sanghya, Yam and Yami come there leaving Surya Dev confused. Shani shares that he only called them here. You can ask them if they are ready to share your Karmafal. It is a possibility that Devi Sanghya might lose her position as a Devi and Yam will no longer be Dharmaraj and maybe Yami will have to marry someone like Chandra Dev. Surya Dev asks Sanghya if she wont share his Karmafal. Sanghya is pensive. I am your wife. Wife walks behind her husband. She follows his every order and wish. You took the decision as a father but if your Karmafal can affect my kids then you will have to bear it alone. Surya Dev apologizes to Yami. I fixed your alliance with Chandra. Yami walks away. Surya Dev turns to Yam who too leaves without saying anything. Surya Dev looks heartbroken. My wife wants to spend her life with me but not my Karmafal. My kids think me as culprits. I have a family yet I am all alone! Sanghya tries to say something when he asks for some alone time. He walks out of the room.

Devi Sanghya blames Shani. This is the effect of your Vakra-Drishti. It is making Surya Dev feel alone. Shani agrees. When seed of arrogance is born in your mind then you need time to retrospect and gain insight. This is what happens by my Drishti. An angry Devi Sanghya watches him leave.

Yami is being followed by someone. She senses being followed and begins to run. She reaches a room and feels something. Chandra Dev is heading towards the room. She thinks no one is here to help her.

Kakol and Shani are walking when Shani feels something is wrong. He asks Kakol about Yami who points in a direction.

Yami sees a pot full of and decides to do something. She turns herself in water. She disguises herself with the water in the pot. Chandra Dev calls out to Yami. Till when will you hide from me? I am your destiny. He looks at the pot full of water. Shani is running to find Shani. Chandra Dev stands near the pot. This is the problem women make. Acting smart! Shani continues to run and reaches the room. Epi ends on Shani’s shocked face.

Precap: Shani is about to kill Chandra when Mahadev asks him to stop. I am allowing Chandra to live. Shani vows not to remove his Drishti from Chandra ever!

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